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The 10 Best Hotels in Nantucket

The Wauwinet

Nantucket might be beautiful, but even the most gorgeous place on earth can be ruined by a bad hotel. Poor service, dirty rooms, shabby facilities... all of these things can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmarish one. If you want to come away from your vacation with good memories, choosing the right accommodation is therefore key. Fortunately, Nantucket is blessed with as many great hotels as it is great beaches. If you're struggling to decide which one to choose, check out our roundup of the ten best Nantucket hotels.

Brass Lantern Inn

10. Brass Lantern Inn

Cute, cozy, and with a complimentary breakfast that'll have you coming back for seconds, the 17 room Brass Lantern Inn is ideal for guests looking for personal service, comfortable accommodation, and a warm, welcoming vibe. The amenities may not be as extensive as some of Nantucket's bigger resorts, but what it lacks in jaccuzis and water slides, it makes up for in everything else. Guests can expect to make themselves at home in the lounge (which comes with plenty of books and cozy nooks for relaxing) or on the beautiful garden patio. Beach chairs and towels are available free of charge, and breakfast and afternoon tea can be enjoyed in either the dining room or outside on the patio.

76 Main

9. 76 Main

If you believe the reviews on Trip Advisor (and we've got no reason to doubt them), 76 Main has a "Prime location," "Friendly and accommodating staff," and "Clean and wonderfully decorated rooms." If that wasn't enough to tempt you, it also boasts exceptional amenities (including a very cozy all-day coffee cafe), a stunning courtyard for relaxing, and one of the best breakfasts you'll find on the entire island.

Jared Coffin House

8. Jared Coffin House

If you prefer cozy, intimate hotels to big, impersonal resorts, Jared Coffin House could be just what you're looking for. Intimate and charming, the hotel has been beautifully decorated in a sympathetic period style that stands in stark contrast to the beige uniformity of certain chain hotels. Guest rooms are well equipped and comfortable, although you might want to consider upgrading to a suite if you value space. Morning coffee, pastries, and afternoon snacks are included in the room rate, as are complimentary parking, Wi-Fi access, beach chairs, towels, and umbrellas.

Greydon House

7. Greydon House

The Telegraph has ranked Greydon House as one of the best hotels in Nantucket. It's not surprising. Set in a sea captain’s home from the 1850s, the 20 room boutique hotel boasts stunning accommodation, gorgeous decor, a Michelin starred chef, and a lovely collection of amenities that include a library and lounge area for relaxing, a small bar, and a top-notch restaurant.

White Elephant Nantucket

6. The White Elephant

If you want somewhere with glitz and glamor to spare, The White Elephant could be just what you're looking for. If you've got your own yacht, feel free to dock it in the private docking area out front. If not, simply check-in and start enjoying the superb amenities, which include one of the island's chicest restaurants, Brant Point Grill. Rooms and suites are well-appointed and equipped with the full caboodle of conveniences, including flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi access. Most even come with their own private patio or deck. The only flipside is the seasonal opening - if you want to stay here, make sure to time your visit between April and October.

Cliff Lodge

5. Cliff Lodge

Set in an idyllic position just 1 km from Francis Street Beach, Cliff Lodge is good enough to have earned itself a place on's list of the 10 best hotels in Nantucket, and ours too. Featuring private parking, a gorgeous garden, and a cozy lounge for relaxing, it's a charming little hotel with a lot to offer. Guests can expect a friendly, personal service, a home-cooked breakfast, free Wifi, and scrupulously clean, spacious rooms. If you prefer the kind of hotel where you feel like a friend rather than just another faceless customer, Cliff Lodge is just what you're looking for.

Nantucket Hotel and Resort

4. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort

If you're traveling with kids, you'd do well to consider Nantucket Hotel & Resort. With supervised day and evening programs for kids, 2 outdoor heated pools, bicycle rentals, and even free rides on an antique truck, it's got everything you could need to keep the whole family happy. Although there are plenty of off-site dining options within walking distance, the onsite restaurant does a great line in kid-friendly meals - it even has a separate menu just for picky eaters. Rooms are plush and equipped with bathrobes, beach towels and chairs, Frette linens, TVs, DVD players, iHome radios, and coffee makers. Amenities are extensive and include a gym, spa, and fitness classes.

The Veranda House Hotel Collection

3. The Veranda House Hotel Collection

The Veranda House Hotel Collection consists of three very different but equally sublime properties - the Arbor Cottage, the Veranda House and the Chapman House. If you want a beachy, cottage-style room, try Arbor Cottage. If you prefer more contemporary decor, plump for the Chapman House. If you want to combine modern comforts with historical features, the 17th-century Veranda House should fit the brief. Regardless of which property you choose, you're guaranteed an excellent breakfast, a conveniently central location, friendly service, afternoon cookies, and a supremely relaxing stay.

Harborview Nantucket

2. Harborview Nantucket

What makes Harborview Nantucket one of Nantucket's finest hotels? For a start, its own private beach with stunning views of Nantucket Harbor. Each of its 11 cottages is exquisitely private, with everything you need for a comfortable, relaxing stay, including complimentary Wi-Fi and beverages. If all that wasn't enough, the hotel also has great eco-credentials, with energy-efficient appliances and an emphasis on using recycled, sustainable materials.

The Wauwinet

1. The Wauwinet

Set just 2 miles away from Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, The Wauwinet has a blissful location, superb facilities, and a justified reputation as one of Nantucket's very best hotels. Boasting two private beaches, exceptionally welcoming staff, and luxurious accommodation, it'll appeal to even the most discerning of guests. Although it's not necessarily the cheapest hotel on the island, what you get in return (free wifi, 400-thread-count Pratesi linens, morning coffee and pastries, and evening port and wine) more than justifies the expense. The only downfall is that as a seasonal hotel, you're out of luck if you intend to stay anytime outside of late April to the end of October.

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