Davenport Laroche: A Winning Alternative Investment

On April 26, 1956, the converted tanker IDEAL X departed Newark, New Jersey lugging 58 cargo-packed truck trailers on its premiere deck. That was the morning that North Carolina businessman Malcolm McLean’s brainchild was brought to life and containerization set sail.   Due to the massive cost savings, container shipping was quickly standardized across the globe and soon became the easiest way to get any type of product, large and small, across the world quickly and safely.

Secure, Affordable, Strong, Weather Proof, Eco Friendly, Stackable, and malleable… maritime container shipping proved the right avenue for the transport of all types of raw materials (grain, oil, food, coal…) as well as a host of prepackaged goods.  Today, 90% of all global cargo is carried by container ships.

The Beginning

Davenport Laroche came to be in the wake of the global economic collapse in 2008. Jacques Piccard and his elite team of economic advisors and container leasing specialists had kept a careful eye on the state of the container leasing industry, since as far back as the Vietnam War which provided a big push for containerization to shed its domestic trading skin and prove itself built to provide international services.

The team of specialists had always seen container investing as an industry specific business and an investment vehicle only for those in the thick of the industry and some high-profile institutional investors like Warren Buffett. When the global economy collapsed in 2008, the team at Davenport Laroche saw the perfect opportunity to bring container leasing to the private investor, who was still reeling from the global economic loss and wanted to find an investment that was safe, reliable, and consistently profitable.

The Investment Model

Mr. Piccard and his team seized this opportunity and quickly created and rolled out an investment model that would become the basis and the center of Davenport Laroche’s business model for the foreseeable future. Davenport Laroche’s investment model provided the key ingredients that all speculative, cautious investors were searching for at that tenuous moment in time – with 100% capital preservation, containers were insured and provided investors a monthly income (paid in cash). Davenport Laroche had created a container leasing model that very closely resembled the safe and profitable, but simple to understand business of real estate investing. Plus, the entry level for container investing was accessible to most all that wished to partake.

Asset-based investing has always been top of mind for savvy investors.  And, container investing represents new opportunity for such investors to diversify and significantly expand their asset-based portfolios.  For the moment, container investing is still a growing industry, not saturated and overwhelmed by investors, which means that right now is the time for you to get in early and collect your fortune before the rest of the world figures out what a key investment opportunity container leasing has always been.  When you lease out your containers with the help of Davenport Laroche, the consistent return on investment is virtually unmatched by anything with such a low risk classification. No risk with great reward. We guarantee it,

How does container leasing work?

Davenport Laroche equates each container to a piece of rental property.  At the beginning, you purchase the containers at cost and receive the full Deed of Sale documentation in your name, as the legal and rightful owner of all containers purchased. Once purchased, the leasing team at Davenport Laroche will assess the type of investment you wish to pursue. All containers are leased to major Fortune 500 companies that are in consistent need of containers for the storage and movement of their goods and products across the world.  There is always a demand for containers, so you will always have a renter at your doorstep.

If you are new to the container investing landscape, our advisors will put you on a low risk investment opportunity which drived a very steady return of investment month over month of about 12% (in recent years) and very rarely shifts or changes.

If you are a seasoned investor with a diverse investing portfolio,  and you understand and wish to take the high risk opportunities, your containers will be sent into shorter term leases where higher monthly rates are demanded which results in a variation of return month to month for you, but all in all a much higher monetary return (about 24.7% return on investment in recent quarters) than that of the stable, low risk investment plan.  

Low Risk.  High Return.

No matter the risk level you wish to take on, there is consistent demand from these companies for the use of your containers, so you will never go without a monthly return on your investment. The guaranteed benefits of container leasing investments are currently unmatched by any other part of the investment landscape which makes this the right moment for you to step into the container leasing arena and sample the affirmed monthly return on investment that Davenport Laroche is ready to hand over to you today.

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