How Yext Answers Aims to Change Search for Businesses


Businesses that operate on the internet have a concern for achieving high rankings on search browsers. Appearing in the first 20 listings is vital for reaching those searching for specific goods and services through keyword searches. This makes expert SEO a top priority. Internet-based businesses rely on these processes to maximize traffic to their websites. Yext is a software tool that is made to help businesses manage information related to their location across internet directory websites. The company leads the way in digital location management with its citation management that delivers a strong strategy for SEO to maximize the potential for searches to locate the business. Here is how Yext Answers aims to change search for business and offer enhanced visibility for businesses.

What is Yext?

According to Small Biz Trends, Yext is a tool that is designed for the management of data for businesses. It keeps track of location-related information for your businesses syncing information across multiple directories. The tool is a resource business owners can use for staying on top of this information for their companies including the name of the business, address, phone number, and other location-related information. Other data managed through Yext includes mobile wallet content, in-store coupons, business hours, services and products offered, special hour adjustments, staff bios, calendars, menus, photos and videos, management of business categories, location labels, advanced search, and filtering, and content in any language. Yext takes a holistic approach to the management of relevant data for your business through an automatic audit of business directory listings. It allows you to update data and replace outdated information as changes occur within your business. Yext automated audits of business directory listings help you to see the opportunities for filling in voids when your listing is missing relevant information.

How Yext enhances searches for businesses

Yext is a business tool that can enhance the flow of traffic to your website through its automatic audit of your information. It’s all too common for internet listings to contain erroneous information or to have too little relevant information listed about the company. People using the search tools to find certain businesses are likely to go with companies that offer the information they are most interested in. The listing offers an indication of the things that searchers are looking for. It could be products and services, hours of operation, location, information about staff, menus for restaurants, or other relevant data. When this information is not current or accurate, searchers are more likely to move on to a company that does offer the information that they are looking for. Yext helps to capture more traffic by helping business owners to be aware of gaps or voids and filling them for more satisfactory listings. It’s common sense to assume that companies that care about their internet listings are more likely to provide better customer service for consumers. This is essential to capturing more traffic/business.

Unique tools offered by Yext

Yext syncs updated and accurate information for your business across over 50 directories. It saves you time by automating the process so you don’t have to search the internet for areas where your business appears and update each link or site. Your business listing appears on a variety of third-party directories that can be difficult or time-consuming to find. You may not even be aware of all of them. Yext is plumbed into them and makes the updates for you. This helps your company to achieve good rankings on major directories such as Google and others, according to Rosemont Media. Yext provides business citation management from one convenient location. This allows you to use the central dashboard to make updates and changes to your business listing. Other tools that are included are the use of enhanced listing with options for inserting photos or videos, review monitoring, and local listing analytics to give you an edge over competing companies. Your ability to effectively govern your internet portfolio and all of your digital assets including directory listings, domain name, website, social media profiles, and more, is at your fingertips.

Standing out in a sea of companies

Tech Crunch points out that Yext Answers gives companies a more holistic way to answer a question about their brand. This is an added value feature that makes the Yext tool the better approach to listing enhancement. Imagine the ability to manage your business presence across the entire web through Yext Answers. This useful tool makes it easy to give potential customers all of the information that they are looking for about your business. They may even learn more than they bargained for. This alternative is far better than the content generated by self-proclaimed experts that clutter the internet with business reviews. Many of them don’t have all of the facts about the companies they describe. Yext Answers puts you in the position of expert and allows you to provide updated and accurate information with interesting facts that can bring more customers into your site or business. It enhances the likelihood of your business standing out in a sea of competing companies.

Final thoughts

Yext is a unique tool that so far, surpasses the services offered by similar data management tools by covering the major internet business directories with automated and relevant information about your business. Yext Answers gives you the freedom to fully describe more details about your company with a more thorough explanation of the most commonly asked questions. It has the potential for changing the way that business searches are made across the internet and it’s already doing so for those fortunate enough to have discovered the tool. If you’re interested in solving the problems of outdated or missing information in the various places that your company’s information is stored throughout the internet, Yext is the unique tool that is leading the way in automated business directory listings. Yext Answers takes optimization of your information a step further.

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