A Closer Look at The Yamaha Tenere 700

Yamaha Tenere 700

Dirt bikes come and go. In fact, there are so many of them on the market that a lot of people scarcely pay them any attention anymore. Then every once in a while, something truly remarkable will come along and it seems to take the entire dirt bike world by surprise. Such is the case with the Yamaha Tenere 700. Manufactured from 2019 on, this is a bike that is unlike anything else being produced today. If you want to know why, then it’s time to take a closer look, especially with regard to the newest model available. Only then can you truly understand what makes this dirt bike so special.

A Bike That Stands Alone

There is no doubt about it, this is a bike that truly stands by itself and that’s because Yamaha took a completely different approach to manufacturing it as compared to virtually everything else on the market. For starters, this particular bike doesn’t have tons of electronics like everything else that’s manufactured these days. In fact, it has virtually none. There is an ABS system that gives you some extra stopping power when you really need it, but it’s also something that can be manually disengaged at the rider’s choice. Aside from that, there aren’t any fancy electronics that practically steer the bike for you, nor is there an onboard computer that optimizes engine performance. Yamaha made the decision early on to strip this particular bike down, allowing it to be an honest performer on its own as opposed to reaching that goal through the use of electronics. Some people may not like that choice but others absolutely love it. The decision not to use electronics to affect the way this bike performs means that it has to be well manufactured because that is the only way to keep it honest. In reality, it’s like getting on a dirt bike that was made years ago, before all of these things became so popular, only you have the luxury of having something that is still relatively new and exceptionally well made.

The Advantages Don’t Stop There

Of course, there are other advantages to owning this bike as well, especially if you’re buying one of the newly-made middleweight versions that are just now becoming available. Despite the fact that it lacks all of the electronics just like its predecessors, it’s an extremely intuitive bike that is relatively easy to control. It also has an extremely smooth throttle response, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any types of delay or the jerking motion that is so common with a lot of dirt bikes. Perhaps one of the best advantages associated with this bike is that it’s also one of the most affordable bikes of its type out there. This is in part because it’s a more stripped-down version without all the fancy electronics but if that’s what you’re looking for, you have the added advantage of not having to pay a ton of extra money in order to get what you want. In fact, you can have one for just under $10,000. Considering the price of virtually everything these days, that is a real bargain.

Getting Down to Basics

There’s nothing on this bike that stands out in the way of something that is ostentatious. In fact, that would go against everything that Yamaha was hoping to accomplish when they decided to manufacture it. As previously mentioned, it’s a simple bike that offers a 689 cc liquid-cooled engine, brakes that offer decent stopping power and suspension that is better than most dirt bikes out there today. This is due in part to its inverted fork front suspension. If you’re looking to find fault with the bike, it might be because that suspension takes a little getting used to. It doesn’t exactly feel incredibly responsive at first, but if you give the bike a chance to get used to it, it starts to feel better than most other bikes in this particular class. After all, this is a dirt bike. The whole point of owning one is to take it out on dirt trails and ride the heck out of it. If it felt like a Touring bike, it wouldn’t be very effective as a dirt bike because it wouldn’t be responsive enough to handle everything that most riders would want to throw at it. Yamaha seems to have truly struck the right balance here between responsiveness and rider comfort, something that a lot of dirt bikes don’t take into account at all.

Potential Drawbacks

As previously discussed, there aren’t a lot of drawbacks associated with this particular bike. Some people have complained that there is no traction control system, something that some motorcycle riders prefer to have on a dirt bike. However, Yamaha makes no bones about the fact that this is a stripped down bike without all of the bells and whistles. That has been the case from the start and it continues to be to this day. For dirt bike riders who prefer those types of things, this is clearly not going to be something that will appeal to them. On the other hand, if you want a dirt bike that is friendly enough for beginners to ride, yet truly requires you to hone your skills as a rider, this is a near perfect option. At the end of the day, you have to decide what’s right for you. The thing that really stands out about this particular dirt bike is that it works well for people who are just getting started and for individuals who have been riding dirt bikes for years. It’s not very often that a single product comes along that is able to serve both groups of people equally well. That fact alone makes this particular dirt bike something worth checking out. If your interest is piqued, the only thing that’s left is for you to go out and take one for a test drive so you can see for yourself.

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