You Don’t Have to Wait Until January to Chase your Dreams

Here we are. Early December. The world is abuzz with decorations, music, shopping and events. And for some reason, everything else that’s important in life comes to a standstill. Never mind searching for a new job now, there’s no point! Don’t worry about eating healthily now, it’s too hard. I can’t start my business this time of year, I have to wait until 2018. Here’s where I call bullsh*t on all of those thoughts. For most of the world, the start of a New Year is a chance to start over. Turning a fresh page in the book that is your life. But why wait a few weeks if you know what you want to do? There are precious moments between now and January that you help you move in the direction of your dreams sooner than you realize! Seize the day my friends. Here’s how to get started and get a jump on everyone else who won’t be focused on this work until January.

Remember the Good Times.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come! Oftentimes, we’re not tracking what we’re working towards and never acknowledge the milestones along the way. Forgetting that every win counts and celebrating it feels good. Along with the good feels, it also helps motivate us to take even more action. Have you been packing healthy lunches for the last two months? Take time to celebrate what you have accomplished! What may seem like small changes impact your life whether or not you’re actively aware of it. No doubt you’ve done a lot over the course of the year. Give yourself props for both large and small accomplishments. Change is pretty darn difficult after all. Don’t forget to give yourself the hard earned pat on the back you deserve. It’s a great way to kick off revisiting goals and to get you energized to create more and perhaps push yourself even further.

Explore & Dig Deep.

Once you’ve celebrated your many successes, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to build upon them. Now is the time to look towards the future. There are a variety of ways you could get started. Why not try a visioning exercise or do some brainstorming? Different approaches are all over the place these days, but a few personal favorites are the passion roadmap in Passion Planner or a life audit. Whatever method you choose, be certain to give yourself the time and space to really dig in. What’s the use if you’re rushing through it in a quick session and frazzled about other things? This work is important and deserves your focus.

Map it out.

Now that brainstorming has clearly pointed you in the right direction, it’s time to plan, friends. Goals alone won’t do the trick. Break goals down into smaller chunks and attach timing and deadlines to them. People are much more effective at achieving their goals when they attach meaningful dates and break actions down into smaller pieces. For instance, if you want to run a marathon in fall of 2018, you don’t start running 26 miles on day one, silly. You might start walking a few times a week. Build the habit before you go for broke. It significantly increases the likelihood of success.

Enlist your Squad.

You don’t have to go it alone! People are much more likely to achieve goals if they’ve got support systems in place. That support can come in a lot of ways: gym buddy, boss, mentor, friend, coach. Use the network that you’ve got to find the right partners for you. Ask them to help you on your journey. It couldn’t hurt if you were also willing to do the same in return. Having someone to cheer you on, hold you accountable or call your bluff is really key when chasing your goals.

I get that the holidays are action packed for most of us. And that revisiting and setting goals isn’t an easy process. But, it can be inspirational and (dare I say it?) fun if you go about it the right way. I don’t know about you, but I want to be ahead of the game and crushing it on my goals while the rest of the world is still eating fruitcake and figuring things out. This year, channel your excitement for 2018 into building a plan for yourself in December. Whatever your approach, don’t forget to shoot for the stars and go all in!

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