Has Boie USA Created the “Toothbrush of the Future?”

If there is at least one area of your life where artificial intelligence is not likely to help you with now or in the future it is the daily ritual of brushing your teeth. You may not have heard of the company Boie USA but they got their start as a Kickstarter member and have moved up and forward from that starting point. Now they have a toothbrush that is said to be a game changer and costs only $10.

Their goal in designing the toothbrush was to create one that would be gentler on your gums while providing a superior cleaning experience at the same time. The way they accomplished this was to embed silver in the bristles. This may sound off the beaten path, but what the silver does is to reduce the amount of bacteria that builds up on your toothbrush when it isn’t being used. This makes a lot of sense since putting a germy toothbrush in your mouth is counterproductive to dental health.

Another design feature is that rather than throwing the entire toothbrush out when it has reached the end of its usefulness, you can detach the head of the toothbrush and simply replace it with a new one. This is a feature found on many electric toothbrushes, but the replaceable heads get pretty expensive, and that is a separate cost from the unit itself. Not only does this make the Boie cheaper to use, it also makes it environmentally friendly.

So what makes the Boie USA the toothbrush of the future?

First is the cost. There was a time when you had to pay for music (and movie) downloads but those times are long gone. When it comes to a quality toothbrush you often pay more than the Boie price of $10, only to find it doesn’t do the job so you end up going back to the store a month later to try another brand. In today’s world of modern technology the price of things should be going down and the quality going up. Yet with the “modern” toothbrush nothing much seems to have changed for the better. But the higher costs don’t end here.

If you opt for an electric toothbrush you can pay upwards of $125 or more for one that provides that in-house dental type cleaning. Users know that the unit require charging, and failing to keep them charge will reduce the quality of brushing. The replacement heads cost as much as a brand new Baie toothbrush. If you change the heads as recommended, your first year of owning and using an electric toothbrush can be more than $200.

Next, since we’re on the subject of electric toothbrushes, what happens when the unit fails? The battery cannot be expected to last forever, so it must be disposed of somehow. This creates an environmental problem not so easily solved by just throwing it into a landfill. Then there is the need to manufacture yet another battery to replace the discarded one, using even more natural resources. With the Baie USA there is very little cost of manufacturing and very little waste generated.

A final feature of the Boie is the material of the bristles. Bristles may actually be misleading since the toothbrush is made of a unique type of rubber, not the nylon material that is often used in modern alternatives. An overlooked benefit from this design is that the toothbrush itself is likely to last longer because the bristles will not break down as quickly, giving it a longer useful life.

When you stop and look at the evolution of the toothbrush, its design has not changed radically over the years. You need a handle and a brush, so there is not much to improve on those ends. Electric toothbrushes do most of the work of brushing teeth, but you have to lose control of the process and trust it to the machine. The handle sizes can be large and heavy for people with smaller hands, so they are not practical alternatives for everyone.

When looking at the competition it is clear the smaller, non-electric models are preferred by most people. The smaller battery powered models only solve part of the problem of their larger counterparts and often do not have replaceable heads. Boie USA has the potential to truly be the toothbrush of the future as it has all the necessary features to promote dental health, and none of the problems that plague the average person.

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