Affordable Items to Give Away For Your PR Campaigns

Giveaways are a fantastic PR tool. After all, who doesn’t love getting something for free? Many businesses use giveaways to journalists as a means of securing a review. Or they can be given as prizes to encourage customers to spend more money with a business. Whatever the reason for it, a giveaway is all but guaranteed to generate some interest. Assuming that you’re giving away something cool, of course! It is here that many people stumble. Sure, it’s easy to see why giving something away might help you. However, it doesn’t help you to decide what it is that you are going to give away. Here are six cool and affordable items you can give away that anyone would be happy to receive.

Branded Apparel

It has never been easier for a business or an individual to have custom branded apparel produced. Any clothing or accessories with your business logo on can make for a fantastic giveaway prize. They are also a wonderful opportunity for your graphic designers to show what they are capable of. Of course, if you just carelessly slap your business logo onto a t-shirt, it probably won’t get you very far. There are exceptions to this – clothing companies (obviously), businesses with a particularly distinct logo, and businesses whose brand is valuable enough for customers to want to display on their clothing.

But if you are willing to invest a little time and money into having some unique artwork designed to go on your apparel, you can have some art designed that incorporates your logo in some way. if you pull it off right, you’ll have a walking billboard for life.

Chocolate and Candy

Both chocolate and candy, chocolate, in particular, are an excellent choice for a giveaway item. Few things are as universal in their appeal as a box of quality chocolates. With other types of prizes, it can be difficult to find something that the vast majority of people would be happy with. There are plenty of things that we need in our day to day lives that we would welcome being given for free, but many of these things are either gendered or personalized in some other way. Chocolate is enjoyed by everyone – men, women, children, adults, vegetarians, everyone. Well, everyone who can eat it. You might want to consider making sure any chocolate you give away is suitable for vegans, diabetics, or people with other dietary restrictions.


Whether it’s Pepsi, lemonade or an ice-cold beer, we all drink out of cans now and then. During those blistering summer months, there’s nothing more refreshing than the feeling of a refrigerated can against your skin, ice-cold liquid running down your throat. A koozie is a great way of ensuring that your cold drink stays cold. Koozies come in a variety of styles, so you should be able to find something that will have broad appeal. These custom koozies are a great place to start. There’s a range of different colors, materials, and styles for you to pick from. More about rewards of owning a koozie can be found here.

Office Supplies

It’s cheap and easy to get some office supplies with your business’ logo on it. There’s the obvious stuff, pens, calculators, etc. But if you search around, you will discover a whole host of more unusual and interesting choices. If you work in a more playful office, why not consider empowering one of your colleagues to achieve their full potential with this USB missile launcher? Or, for those more serious types, there’s the fabulous everlasting Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook.

Creative Supplies

People love to express themselves creatively, even if they don’t realize it! Sometimes an act as simple as gifting someone a beginner’s art set can end up being life-changing. You can get starter kits for most types of art relatively cheap. Available kits range from coloring or painting by numbers to making intricate models of aircraft and tanks. This is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can tailor your choice to your audience. However, there is a lot to choose from. You’ll have to use your best judgment as to what is most suitable for your situation.


Modern consumer electronics are pretty incredible. We now routinely carry around smartphones with more power than most laptops. Virtual reality is coming into fruition with consumer VR kits available for games consoles. However, this tech doesn’t come cheap! Fortunately, there are plenty of options for affordable gadgets that are just as cool as their higher-priced counterparts. For example, you can get a potato-powered alarm clock or a remote-control car that runs on water for less than $50. These are great for adults and kids. Gadgets are also the kind of things that people don’t realize they need until they have one. Cheap gadgets are a potential goldmine for giveaway prizes.

Giveaways are a lot of fun. If you plan them right, they can end up netting you a significant ROI. These giveaway ideas are all things that have broad appeal yet are unique enough to generate interest. If you’re willing to search, you’ll be able to find some truly amazing gifts.

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