A Closer Look at the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia

Alpha Romeo USA has announced the availability of the 2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia. It’s being offered with a redesign that fans of the brand will find exciting. The new model year is a continuation of the bran’s most popular compact luxury sports vehicle and it’s showing signs of making evolutionary turns. For your enjoyment, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the 2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia.

1. The new Giulia gets an upgraded navigation system

The 2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia has many upgrades and updates. One of them is in the tech arena with a creature comfort that takes it to a new level. The 8.8-inch touchscreen is new and it’s offered with a 3D navigation system available. The icon layout is customizable so it’s more convenient than ever to access tools and media. Everything that you need is just a finger’s touch away.

2. The cabin is set up for the new tech

2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia exterior

The cabin of the new Giulia has a clean design that disallows clutter and wires with a wireless charging system. This is a convenience that lets you keep your devices charged and ready to go. You can stay connected in comfort with a free and clear charging system that doesn’t depend upon a mass of wires that can foul when you need them the most.

3. The center console is updated

A part of the new clean look that you’ll find in the cabin of the 2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia is the new center console. It’s been updated to place all of the controls that you need within easy and safe reach. The new design is more functional in its layout and the controls have also been redesigned. After you familiarize yourself with the new layout you’ll appreciate the convenience of the controls. The aesthetics are also clean and stylish with a new Tricolore badge that gives it a classy appearance.

4. It comes with an Active Driver Assistance suite

2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia interior

The new Giulia features advanced technology in its driver assistance suite to make drivers feel safer and more confident. As a part of the package, drivers will enjoy the adaptive cruise control that uses a camera and sensors to detect traffic events ahead. This lets you choose the best distance and speed from the car in front of you. If there is a slowdown in traffic ahead, you will geta a warning in advance. Active blind spot assist works through sensors mounted in the rear to give you a visual warning that tells you there are drivers in your blind spot zone to help in avoiding collisions when you switch lanes in traffic.

5. The navigation software works with the cameras

The 2020 Giulia also has a traffic sign recognition system that combines navigation software with a forward-facing camera. This eliminates the problem of not seeing traffic signs and it can make you aware of changes in speed limit by offering a display of the current speed limit on the digital cluster display.

6. The 2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia is available in 5 trims

2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia interior 1

The new Giulia is offered in a variety of choices. The base model starts at $40,640. The next trim up is the Sport priced at $42,090. This is followed by the Giulia Ti at $42,640 with the Ti Lusso at $45,140 and the top of the line model is the Ti Sport with a starting price of $45,640. This provides buyers with a range of models and performance packages.

7. The 2020 Giulia Ti is the mid-range

To give you an idea of what to expect with the choice of trims, we’ve chosen the mid-range Ti. SiriusXM satellite is a standard feature across the board along with a variety of connectivity features, including an available 4G LTE WiFi-hotspot. The performance package for the Ti provides a mechanical rear differential with limited-slip and an active suspension for optimizing handling performance. Leather upholstered seats with 10-way power controls and heat for front-seat passenger and driver, wood interior trim, 18-inch wheels, parking sensors in the front and read, and a heated steering wheel.

8. It offers predictable driving

2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia side

The performance and handling of the 2020 Giulia are predictable and flat, even around hard corners. Test drives revealed that the sports sedan is designed with highly responsive front tires. This gives the driver control of the body roll for comfort and confidence in driving calmly as well as when it’s driven fast and more aggressively.

9. It’s lively and bright

The Giulia has a sporty aesthetic but the performance matches its appearance. It’ equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. It generates 280 horsepower with plenty of vigor. It moves from a standstill to 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds if you’re driving the rear-wheel-drive trim. The four-wheel-drive edition shaves two seconds off that sprinting time. The car has an agility that makes it fun to drive and although it’s not considered to be particularly fast, it has enough power to make it sporty and sexy.

10. You can choose the drive mode

2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia 2

The 2020 Alpha Romeo Giulia is equipped with a drive mode selector that is commonly referred to as its DNA. The acronym is short for Dynamic, Natural, and the third option, Advanced Efficiency. These three modes make changes to the transmission of the vehicle as well s to the way that the engine manages the power. It also impacts the presentation of the steering behavior, in short, how the wheel feels and how it responds to the driver. Regardless of the selected mode, the Giulia is spirited as well as agile all of the time. It’s nice that drivers have three different options to choose from. This changes up the personality and takes the 2020 version to a whole new level.

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