How Much Do Kitchen Designs Trends Cost These Days?

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, it is the area where people congregate and meet first thing in the morning and then at the end of the day. A well designed and fashionable kitchen can also increase the overall value of your property, but with so many ideas out there how do you narrow your design options down? Some looks are exceptionally expensive, while others are cheaper and easier to do but have the same design impact. Here we evaluate the best design trends for modest budgets, all the way up to endless budgets.

Open Shelving

Elle have listed open shelving as a must have kitchen trend for 2019. This trend has come from hotels and retail spaces and is an easy fix. Instead of having closed upper cabinets, you can replace them with glass or metal frames. They’re easy to measure up, fit and install and are cheaper alternatives to cabinets. This kitchen design trend is ideal for someone who wants to have a modern look kitchen but doesn’t have a large budget. The open nature of the cabinets means they can fit into any space and you can have them as large or small as you want without incurring the fitment cost you would if you chose to have closed cabinets. To know more about it, you can check out the Boss Design Remodel Guide.

Black Accents

If you don’t want to break the bank updating your kitchen, one of the quickest ways you can make it look modern and new is by creating contrast. If you have a modern all white kitchens, simply paint one wall a contrasting color. Black is currently on trend and seems to be the clear winner in the fashion homeware magazines and blogs.

Farm House Style Kitchen Colors

Farm house style kitchens are always on trend, in many senses they are timeless, it just the colors that need updating every few years or so. If you want a total kitchen overhaul, a farm house style kitchen can be a reasonable alternative. The hard wood, or hard wood look counters can be purchased for a reasonable sum of money or they can often be reclaimed. The palet for 2019 seems to be pastel, with mint coming out at the top. So, if you repaint your cabinets, get a reclaimed hard wood work surface or a hardwood look work surface, you’re well on your way to an affordable on trend kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are ideal if you want somewhere to put the kids whilst you prepare dinner or want to have a separate seating area for people to grab breakfast from. Depending on the material these are made from, you can either get one for a relatively low cost or you can spend a small fortune on one that is made from hard wood and stone. Either way this trend is at its height for 2019. Prices can vary from $200 to $2000 depending on materials and size!

Bespoke Pantries and Larders

If you are looking to completely refurbish your kitchen and want to make sure that it will be fashionable well into the next few years, don’t discount putting in a larder or a pantry. Whilst this is a more expensive fashion trend, it is one that will be exceptionally useful! Pantries and larders can be bespoke in design, so it can fully suit your needs and means that all your favorite ingredients are easily accessible, this is one of the must have trends for 2019.

Other Color Trends

If you haven’t got the money for a full refurbishment of your kitchen or you like the way it is set out but want to update it, you could look to paint your walls and cabinets inline with the hottest colors of 2019. These colors include Navy, a rich deep blue that suits large open plan spaces, purple if you want to make a statement and British racing green for that wow factor.

Pewter And Gunmetal Hardware

Whilst these alternatives are cheaper than brass, they aren’t as cheap as your standard hardware but they certainly make a statement! They will give your kitchen depth and help create a friendly homely atmosphere which is something that brass and gold can fail to do, as they can be quite harsh in the wrong lighting.

Bespoke Storage Solutions

A full re-design and refurbishment of your kitchen can lead you down many paths, but the trend 2019 is concealed, smart storage options. These can be floor to ceiling cabinets that look as though they are part of the wall or overhead storage that you don’t realize is even there. These options are expensive, with a full re-design having no maximum cost, however this is the option for people who are looking to spend at least $15,000 on a full refurbishment.

Contrasting Textures

For 2019, the contrasting textures that are most talked about is a marble and wood set up. These contrasting textures will give your kitchen a rich and deep feel and it will remain fashionable for far longer than 2019. Marble is an expensive stone and to create that feeling of richness and depth, hardwood is required such as mahogany or oak. This is possibly one of the most expensive kitchen trends of 2019, but this coupled with pewter or gun metal hardware will take your kitchen from somewhere you eat to show home standard.

Final thoughts

There are so many options available to all budgets to help you have a fashionable kitchen that people want to be in. Some of these options can cost as little as a $500 dollars and you can do most of them yourself, such as fitting open cabinets or repainting your own cabinets in 2019 colors. If your budget is more, you can look to include a pantry or larder in your design, not only is it exceptionally functional, it will look fashionable and increase the overall value of your home. Finally, if you don’t have any budget constraints, marble and wood fixtures and fittings are the one for you. They will create depth and richness like no other and if you finish your kitchen off with pewter or gun metal fixtures, you will elevate your kitchen to show home status and be the envy of anyone who frequents it.

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