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Rony Abovitz: 10 Things You Didn't Know about Magic Leap's CEO

People who are inquisitive about the Magic Leap company will have just a little bit of difficulty getting the rundown on what's going on inside the building. The founder of the company is Rony Abovitz and this forty five year old genius and multi billionaire is playing his cards close to the vest. The Magic Leap company is shrouded in secrecy and it's not difficult to figure out why. With the current competitiveness to come up with the latest and best technology in virtual reality, he's keeping what he knows a secret until it is time for the unveiling.

Magic Leap is working on virtual reality technology that may well transform the way that humans interact with technology and it is something so big that the general public is only privy to scant details. What we do know is that Magic Leap is developing a virtual reality headset that has a mixed format that is intended to trick the brains of users into believing that they are seeing something that is not really there. There is speculation that the invention is of a class of technology that has the potential for replacing computers, telephones and televisions.

This is a lofty goal but with the rise in technology, we've come to believe that anything is possible. Abovitz has been successful throughout his life and has amassed a fortune so if it can be done, he is the man to do it. We're going to take a closer look at him and reveal a little more about who Rony Abovitz really is with ten things that you probably didn't know about him.

1. Abovitz founded an obscure secretive company worth $4.5 billion

While the majority of multi-billion dollar companies are high profile, Magic Leap is not. Everyone is curious about its progress and which products it will release, but their work is being kept secret. It has to be something on a grand scale because Rony has been able to successfully raise several billion dollars in funding. What do his investors know that we don't? It looks like we'll have to wait to get the details because they are strictly guarded at this point in time.

2. Rony Abovitz may be the man responsible for changing the world

With the tidbits that we have about his research and product development, it is possible that the new technology Abovitz is backing will be revolutionary. If he succeeds in this goal, the way that we communicate and enjoy entertainment could take on drastic changes. He's allowed just enough information out to make us all curious. One thing is for certain, experts in the virtual reality sector are on the edges of their chairs and it is because of the man who claims to be onto something big in the industry.

3. Rony Abovitz values cultural diversity

Those close to Abovitz have shared some of his goals for the Magic Leap company and one of them is creating an environment of inclusiveness He spoke at the Black Tech Week annual conference which inspires entrepreneurs in the tech industry of color to pursue their dreams. Abovitz is not just talking about the situation, he is also taking action. He is encouraging them to join him in achieving goals at Magic Leap.

4. Abovitz' philosophy on how to build a great enterprise

While Rony doesn't communicate with the press much, we have managed to get a little more information on his business philosophy. We think it's important because the guy has been mega successful and any inspiration that we can glean from him will be helpful to those who are just getting going with new tech startups. He believes that it's important to gather a "critical mass" and the very brightest team members to maximize creativity and productivity.

5. How Abovitz builds wealth through people

From his selections of brilliant minds, he believes that the crew will continue to develop new ideas worthy of pursuit. When one project is completed, more will be forthcoming if you have the right mix of people working together. This is an excellent way to keep the momentum going when it comes to building billion dollar empires that are forward moving.

6. Rony's parents inspired his business sense with a creative bend

Part of Abovitz' success is due to the environment that he was raised in and the influence of his parents. His father was involved in the real estate industry and his mother an artist. He got his keen business sense from his dad while his mom gave him the creativity to think outside of the box. It's a good combination that has worked very well for this mega billionaire.

7. Rony Abovitz is teasing the tech industry with his secret

We think that he's just having a little fun with the tech world. He knows that he's onto something big but not quite ready to share the full details with the world. Although their research is one of the best kept secrets around, he couldn't help but dangle a few tantalizing details at Fortune's 2016 Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen. Investors and tech entrepreneurs were present and although the information given was vague, it was still intriguing. He hinted at progress but didn't give much commitment as to when we'd see the results of his labors other than the comment that it would be released "soonish."

8. Abovitz sees things that most others miss

According to friends and colleagues, Rony has a unique way of seeing the world and putting thoughts and ideas together. He has a talent for putting information together and coming up with inspirations that most people wouldn't think of. It is this special type of cognition or the way that his brain functions that has made his so very successful in coming up with out of the box ideas and making them work.

9. Abovitz was a normal kid

We learned that Rony has many of the same aspirations as the average adolescent boy. He had dreams of becoming a professional athlete playing for the Cleveland Browns. He also wanted to be an X-Wing pilot just like the ones from Star Wars. He was indeed a trekkie at heart and joined a Chess club with a group of his like minded friends, and after high school pursued his career as a scientist.

10. Rony Abovitz Net Worth

He has come a long way in his 45 years, sering as a pharmacist, owning a junk shop and as a board game designer. He's done a lot in his life already, but the man is a master at fundraising. Thanks to his previous successful ventures and this current startup, his net worth is now assessed at $4.5 billion. He's a fascinating fellow and we wish that we knew just a little more about him, but we think that we'll hear more as he unveils his latest creation and we can expect the grand expose "soonish."

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