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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Sausalito, CA


When dining out in Sausalito, there are multiple options available to you. This area has everything from typical Californian fare to international cuisine available in its restaurants. There are also options in terms of price-point and vibe, as there are casual and budget-friendly options alongside sophisticated fine dining establishments. If your preference is seafood, then you will find a good selection of restaurants to suit all tastes, budgets, and occasions. Here are the top 10 seafood restaurants in Sausalito, CA.


10. Angelino Restaurant

An excellent option for those who enjoy seafood and favor Italian cuisine is Angelino Restaurant. This restaurant serves a range of simple Italian classics that feature seafood, such as seafood pasta dishes, along with some more unusual options. Alongside the seafood options, there is also a selection of meat and vegetarian dishes. There is a fully-stocked option bar, so there are plenty of drinks options to accompany your meal. It is a family-friendly restaurant with a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Angelino Restaurant boasts views across the bay as it is located on Bridgeway.


9. Barrel House Tavern

If you want to dine in a sophisticated restaurant for a special occasion, there are few places better than Barrel House Tavern. This is a sleek eatery located along Bridgewater, so diners benefit from spectacular bay views. The menu consists of New American fare with a modern twist that is presented in an elegant manner. The prices are high compared to many of the other seafood restaurants in the area, but diners feel that the quality of the food and the ambiance of this restaurant make it worth the extra cost for a special occasion. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner service daily.


8. Salito’s Crab House & Prime Rib

A surf and turf venue, Salito’s Crab House & Prime Rib is known for its hearty portion sizes and for offering good value for money. Theirs is something on the menu for everyone at this establishment, regardless of whether you are a seafood fan or a meat lover. This bright and airy restaurant is located along Bridgeway, so it boasts expansive views of the bay. There is also an outdoor patio area for al fresco dining. The service is friendly, and it is open for both lunch and dinner service seven days a week.


7. Sausalito SeaHorse

Fans of both Italian food and seafood should head for Sausalito SeaHorse. It is a seafood-focused Tuscan restaurant that has earned a reputation for the quality of its food and the flavors of Italy. This establishment has a lively vibe that is excellent for hanging out with friends, and there is often live music to enjoy while you dine or sit with a drink. Former diners have praised the welcome you receive from the friendly staff, and say that guests are treated like family.

6. The Spinnaker

Located on Spinnaker Drive, The Spinnaker is a waterside restaurant with panoramic views of the city, bay, sailboats, and seals. The menu at this establishment consists of Californian seafood dishes that are made using locally sourced fish and seafood. There are also a few meat options on this menu, such as burgers, for those who are not fans of seafood. It has a warm and friendly ambiance that adds to the overall dining experience.


5. The Trident

An excellent option for date night is The Trident on Bridgeway. This restaurant first became a popular hangout during the 1970s, and it has maintained its reputation ever since. It is a waterfront restaurant that is set in a turn of the century building that was formerly the San Francisco Yacht Club. In more recent years, The Trident has gained a reputation for supporting local farmers, fishers, and organic food producers. The ambiance in the restaurant is romantic, and there are stunning water views that are best appreciated from the outdoor eating area. There is live music on Friday and Saturday evenings.


4. Seafood Peddler Restaurant and Fish Market

As the name suggests, this restaurant on Johnson Street also has a fish market that sells the same ingredients that feature on the menu. The fish and seafood are bought fresh daily from local fishers. A testament to the quality of the food served at this establishment is that the local fishermen are often seen dining in this restaurant. The menu at Seafood Peddler Restaurant and Fish Market is adjusted daily so that the freshest catch is incorporated into the recipes.


3. Fish Restaurant

Marin Magazine says that Fish Restaurant on Harbor Drive is one of the best seafood restaurants in Sausalito. Although there is a nice dining room, most people prefer to sit on the open-air deck to dine in nice weather. The menu is constantly changing to make the most of the local, seasonally available ingredients. Some typical examples of dishes that you might find include ceviche and fish tacos. This place has a fantastic ambiance and there is a nice wine list.


2. Sushi Ran

An award-winning restaurant, Sushi Ran is the best option in the area for sushi fans. In addition to the sushi, this restaurant on Caledonia Street serves a range of Japanese and Pacific dishes. Most of the dishes are small plates that are perfect for sharing if you order a few. Due to the quality of the food, it has won multiple accolades. This restaurant is also known for its wine, saki, and cocktails list.


1. Scoma’s of Sausalito

According to Trip 101, not only is Scoma’s of Sausalito the best seafood restaurant in Sausalito, CA, but it is also one of the best restaurants in any category. Loved by locals and tourists alike, this restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. Some typical dishes on the menu include grilled seasonal fish, hearty chowders, and whole crabs. It is a fantastic place to dine with friends or family, and the fish and seafood are always fresh.

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