A Closer Look at The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Diver

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Diver

The first time the Zodiac Sea Wolf made its diver watch debut was at Baselworld in 1953. Among the first diver watches to feature the rotating bezel, as well as achieve a deeper depth rating than the famed Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms. It also had a price tag much lower than most of the diver watches during its era. Since then, the value of the watches from the Zodiac Sea Wolf line has risen dramatically since establishing themselves as quality timepiece manufacturers, easily able to compete against the most respected in the business as one of them. Zodiac’s rich history of innovative timepieces includes their flat pocket watches of the 1920s, as well as their automatic sports watches of the 1930s. Zodiac is known for being the first to introduce something new to timepieces as experimenting with new concepts and design is partly what has given the Zodiac brand the label of prestigious by watch collectors worldwide. Zodiac was the first to introduce the universal Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) tracker, which features a world time outer ring and rotating bezel denoting 24 different time zones. As much as the Zodiac Sea Wolf Divers adapts to the change of the times as they keep up with modern technology, they also stay true to their roots. Between the Arabic numerals and the bidirectional countdown bezel, the Sea Wolf hasn’t changed much in its design over the years. The reason behind this is the Zodiac brand prefers to put functionality first. When the need for a new design seems fit, that will follow next. Because the Zodiac diver watches perform so well and have proven their durability, they became the watch line of choice within the military.

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

It was in the 1970s when the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf began its lineup of diver watches. The well-established relationship the Zodiac brand already had with the military became more evident when the U.S. Navy SEALS adopted the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Diver as part of their standard gear. This is due to the upgraded case that could withstand even greater water depths and harsher environmental elements. Not only is this appreciated by the military, but is also the watch of choice among water sport enthusiasts as they not only appreciate the optimal performance of a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf diver watch, but its more affordable price tag compared to most of its competitors such as the Cartier Tank, Rolex Sub, and Seiko Tuna. There is also an appreciation for the variance of color options the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf diver watches are well known for. Instead of strictly sticking to the traditional colors of black, grey, and silver watches, they also went with the vibrance of bright blue, orange, and pink. What also stands out for the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf is the straps that also come in the form of sturdy bracelets. In addition to functionality, Zodiac is just as capable to represent style. The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf line of diver watches uses the STP 3-13 automatic movement made by Swiss Technology Production, ticking at 4Hz, with 26 jewels and an approximate power reserve of 44 hours.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9266

The casing of this watch measures 40 mm wide and the strap size is 13 mm thick, featuring a domed sapphire crystal that is surrounded by a matching bezel with a mineral crystal insert. The widest part of the watch makes for easy, sporty gripping that isn’t too big in size, which makes it a comfortable fit on the wrist. The matching steel jubilee bracelet fits snugly into the polished casing lugs. The average price tag for the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9266 is $1,395.00 USD, which comes with a wooden display box and a two-year warranty. There are other versions of this vintage-style watch with different features that can raise the cost as high as $2,500.00 USD.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Blue Rubber Watch ZO9270

Valued at $1,095.00 USD, is the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Blue Rubber Watch, which reviewers consider surprisingly (and pleasingly) low compared to the brands Rolex and Seiko, considering it’s the same level of quality and technology. In some cases, reviewers even consider this particular model from the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf series superior as a diver watch compared to their competitors. The silver/steel 40 mm case fits comfortably on the wrist, as well as the 20 mm blue rubber strap. The watch’s water-resistant level is 20 ATM.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Neon – ZO9411

Fetching an average price tag at $1,795.00 USD, this colorful watch has a stainless steel case sized at 40 mm wide, as well as a 22 mm silver stainless steel strap width. The water resistance is 20 ATM. Overall, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT is a series of diver watches that only recently introduced this more colorful adaptation of this timepiece classic.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation X Andy Mann Limited Edition – ZO9508

Valued at $2,295.00 USD and with only a few pieces left, is Zodiac’s Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation X Andy Mann Limited Edition diver watch. The stainless steel silver case is 44 mm wide, featuring the blue dial color inside. The 22 mm wide strap color is silver and is also made from stainless steel. The water resistance is 100 mm and has interchangeable compatibility of 20 mm. What sets this diver watch apart from the rest of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf line is the signature of National Geographic’s leading photographer Andy Mann, which is featured on the sleeve of the special carrying case designed for this limited edition watch. Inside the carrying case shows the watch, plus an extra strap, and the certificates, one which also includes Mann’s signature. A copied photograph of Mann’s work while in the ocean features the brilliant close-up of a shark while underwater is found inside the carrying case. It is also etched on the back of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation X Andy Mann Limited Edition Diver Watch.

Keeping Watch

The Zodiac Watch Company has been in the timepiece manufacturing business since 1882 and managed to establish itself as a coveted brand, known for its durability and reliability. As time passes and the watch collecting consumer base demanded styling and design to keep up with functionality, at one point Zodiac fell behind among their competitors. However, this has changed since the introduction of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf diver watches. While now back in the good graces of watch collectors worldwide, Zodiac still maintains its heritage by still putting durability and functionality as the primary core to their watchmaking.

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