You Can Own Your Very Own Formula 1 Race Car For $1.9 Million

The auto sports scene is among the most vibrant in sporting circles, and can draw adrenaline once you are fixated on the action in a racing circuit. Formula one is part of this broad sport and has many fans worldwide. If you are a follower of formula one racing, then you most probably have fantasized about having your own open-wheel racer. If that has been your dream, the good news is, you can now own your very own formula one race car for $1.9 million. For somebody who is not an ardent follower of this sport, the price tag of the race car might seem to be very steep. On the contrary, it is way cheaper, and a look at Essentially Sports on the cost of an F1 car confirms this. When it comes to most deals involving the F1 racer vehicles, they are mostly auctions, where the end price ends up appreciating to undesirable levels.

Details Of The Formula 1 Race Car Deal

According to Robb Report, the formula one deal comes courtesy of Tour-de-Force, a British engineering company. The company specializes in F1 racers and also sells the ones that are no longer hitting in the asphalt circuit. The deal is part of the auto-engineering firm’s program that has been in development for two years, specially targeting auto-sport enthusiasts to own and race their F1 cars. It is a great deal that will see a decent number of F1 followers get a chance to grace the cockpit of the open-wheel racers. The program to come up with the racer, christened TDF-1, brought together an experienced team of auto engineers and mechanics. Most of them were part of Williams, Renault, and Mercedes racing teams. The result is an advanced race car that will wow you with its standout performance.

What The $1.9 Million Deal Gets You

When you lay your hands on the TDF-1 race car, you get an excellent bargain on your hands. The standout thing with the deal aside from the low purchase price is the equally low cost of maintenance. Formula cars need regular checkups to make them suitable for the circuit. Typically, you need to have a mechanic with you at all times as an F1 driver, who ensures a servicing protocol every 20 hours on the course. For this open-wheel racer, it will serve you well for every 1864 miles before you need any servicing. This means you won’t have to dig deeper into your pockets to operate this race car.

The following are some of the specs of the sports automobile;

  • Engine – Just like its counterparts gracing the circuit, the TDF-1 features a powerful turbocharged engine. The 1.8 liters inline, 4-cylinder engine is capable of a 6000 horsepower, at 9000 rpm.
  • Performance – The powerful engine translates to an excellent performance of top speeds atop the 200 miles per hour mark and acceleration values of 0-62 miles per hour in less than two seconds. If you love speed, then this race car will fascinate you with its chase power.
  • Handling – Its handling is also excellent courtesy of its wheels and several adjustments to its axle unit, where it features a robust suspension system. The suspension unit is a significant contributor to its remarkable performance feat.
  • Its Body – The TDF-1 uses either the 2011 Marussia MVRO2 or the 2012 Sauber C31 monocoque crafted out of carbon fiber. The lightweight nature of this material results in impressive speeds. The design also borrows heavily from the principle of aerodynamics, where it has a streamlined body, also directed at the speed factor. Another vital point to note is that the chassis is custom to fit the owner’s preference in size and other additional features.
  • Transmission – For its transmission, it has a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox, incorporating the reverse gear.

Perks That Come with The Ownership of Your Own F1 Race Car

When you lay your hands on this F1 race car, first of all, you get the prestige factor of owning a sturdy automobile that few individuals in the world possess. The race vehicle is expensive both in purchase and also maintenance; hence only a few can afford it. Nevertheless, with the $1.9 million price tag, which is quite low for a car of its stature, you can join the club of F1 owners. The TDF-1 open-wheel car comes with the provision of the necessary backup for you to enjoy your acquisition. As part of its acquisitions package, you get pit equipment, a spare parts kit, and also flight cases to help you airlift your race car to where you need it.

As part of Tour-de-Force’s program, you also get assistance on how to get to prestigious race circuits around the world. If you know more about cars, especially the ones built for the racetrack, then you definitely know how much of a gem the TDF-1 is. The number of production units is still in the dark, but if the figure is low, then you have a collectors’ item in your garage. If you hold on to it for long enough, its price is bound to rise. This can make you worthy profits if you decide to sell it.


The good news to the auto enthusiast community is that you can now own your very own formula one race car for $1.9 million. It is a decent cost for the race car, especially when you consider that the price tag is almost ten times lower than the average cost of open-wheel racing vehicles. The car in question is the TDF-1 racer, a product of British auto-engineering firm, Tour-de-Force. The company is a mainstay in the formula one racing scene and has engaged highly experienced professionals to design the car. The result is a low-cost racer, which goes easy on your pockets. Try and check out TDF’s site ( to get a hint of the deal on offer.

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