Four Ways to Ensure You’re Making All the Right First Impressions

Whenever we’re meeting someone for the first time, whether that be a potential business partner, a date, or perhaps a friend of a friend, it’s of the utmost importance that this person is thoroughly impressed by you! Some people can make snap judgments of us within seconds, and while you might think that’s not exactly fair, it’s simply the way things are. However, if you play your cards right and know all the correct things to do for making a great first impression, then you have absolutely no reason to worry.

1. Smile a lot and practice good dental hygiene

Smiling just makes others and yourself feel good, so be sure to do this a lot for a first meeting. Don’t over-smile, obviously, as you don’t need to sit there grinning all during the meeting! Of course, smiling a lot goes hand in hand with having clean teeth and fresh breath. Do not meet anyone without checking there’s nothing in your teeth left over from lunch and that you don’t have the smell of coffee or cigarettes on your breath. Use water flossers and mouthwash as and when needed!

2. Be confident with a great hairstyle

Although many of us try to downplay how much we’re bothered about our hairstyle, the truth is that it’s hugely important to our overall image and something we do care deeply about. Nothing says “successful” like a trendy and great hairstyle, and this applies to both men and women. Using styling products and tools like hair mousse and blow-dryers can give a bold, new look, but it’s equally vital to ensure you’re doing all you can to boost thin hair, such as using the correct shampoos and getting the right haircut.

3. Say the person’s name back after meeting

This is a big point that will earn you a lot of esteem after a first meeting. Particularly useful when saying hello to many people at a party or conference, everyone likes it when you say their name back to them, as it means you’re attentive and focused. It can be as simple as saying, “Nice to meet you, Jenny.” You’ve not only said a pleasant greeting but also used the person’s name, so it’s a double-win.

4. Watch your body language

Many of us cross our arms or check our phones when we’re among family members or good friends, but when meeting someone new for the first time, they might think it hugely disrespectful and rude. Checking simple things like that, including “manspreading”, putting your arms behind your head, or yawning dramatically, are all red flags for initial meetings. Of course, if you’re expecting an important phone call, then politely excuse yourself and take the call, but don’t keep scrolling through your phone and checking messages throughout the meeting. Maintaining good eye contact is also something people like during an encounter.

All in all, don’t overthink the first meeting, but simply apply the above tips to any situation and be confident, fun, and engaging.

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