Is There Reason to Believe That Property Brothers is Fake?

Is Property Brothers fake? Any HGTV fan will tell you that the show, starring twins Jonathan and Drew Scott, is constantly being aired. And, of course, it is always the same thing.

A couple wants a house, but not just any house. They want an amazing house that they can move in immediately. Oh, and it has to be in their ideal neighborhood. So, the brothers find their dream house, which the couple promptly falls in love with only to find that it is hundreds of thousands of dollars over their budget. After shedding a few tears, the couple agrees to look at the worst houses in the neighborhood before settling on a horrific fixer upper. After Drew gets them a good deal, they turn it over to Jonathan. A few weeks (and problems) later, they have the house of their dreams. It is nothing short of spectacular and the owners love it.

Now that we have recapped every single episode of Property Brothers ever, let’s go back to the original question. Is Property Brothers fake? Unfortunately for fans, there is plenty of evidence that the show is not real. If you are saying to yourself that this can’t possibly be true, here is everything you need to know to make your own decision.

Past Participant Admissions

One of the strongest pieces of evidence that the show is fake is based on information provided by participants who previously appeared on the show. Several couples have admitted that they purchased their home before filming ever began. (In quite a few cases, they became homeowners before they were even chosen to be on the show.) Others who have applied were told they should already be in the process of buying a home. In other words, when the brothers take them around to look at houses, the participants already know which house they plan to purchase (or have already purchased).

The Truth about the Brothers’ Licenses

Here’s the thing. Real estate agents are required to be licensed in the state where they are involved in the purchase or sell of a home. Seasons 9 and 10 of the show were filmed in Greater New York, yet Drew is not listed as holding a NY real estate license. Additionally, general contractors are required to be licensed by the state they are working in. Well, Jonathan is not listed as holding a NY Home Improvement Contractor license or General Contractor license.

What does this mean? It is just more proof the show is fake, at least based on the state laws. When Drew runs off to call the seller’s agent, he may be calling someone, but it is probably not the seller’s agent his is talking to. At the same time, Drew can’t serve as the acting general contractor. Yes, he can work on the home, but there is likely someone else behind the scenes serving as the contractor. Don’t get confused. They are licensed, but not in the state they are working in.

The Perfect Formula

As mentioned above, every single episode of the show is essentially the same. Without fail, there is going to be some type of horrific problem (or two) in every episode. Why? The show simply is not as interesting to viewers if everything goes smoothly. There’s nothing more entertaining than seeing an adult cry because the money they allocated for some ridiculous item, such as a 90”TV, has to be spent to get rid of the termites crawling all through the house or repair the pipes that are so corroded water can’t flow through them.

The Truth about the Casting Requirements

  • Two participants are always required. A single person will not be considered. While single people are fully capable of buying a home solo in the real world, this isn’t the case on the show. According to the application page, you must have a Participant B. Now, they don’t have to purchase the house with you, but they must be all heavily involved in the whole process. How realistic is it that your sister, cousin, or BFF would do this in real life? For that matter, do you really want to schedule your house search around someone else’s schedule? If you plan to apply to be on Property Brothers, you’ll have to.
  • You must reveal your current housing situation when applying to be on the show. While this doesn’t mean the show is fake, your options definitely suggest it is. You can choose from:
  • Have purchased or closed on a home
  • Near to closing on a home
  • Have put in an offer on a home
  • Actively looking
  • Inactively looking
  • You must have a renovation and design budget of $70,000 or more. First, it is impossible to know how much you have for renovations until you have a closing price. So, you can’t really answer this questions…unless you have already purchased a home or had your offer accepted on one.
  • You can only select 4 rooms to be renovated. While the show does not say they renovate the entire house, it is somewhat implied. After all, if the house is all but falling apart, you would naturally assume they would fix up the entire thing. Even worse for participants, MSN has reported participants cannot chose both the bathroom and kitchen. It’s either one or the other, meaning they will either be left with an outdated kitchen or a disgusting bathroom.

There is no denying that Property Brothers is one of HGTV’s top shows. In fact, it is so popular that there have been multiple spinoffs, including Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers at Home, and Buying and Selling, to ensure that the brothers appear on TV every single day. Of course, all these shows only add more fuel to the rumor that the show is fake. Essentially, it is impossible for Jonathan and Drew to fulfill all their roles on each of the shows. They have to be delegating some of their tasks to others.

It’s up to you to make your own decision, but let’s face it. Property Brothers is fake.

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