A Closer Look at The 2020 Yamaha 195S

2020 Yamaha 195S

Yamaha is a notable brand, particularly for the engines it provides for other brands. With the newly released Yamaha 195S, the company is literally making a name for itself by occupying a niche that its fellow compactors hadn’t identified. And, as much as 2020 195S Yamaha stands out as probably the best boat the company has manufactured today, it is essential to understand that it has been perfecting its craft for some time now. An analysis of its complete oeuvre illustrates this to perfection. The epitome of the work Yamaha has been doing over the years has culminated in the release of probably the best 19-foot boat you will find. However, just reading through the boat specs will not do you any justice. You need to understand the nitty-gritty details about the functionality of the boat. So, here are then things you might not have known about the Yamaha 195S.

1.Best of both worlds

In this day and age, it is difficult to find a boat that combines efficiency, speed, size, and affordability into one package. To get the optimum service in the said attributes, you must be willing to compromise on the others. A fast boat is an expensive boat, and so is a big one. A smaller boat is less luxurious and more affordable. As a result, when a boat-making brand manages to create a cocktail of all the said entities into one boat, it seems like a miracle. This miracle is exactly what Yamaha has managed to pull off with its latest release, the 2020 Yamaha 195S.


2020 Yamaha 195S 1

The boat has an overall length of 19 feet 5 inches, a beam length of 8 feet 1 inch, and a draft length of 15 inches. The dead rise on the boat is 18 degrees, and it has a dry weight of 2,509 pounds. The boat can carry up to eight people on it, meaning it can accommodate a further 1,600 pounds in addition to its dry weight.

3. Target audience

From the get-go, it is easy to identify that the boat was designed for a specific market. It reaches out not only to the boater who as just embraced his or her journey in boating but also the experienced boater who wants an easily towable boat that can be stored on a standard trailer in the garage.

4.The engine

2020 Yamaha 195S 2

One of the many highlights you will find on this boat is the engine. Yamaha has used the best engine it has manufactured so far, the Yamaha SVHO Supercharger, to give the 195S the grit it offers. The engine is designed to deliver more torque and horsepower, resulting in higher speeds and faster acceleration. Offering further optimization is the significant fuel capacity, 40 gallons, which is a staggering figure for such a small jet boat.

5. Navigation

This boat offers a myriad of features that all result in easy navigation through the open water. It comes with an articulating keel that is standard to all Yamaha boats. Additionally, it has the V-bucket, which offers you optimum control in close quarters, like when you are docking. The Yamaha 195S also comes with a 7-inch Connext screen, that interfaces with the engine to give you a detailed analysis of what is happening in the boat.

6. Seating area

2020 Yamaha 195S 3

The seating area in the boat has been redesigned and is different from the previous year’s model. A new 29-inch area has been added on to the starboard side, and the space accommodates a side-mounted pedestal table and a 45-cord cooler. The seating area in the 32-inch deep cockpit begins with 76 inches across the stern. This part consists of a single seat to starboard, a center with a filler cushion, and a lounge to port. Here, you see the start of the upgraded marine upholstery, which has multiple tones. Ahead of these seats are the observer and operator seats. These two individual seats can swivel around to face aft. Even when turned, the flow-through design of the space is maintained, and there are no obstructions between them, as is the case when a table is placed in the center.

7. The transom

The transom platform consists of two levels. The first is the 22-inch upper level that has 15-inch high seatbacks, and the 18-inch lower level that is 8-inches above the waterline and 9 inches below the upper level. Both levels are adequately covered with marine-matte rubberized non-skid material. The transom also houses a reboarding ladder that is located starboard of the centerline. Two grab handles are present to ease the reboarding process. Beverage holders have been installed on both sides of the transom, and a stereo control is also present.

8.The helm

2020 Yamaha 195S 4

As earlier stated, perhaps the biggest in the helm station is the 7-inch Connext screen. The technology used in the boat provides you, via the screen, with all the mapping requirement you would need. The main screen provides information about the water temperature. It also provides a compass and an analysis of fuel consumption. It is also the hub of the boat’s entertainment system in its entirety. The media page provides Bluetooth connectivity. Irrespective of the page you have selected to take up the major part of the screen, there are always indicators that detail the depth, RPM, voltage, and fuel usage on the perimeter of the screen. All electrical switches are grouped to the right and bottom of the screen. To the left of the screen are a phone holder, a USB port, and a charging jack. There is also a beverage holder and a small cubby.

9. Storage

With the massive capacity of the boat, it is only right that there be ample storage space. There is a lot of storage under the seating. There is also a large ski-locker in the center of the floor.


2020 Yamaha 195S 5

With the luxurious package, you would get when buying the Yamaha 195S, the amount of money you will have to part with may come as a surprise. The basic price of the boat is 40,000 dollars.

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