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All of the Amazing Beaches You Can Visit in Hanoi


Vietnam may not be the first country that comes to mind to visit when internationally traveling. However, Vietnam is filled with historic architecture and culture. This beautiful southeast Asian country lies along the beautiful waters of southeast Asia and features some of the most amazing terrain including rugged mountains, rolling hills and beaches laying along crystal clear seas. There are several Vietnamese beaches located along the country's beautiful coastline that draw locals as well as tourists to enjoy sunbathing and strolling along soft white sandy beaches, dipping into the ocean for a cooling respite or fun water sports. Many beaches in Vietnam include amazing hiking trails through scenic mountain sides. Visitors to Hanoi's nearby beaches can enjoy beautiful sunsets, fun water sports, outdoor excursions, great fresh cuisine, luxury resorts and more. Here are all of the amazing beaches you can visit in Hanoi.

1. Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam. Bai Chay Beach is located just 100 km northeast of Vietnamese's capital city of Hanoi. It is a popular destination with locals and with tourists particular during the summer season. Bai Chay is also a popular beach destination because it is close to Hhalong Bay. Bai Chay Beach features beautiful smooth white sand, clear water and a variety of activities for tourists as well as resorts, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. The beach is an artificial one that extends 500 meters long and 100 meters wide. Visitors to the beach enjoy sunbathing, strolls along the soft beach and dips in the beautiful waters as well as water sports including swimming, jet skiing, canoeing and surfing. Cruises take visitors out to sea along the amazing beach views. Bai Chay has several attractions including historic landmarks like Hong Gia Pere's colonial mansion and the Vietnamese Cultural Theater. Bai Chay is well known for its Night Market which offers stalls selling fresh seafood, handmade crafts, clothing, jewelry and more. Restaurants like Thien Anh, Thong Long and Pho Bien offer menus with fresh seafood and traditional Vietnamese fare.

2. Thinh Long Beach

Thinh Long Beach is popular with locals from Hanoi and throughout Vietnam. The beach offers a quiet, "untouched" spot for local Vietnamese to take a break from the city. Thinh Long Beach is particularly popular with visitors on weekends and holidays. Although Thinh Long Beach is a three hour drive from Hanoi, it provides a respite for visitors. This beach located in Nam Dinh Provence is filled with fishing villages. It's a place where visitors can enjoy the beautiful beach, swim and canoe while gazing out at fishing boats catching fresh seafood like crab, squid and prawns. Visitors to the beach can enjoy the soft white sands and serene waters and even canoe to the nearby rocky islets off of the coast. As Thinh Long Beach is a peaceful spot inviting mostly locals, there are several inexpensive hotels and restaurants that serve fresh seafood and classic Vietnamese cuisine.

3. Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island is located in the northwestern region of Halong Bay. Although the island is located 93 miles from Hanoi, it is a popular destination for locals and tourists. Tuan Chau Iland features 2 km of artificial beautiful soft, white sandy beach. The island has become a popular attraction featuring resorts, shops, road side stalls and restaurants. Tuan Chau Island is most popular from September through March when the weather is typically dry with no worries about high tides, storms or hurricanes. Once the home of former Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh and a guard station, Tuan Chau Island was mostly underdeveloped and isolated until the 1990's. Beach goers enjoy hiking through the surrounding mountains and water sports like kayaking and canoeing. Visitors to the island are certain to spot dolphins, seals and sea lions. Tuan Chau Island's activities include a circus and martial arts shoe. The island also features caves to explore, hiking and camping. Today Tuan Chau Island offers several resorts, hotels and restaurants including La Paz Resort, Tuan Chau Seaside Hotel, the 1958 Restaurant and Sandy Beach Bar & Restaurant.

4. Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba means "Women's Island". The resort destination on Halong Bay is popular with tour companies and a pleasant place to visit when visiting in Hanoi. The island is 150 km from Hanoi and 50 km from Halong. Cat Ba Island is the largest of the 367 islands located in the Cat Ba Archipelago inn southeastern Lan Ha Bay. Cat Ba Island consists of square miles and includes a beautiful beach with mountains rising inland. The island did not have electricity until 1997. After that it became a popular destination for tourists as well as locals. Today ferries shuttle tourists and their vehicles to the island. A national park on Cat Ba Island provides many activities for visitors as well as conservation projects. Cat Ba Island's beaches include opportunities for water activities including swimming, boating, kayaking and fishing excursions. There are 150 hotels located on the island from budge to upscale resorts. Currently Cat Ba Amatina is being built along the island's southern coast which includes a resort, marina, casino and theme park. Nearby Monkey Bay Island Resort offers a private beach among amazing scenery of Cat Ba Island's national park.

5. Do Son Beach

Do Son Beach is located just 105 km from Hanoi and 20km from Haiphong along Vietnam's northeast coast. The beach is located on a peninsula bordering the Rong Mountains. Do Son Beach is rich with history and was once a vacation home to wealthy Vietnamese and French colonists. It was also the home of the last Vietnamese king, Bao Dei. Today Do Son Beach is popular with both locals and tourists. Much of its French influence remains in Do Son Beach's architecture. The beach is 4 km long with soft white sands and crystal clear waters. The beach is abutted by magnificent pine tree filled mountains and hills. Do Son Beach features some of the most amazing sunsets in Vietnam. Visitors to Do Son Beach can enjoy a variety of beach and water activities. The town and beach host a variety of activities including a "Buffalo" ritual fight culminating in finals every August 10. There is also an Open Festival, youth camps, beach volleyball and boating competitions and art festivals at Do Son Beach. Visitors to Do Son Beach can opt for fresh seafood, traditional Vietnamese cuisine or international cuisine from restaurants including Tang Hau, Tam Duong, Gio Bien and Van Van. Popular resorts include Do Son, Van Thoy and Hon Dou.

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