10 Reasons to Stay at 1 Hotel Central Park

1 hotel central park

People visit New York City for a variety of reasons, including for leisure and business purposes. Regardless of your reasons for visiting this city, you will need a place to stay that is comfortable, close to the local attractions, and offers a range of facilities that are useful to you. Although there are many excellent hotels in New York City in which you could stay, one of the best is 1 Hotel Central Park, which is located on 6th Avenue. Here are just 10 of the reasons why you should choose 1 Hotel Central Park for your next trip to New York City.

1. The Rustic Chic Rooms

1 Hotel Central Park has stunning guestrooms that are designed in a rustic-chic style with wood accents. The rooms have good amenities for guests, including flat-screen televisions, free Wi-Fi, Nespresso machines, yoga mats, tablets with personalized apps, and 24-hour room service.

2. Excellent Facilities and Services

The facilities in this hotel are intended to give guests a comfortable stay. Some of the facilities and services available include a free snack bag on arrival, a fitness center, a bar, and relaxing shared spaces. It is also possible to book in-room spa treatments for an additional fee. For children, they offer sleeping bags for the rooms so that children can pretend to camp on a rainy day.

3. Amazing Dining Options

Although there are some amazing places to eat in the surrounding area, you do not need to leave the hotel as they offer excellent dining options at 1 Hotel Central Park. The main dining option is Jams, which has Chef Jonathan Waxman at the helm. He creates dishes using the farm-to-fork ethos using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant features exposed brick, reclaimed oak, and an open kitchen. Food is served from breakfast through to dinner daily. There is also a brunch restaurant that is open at the weekends and there is the option to dine in your room. The hotel has different menus throughout the day for in-room dining. In the lobby, there is the Lobby Farmstand, which sells seasonal ingredients, such as fresh fruits.

4. A Great Fitness Center

One of the best facilities in this hotel is its fitness center. The Field House Fitness Center features all the modern equipment you would expect to find in a gym. There is also the option to hire a personal trainer to guide you through a good workout during your stay. This is perfect for those who do not want to take a break from their fitness regime while they are away.

5. The Picnic Baskets

An unusual serviced offered by 1 Hotel Central Park is to create picnic baskets for guests. These include some delicious snacks made using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. One of the activities that many guests enjoy during their stay is a trip to nearby Central Park. Taking along a picnic allows you to spend the full day enjoying the park and the surrounding area. Therefore, this is a really good idea and a very useful service for guests.

6. Good for Business and Events

Most people who stay in this hotel do so for leisure purposes. However, it is also a good option for people who are visiting New York City on a business trip. The second floor of the hotel has an area called The Hive. This is a business hub with kiosks, telephones, iPads, printers, and laptops. The hotel also has five meeting spaces that you can hire during your trip. Furthermore, the free Wi-Fi means that you can work in the privacy and comfort of your room. This hotel can also help you to host the perfect event as they have two large lounges that they use for events. The staff at the hotel will help you to organize a memorable occasion as they have a range of events packages available.

7. Close to Attractions and Activities

Another reason to choose 1 Hotel Central Park for your next trip to NYC is that it is ideally located for accessing the local activities and attractions. The two main attractions that are within walking distance of the hotel are Central Park and the Museum of Modern Art. However, there are many more activities and attractions in the surrounding area, so you will find plenty of things to see and do to keep you entertained during your stay. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants close to the hotel, so you can enjoy some retail therapy and dine out at the restaurant of your choice.

8. Convenient for Public Transport

To access everything that is in the local area, you will need to use public transport. Even if you have arrived in New York City in your own car, it is much easier to make use of public transport services than to drive. This hotel is in the perfect location for accessing public transport links, including the bus services and the subway. Therefore, you can easily travel around New York and the surrounding area to make the most of your time in this amazing city.

9. Pretty Public Areas

Many hotels feature interesting interior design in the guestrooms but leave the public spaces rather bland and unappealing. 1 Hotel Central Park has a different approach to interior design as the public areas are just as visually appealing as the rooms. There are many rustic features around the hotel, the walls are adorned with artwork, and there are over 24,000 plants in the hotel.

10. A Sustainable Hotel

According to Forbes, this hotel promotes sustainability. While it is almost impossible for any city center hotel to be completely sustainable, this hotel has a good go at achieving this. Many of the materials used for the hotel’s fixtures and fittings use sustainable resources. Other sustainable features include recycled clothes hangers, reclaimed chalkboards, and triple-filtered tap water to avoid the need for bottles.

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