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The 20 Best Places to Live in Jacksonville


Jacksonville is a city in northeastern Florida that lies on the confluence of St. John’s River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a city that is known for its many large businesses, its museums, its golf courses, and its cultural scene, so it has a lot to offer to those who live there. If you are moving to this city for the first time, it is important that you compare the various neighborhoods to decide which best meets your needs. Some of the factors that you should consider include crime rates, public schools, outdoor spaces, amenities, leisure facilities, diversity, cost of living, employment, transport, and house prices. Which of these factors is important to you will depend on your stage of life and personal needs. Regardless of what you want from the area you live in, Jacksonville has something for almost everyone due to the diversity of the city. To help you with this decision, the following are the 20 best places to live in Jacksonville.

20. Fruit Cove

Located in St. John’s County, Fruit Cove is a suburb of Jacksonville that has a population of almost 32 thousand people, This town has a rural feel despite its large population. Therefore, it suits people that want to live close to the amenities and employment opportunities of the city, but also enjoy a quieter lifestyle. Families enjoy living in this town because there are excellent schools, nice outdoor spaces, low crime levels, and many family-oriented activities. A younger demographic may not enjoy this area as much because there isn’t a great nightlife and the transport links are less than fantastic. On the plus side, the cost of living is reasonable and the housing options are diverse.

19. Springfield

Those who want to live in a diverse community should consider living in Springfield, as this is one of the most diverse areas in Jacksonville. It is close to downtown Jacksonville, so amenities and leisure options are plentiful. This neighborhood is a hotspot for young professionals who work in Jacksonville.

18. Callahan

You can enjoy the proximity of this suburb to everything that downtown has to offer combined with the peaceful vibe of a small town if you choose to live in Callahan. Although all the amenities and leisure options are just a short drive away, this quiet community is away from all the noise and pollution. Another reason to consider living in this area is the low house prices and cost of living.

17. Atlantic Beach

The nightlife and leisure options are two key features that make Atlantic Beach such a desirable location, and it particularly appeals to young professionals who want to enjoy a busy social life. There are also plenty of things going on in the daytime, such as arts and crafts events and farmers' markets that showcase the best local produce.

16. Palm Valley

If living in an area that is considered a good school district is one of the most important considerations when choosing where to live, then you should consider Palm Valley. This Jacksonville suburb has some of the best schools in the area surrounding the city, so it is a popular choice amongst families. This town has a population of just over 20 thousand people, and it has a sparse suburban fell. The schools are not the only positive element of living in this town as it also has low crime rates, plenty of jobs, a good family lifestyle, many outdoor activities, and reasonable living costs.

15. Jacksonville Beach

The proximity to the beach is what attracts many people to this Jacksonville suburb. This is both a natural beauty spot and a natural playground that allows for a variety of leisure activities. The diversity of the housing in this area is another appealing feature, and it has made the community just as diverse as the properties. Regardless of your price range, there are properties available in this area. Another reason that people like living in this area is the arts and culture scene.

14. Secret Cove

According to Home Snacks, there are plenty of reasons to consider living in Secret Cove. One of the major benefits of this area is its safety, as Secret Cove has exceptionally low crime rates. It is also an affordable area with plenty of job opportunities and excellent amenities. This Jacksonville neighborhood has a population of under eight thousand, although it has an urban feel despite the low number of residents. This area appeals to young professionals because of the busy nightlife and many opportunities for socializing. It is less likely to appeal to families as it is not known for the standard of its schools.

13. Orange Park

The eclectic housing options are one of the reasons that young professionals are attracted to this area, says Florida Network Realty. They also enjoy the many community events that take place in this neighborhood as there is always something going on. There are good transport links from this suburb into Jacksonville.

12. Deer Creek

Niche recommends Deer Creek as another nice neighborhood if you want to live in Jacksonville. The population is almost 25 thousand, and some areas have a suburban feel while other parts of Deer Creek feel urban. The social life this area offers is one of the predominant reasons it is so popular, as there are both outdoor activities and health and fitness facilities in this area. In terms of the cost of living, this is a good area as living costs are low. Similarly, the house prices are low compared to many other areas in Jacksonville, and the property options are diverse. This is also considered a safe area to live with very low crime rates.

11. Neptune Beach

A beachfront suburb of Jacksonville, Neptune Beach is one of the most popular areas for young professionals. It is known for its sights and the diverse housing options, which range from modern townhouses to beachside cottages. There are low unemployment rates in this area, so there are plenty of job options for young professionals in this area.

10. Deerwood

Deerwood is a large Jacksonville neighborhood as it has a population of almost 29 thousand. This diverse and safe community is popular because of the fantastic lifestyle it offers for both families and young people. It is particularly good in terms of leisure activities as there are nice outdoor spaces and lots of health and fitness facilities. It is also good in terms of the cost of living.

9. Riverside and Avondale

Riverside and Avondale is known for its history and culture, and it is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The historic charm is one of the elements that residents in this community find appealing. Properties vary significantly in this area, and while the modern, upscale apartments appeal to young professionals, the large, waterfront homes appeal to affluent families. The properties also vary in terms of style with Tudor, Spanish Colonial, and Prairie style homes being just some of the styles you will see. In terms of having options in your leisure time, there is plenty to do for people of all ages. There are high-quality public and private schools in Riverside and Avondale.

8. Greenland

Both families and young professionals enjoy living in Greenland as this Jacksonville neighborhood has many positive points. With a population of almost 28 thousand, this community has a dense suburban feel. It has excellent schools and many family-oriented activities, which suit the families living in this area. It is a diverse community with a vibrant nightlife, so it is also popular with young professionals. Factors that are positives for all groups are the great outdoor spaces, the low crime rates, the reasonable cost of living, and the employment opportunities.

7. Downtown

There are more than eight thousand people living in downtown, and this is because it is at the heart of all the action. The area appeals most to the younger generation who want to live close to all the restaurants, bars, shops, and leisure activities. The property options are diverse, and they include apartments, condos, townhouses, and single-family homes. More people rent in this area than buy a property. Despite the young vibe, this neighborhood is home to some fantastic schools, so it is also a good place to live for families.

6. Bayard

Bayard is a suburb of Jacksonville with a population of around 17 thousand residents and it has a dense suburban feel. It has a diverse community and is considered a safe place to live due to low crime rates. According to Niche, the cost of living is low and the housing options are varied and affordable. This area has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of leisure activities, so it can offer a good lifestyle.

5. San Marco

The historic neighborhood of San Marco is just a few minutes from downtown. There is a lot going on in this area as there are great restaurants, boutiques, bars, and art galleries. It is well-suited to those who enjoy a busy urban lifestyle. It is close to plenty of job opportunities and the transport links are excellent. Although many of the homes in this area cost more than a million dollars, there are also affordable options for first-time buyers.

4. Beach Haven

Anyone moving to Jacksonville who wants to live in an area with lots of job opportunities should consider living in the Beach Haven Suburb. Home Snacks says that some other plus points of this area include the affordability, the safety, and the range of amenities. There are more than 18,000 people living in this suburb. This area has plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and opportunities for socializing, Therefore, it is ideal for those who want to enjoy a busy lifestyle. The range of leisure activities will also appeal to families. The cost of living in this part of Jacksonville is reasonable, and the housing options are diverse.

3. Ortega Forest

Many people consider Ortega Forest one of the most beautiful residential areas in Jacksonville, and its beauty is one of the reasons that it is such a desirable place to live. This neighborhood is home to the Timiquana Country Club and Florida Yacht Club. It is an affluent area with the house prices and cost of living to match. However, if you are willing to pay the price, the area has many benefits. There are excellent schools, pretty outdoor spaces, and stunning properties. Its riverside location is just a 15-minute drive to downtown Jacksonville.

2. Nocatee

Families are attracted to the Nocatee neighborhood because of the top-notch schools and the lifestyle that this community offers for families. It is a relatively affordable place to buy property, and the cost of living is reasonable. There are plenty of job opportunities in this safe and diverse community. Residents can enjoy many leisure activities and there are lots of amenities. The downside is that the transport links are not great.

1. Northside

According to local moving company Bellhops, the best place to live in Jacksonville is Northside. Formerly an industrial area, Northside is not a popular location. The many features of this area mean that it appeals to first-time buyers, families, and retirees. There are excellent schools and many leisure activities in this area. One of the most appealing features is its location close to major roads and the good transport links, as this means that it is easy to travel from this suburb into Jacksonville and the surrounding area. In terms of housing, the options are varied. The average plot size is over an acre, and house styles include ranch-style homes and Mediterranean villas. There are also new townhouses that are part of the most recent developments in the area.

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