A Closer Look at The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T

The Italian manufacturer TM racing has introduced a new enduro bike that is fit for the track in competitive motorsports. The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T is an Italian-built bike featuring a two-stroke with fuel injection. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES sT

1. It’s a dual-purpose bike in Europe

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T was designed to meet E4 requirements for homologation which may not be such a big issue in the US, but what it means for European dirt-bikers is that it can also be ridden on the streets in these countries if you opt for the street-legal version that’s for sale in Italy.

2. There are not many available in the United States

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T 1

The TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T isn’t a bike that you’re going to see a lot of. This is due to the fact that TM only makes a certain number of them annually. Although they’re already out and up for sale, TM has only produced around 1,250 of them for distribution throughout the world. The United States is only scheduled to receive 250 of them. There are currently only five known models in the country so far, but we expect this to change in the near future as more people discover the versatile bike.

3. You can customize your new 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T

TM is offering the 2020 edition of this bike for sale immediately and there are still plenty of them available for the US Market. You can plan on paying a shipping cost of $500. You can also customize your bike when you order it to make it more personalized to meet your style preferences with the available options.

4. There are some great upgrades available through TM

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T 2

For a small company, TM offers some great options on the 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES T2. These include an Ohlins brand shock, a radiator fan kit, a racing wire harness, or a larger than the normal 3.2-gallon fuel tank. Other options include 19-inch rear wheech differential gearing, an optional fork and shock springs, different handlebars, and an all-white plastic kit. We didn’t check out the price for the optional upgrades, but they’re available on the TM company’s website if you’re interested in checking them out.

5. The engine was new for 2019

The first year that the EN 250 Fi ES 2T engine was used in TM Racing motorcycles was 2019. It’s only been out for a year and included an electric start and a counterbalancer. The engineers went one better and added electronic fuel injection. There are 2 injectors in the transfer port injection in each side of the engine’s cylinder transfer ports. The design includes 2-stroke oil storage in the right side frame spar. An electric pump injects the oil beyond the in-house manufactured throttle body.

6. The engine design is an in-house product

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T 3

TM Racing designed and manufactured the 39 mm throttle body as well as the electronics design that controls the whole system of the bike. It’s a small Italian company but it is doing some really big things. It’s becoming a trend or smaller companies to become more creative in their innovations and it offers a new kind of purity that isn’t always seen in the bigger manufacturers.

7. The suspension gets decent ratings

With the exception of a shock that comes across stiffer than the fork, the stock suspension of the new EN 200 Fi ES 2T performed well in testing trials. Reviewers gave it a ding for this, and although a few small adjustments could bring about big improvements, it was worth noting. If you’re mechanically inclined this shouldn’t be much of a problem and certainly not a deal-breaker. TM Racing manufactures the shock that is matched with a KYB 48 mm coil-spring fork.

8. Warm-up time is short

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T 4

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T performs well in test runs with an engine that starts easy and is ready to rock within a short warm up time. Riders report that this engine has a spirited feel to it with a lively response and it hits hard so you’ll need to be on top of it when you’re out in the dirt. If this is an issue the map switch aids in softening the hit. It’s nice when you can get on the bike and know it’s going to start with a reasonable degree of reliability.

9. The gearbox is a five-speed and gets a thumbs up

The gearbox of the EN 250 Si ES 2T is a five-speed. The first gear is an enduro low gear with second, third, and fourth gears, normal motocross with a fifth gear that is taller than average with a stock gearing of 13:50. TM Racing’s front sprockets range from 12 to 14 teeth along with rear sprockets between 38 to 52. The consensus is that the gearbox shifts very well.

10. It’s packed with even more features

The 2020 TM EN 250 Fi ES 2T 5

TM Racing used Nissin’s brake system in the back with Brembo for the front brake. We found it interesting that the brakes are not both from the same brand. The bike’s billet triple clamps feature an offset of 23 mm and the bar clamps are rubber mounted and reversible. The handlebar that is stock with the bike features a turn signal, along with a motor kill button, and a horn in a small combo switch. It’s most highly recommended for riders that are at a weight of 180 or less because of its slim profile, but the rider triangle gets a thumbs up for comfort. The ergonomics also get high ratings and it’s a bike that is suitable for a decent range of riders.

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