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10 Benefits of Having The World of Hyatt Credit Card

World of Hyatt Credit Card

Credit cards that give back aren’t always easy to find but look hard enough and you’ll find a slew of options that actually reward you for your spending. If you’re a frequent traveler, the range of possibilities that offer ample rewards for your travel purchases is actually quite impressive, with everyone from Chase to Amex getting in on the action. Of the travel cards currently available, Chase's World Of Hyatt Credit Card is one of the best, offering a range of benefits that includes everything from free hotel nights to baggage delay coverage. To find out more about the benefits of signing up, read on.

1. A Hefty Incentive

As a way of enticing new customers, Chase offers a tiered sign-up bonus. Spend $3000 in the first three months from account opening and you’ll be rewarded with 25,000 bonus points. Spend a total of $6000 in the first 6 months from account opening and you’ll earn another 25,000 bonus points, taking you to 50,000 points in total. As noted at, this adds up to a hefty $850 in total, making it one of the most generous sign up bonuses out there. Just one slight caveat: the bonus isn’t quite once in a lifetime- if you’ve applied for and qualified for the sign-up bonus in the past 24 months, you won’t be eligible to earn them again.

2. Loyalty Rewards

The points don’t stop coming after sign-up. Keep purchasing and you’ll earn 9 points per dollar on your transactions at all participating hotels, and 2 points per dollar on airfare, restaurants, and fitness club membership. While other schemes may offer higher rewards on restaurant purchases, if you’re a frequent hotel guest, you’ll soon start to see those points stacking up nicely.

3. Hotel Perks

The points you earn as part of both the sign-up bonus and the ongoing loyalty program can be redeemed for hotel rooms, restaurants, spa visits, cultural experiences, and more besides. If you prefer, you can even transfer them to certain airline partners. By far the best way of using your points is to redeem them against hotel stays. The number of points you'll need depends on the type of hotel you choose: 5000 points will get you a free night at a lower-ranking hotel, while 60000 points will be enough to pay for a night at a luxury property. You can also use your points towards getting yourself a room upgrade (although you'll need around 9000 points if you want to live it up in a suite).

4. A Free Night Every Year

Every year on the anniversary of your account opening, you’ll get a lovely little gift in the form of a certificate for a free night in a participating hotel. Spend $15,000 in a year, and the nice people at Chase will reward you with an extra night for free. Such a generous reward really takes the sting out of that $95 annual fee you’ll need to hand over to qualify.

5. Membership Status

The membership program offers four levels of status, with each offering a different set of benefits. Just by signing up, you will automatically achieve "Discoverist" status, qualifying for all the great perks that entails, including a late checkout option, preferred rooms, a free breakfast at participating hotels, a free bottle of water for every day of your stay, and a nice little 10% bonus on all eligible purchases.

6. Elite-Qualifying Nights

Sign up as a cardholder and you’ll automatically receive 5 elite qualifying nights, just by adding your name to the dotted line. Continue to use your new flexible friend for your purchasing needs, and you’ll earn 2 extra qualifying nights for every $5000 you spend per year. If there was ever a reason to make this your primary choice for purchasing, this might be it.

7. No Foreign Transaction Fees

For frequent travelers, this next little perk of being a cardholder is sure to appeal. As you’re probably aware, the cost of using some credit cards abroad can easily add an extra 3-5% to the price of your transaction. Chase, on the other hand, has scrapped foreign transaction fees entirely, leaving you free to spend aboard exactly as you would at home, with no extra costs to consider. For frequent travelers, this is an underrated benefit that really pays dividends.

8. Extended Warranty Protection

Purchasing extended warranty on expensive items might seem a no-brainer, but with the cost of warranty often outstripping the cost of the item itself, more and more of us are eschewing it altogether. Become a cardholder and you’ll manage to get away with not paying for the warranty, while still benefiting from its protection. Providing you use your new flexible friend to purchase the item, you’ll get an additional 12 months warranty on top of the existing manufacturers period of cover. Coverage extends to $10,000 per claim, or up to a total of $50,000 per account.

9. Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

If you’re renting a car, say no to the over-the-counter insurance and charge your entire rental to plastic instead. This will automatically qualify you for Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver policy, covering you in case of theft or damage, while also assisting with any towing or loss-of-use charges you might incur.

10. Baggage Delay and Lost Baggage Cover

Rounding off our list of benefits is this great little perk for frequent flyers. If your baggage is delayed by more than six hours, never turns up at all, or is damaged when it does, you’ll be able to claim compensation against the inconvenience (and costs) involved.

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