A Closer Look at The 2020 BMW F850R

2020 BMW F850R

BMW has always been outstanding when it comes to the motorbikes it produces. The latest release in the BMW Motorrad was the F800R, and that one took the world by storm. It was, in fact, almost two years ago to this date that the company unveiled the F 850 GS and the F 750 GS. The parallel-twin engines in both of these models provide sufficient power, and some may even consider the said power somewhat excessive for the bikes. Nevertheless, all the models released by BMW have seen successful times. With such a successful run acting as the backdrop, it is easy to understand why some leaked pictures from a Brazilian motoring site have caused such a stirrup amongst biking aficionados all over the world.

Motor 1 Brazil recently released pictures detailing a patented filing assumed to be for the 2020 BMW F850R. This isn’t an unjustified rumor. Since late last year, it has been rumored that the German luxury car and motorcycle maker was about to release the bike. BMW has a habit of debuting its bikes at the Italian exhibition EICMA. However, the bike hasn’t seen the light of day; that is till now. From the pictures released, we have compiled ten facts about this coming speed monster.

1. Coming to America

The F850R’s predecessor, the F800R, didn’t really make it to the United States. However, it was available in Europe and other markets around the world. This is no surprise considering the myriad of competitors the bike would have to face, from the Yamaha MT-09 to the KTM 790 Duke, all of which have enjoyed very prosperous times in the North American market. The word is that this latest model will in fact be available in showrooms in the US. This is a clear indication that BMW is so confident in its design, it is willing to risk it all to tap into a recently unexplored market for the bikes.

2. Double Trouble

2020 BMW F850R 1

It is expected that the bike will arrive in two forms, the standard one, to be named F850R and the sport tourer, which has been given the moniker F850RS. And it isn’t just hear-say. There are facts supporting these theories. On May 14, 2018, BMW filed for a patent for the F850RS in Germany’s patent office. Almost a year after that, that is on March 27, 2019, the company also filed for a patent for the F850R. Originally, it indicated that the patents were to be embargoed in Germany before it later filed for patents in Brazil. Consequently, this is where we got the pictures. It just goes to show that the bike has been in the works for some time now, and if we are to assess all these indications, we are in for a treat.

3. The engine

It is expected that the new model, or models, will have the same engines as the BMW F850GS. After all, the latter’s engine has proved to be more than reliable. The parallel-twin produces 100 brake horsepower when the bike is making 8,000 rpm, and 63 lb-ft of torque when the bike is at 6,250 rpm. By all accounts, it’s a beast of an engine. Incidentally, it is likely that the engine will be muted a bit, so as to be integrated with the middleweight bike that is the F850R, which is stripped-down bike compared to its more adventurous counterpart.

4. The design

2020 BMW F850R 2

Thanks in part to the lack of bodywork, this bike has a more aesthetically pleasing feel to it. The patent pictures show that the new model will have a new swing panel and fuel tank. This model will also feature a modernized exhaust system. The exhaust has been moved from the left to the right. The exhaust system is meant to replace the outdated and bulky silencer that is present in the older models. That is most likely the biggest change you will see with the new model. The wheels and the front fork, from the pictures, don’t look like they’ve undergone any major changes. A good thing, because the overall effect is that the bike is slimmer and more pleasing.

5. It will be more comfortable

It does seem like 2020 BMW F850R has employed more aggressive ergonomics compared to the older models. The bike’s handlebars have been placed lower and further, and the footpegs have been moved further back and placed a bit higher.

6. Lights

2020 BMW F850R 3

The 2020 BMW F850R features twin headlights, which are symmetrical. They grace an angular nose, which is topped with an adjustable screen. On either side, the bike has floating radiator cowl panels which are designed to look as though they are not connected to the rest of the boke. These parts appear like they are taken directly from the 9Cento.

7. Teching it all the way

Instead of the TFT screen used in the older models like the F750GS, it seems like this model will have a digital display. This comes as no surprise, considering the recent technological developments motoring has experienced. The instrument panel will consist of this digital display and an analog tachometer. It is also probable that BMW will offer a TFT screen as an additional option, based on how they have done it in the past.

8. Pricing

2020 BMW F850R 4

All that is being said right now about the price of the bike is hearsay because even the test bikes haven’t been released. Consequentially, we have to wait for the final word form the company itself.

9. Sales points

It isn’t all that clear if the F850R and the F850RS will be available in every country. Notwithstanding, there are indications that this bike will indeed be the first model from BMW to be in showrooms in North America in a while.

10. It’s coming Soon

2020 BMW F850R 5

Based on the regions BMW has filled for its patents, all indications suggest that the bike will see its release in Germany before debuting in South America. However, it has been said that the bikes first unveiling could be at the EICMA in Italy, as part of a quartet also set to make their premier there. The event was to be held from November the fifth to November the eighth this year, and hopefully, it will take place. One way or another, all indications suggest that we will see the bike before the end of the year.

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