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The Casio G Shock 'Hamer Tone" MRG-G10000HG-9A

The Casio G Shock Hammer Tone MRG G10000HG-9A is the company's toughest and perhaps the most shock resistant watch in the world. It is well known for its ability to take a punishing that by far exceeds the majority of other watches on the market. This is a good thing for those who want to keep track of time regardless of what they're doing. The watch is famed to have the ability to endure more than the person who is wearing it, which is quite a feat. One of the things that has helped to promote the notoriety of the G Shock is that it is the watch of choice for many well known celebrities who engage in high impact activities. We're going to take a closer look at the G Shock to find out just what makes it so special.

Japanese culture and innovation

The manufacturers have managed to meld traditional Japanese watchmaking with new and innovative technologies that make it tough and functional for multi purpose use. The original hammer tone watches were born of the Kyoto based family in the early 1940s. These tsuiki masters produced some of the finest craftsmen in the industry and it is from this line that Mr. Bihou Asano has emerged. Casio recruited him to join their team.


Credit for the creation of the G Shock Hammer Tone goes to Kikuo Ibe whose latest creation has met with great admiration. It features a titanium body with the aesthetically pleasing gold ion plating. Mr. Asano is the creator of the racelet which features beautiful decoration of the bracelet center links and the bezel. A total of three hundred watches in this series are in existence.


Tsuiki is the technique that gives the G Shock Hammer tone its special aesthetic. It is a process of hammering to get a specific look. This art has been handed down through generations and is a skill that not everyone possesses.

The G Shock Module

Each G shock module case back is created to have an identical design as the original Hammer Tone. On the outside, the decoration is intense, but don't let this fool you. It is built with an internal toughness that exceeds all others and this, in part is what makes this Casio so very special.


The analog dial features a GPS controlled world time mechanism that is based on the format of national radio time. It offers a backup in the event that the watch cannot communicate with GPS satellites. The day of the week indicator is located at the tree o clock indication. It also features the latitude, airplane mode status and timer modes with a countdown feature. This is not the full extent of the functions and features of the G Shock. It also comes with options for alarms, stopwatch, battery life indicator and a full perpetual calendar. The LED light has been designed for fair brightness to allow for legible viewing during night hours. The dial of the G Shock is a generous 54. 7 millimeters.


The cost of this rugged and ready to go watch is set at $6,200. A hefty price tag for an even heftier watch that is probably going to last longer than the owner. If your goal is to purchase a watch that is as close as indestructible as a watch can come, then if you have the notion to spend this amount, it can be yours.

Limited edition

What makes this watch such a collectible? The aesthetics are not bad at all. It comes in a range of variants so there is something for everyone with regard to taste, but it doesn't have the charm that some collectors and enthusiasts are looking for. It does have a history, although not as rich in comparison to other brands such as Rolex or Tudor. This ultra tough design has definitely been made for a particular type of person and most likely, not for the average blue collar worker who would be hard pressed to put over six thousand into a wrist watch, but there is still a decent market among some of the more famous and well to do. There is also inherent value in such a tough and limited manufacture numbered time piece. No more than three hundred of these amazing watches have been created so there is a limited number available.

What makes this watch so popular among celebs?

It could be that they understand that it will provide them with reliable functionality that will hold up under some of the toughest conditions that they will encounter. It could also be because of the master craftsmanship that has gone into the building. Another factor may be that it offers an array of different useful functions in addition to belonging to a special class of watch that truly has no equal anywhere in the world. It may not offer the delicate features of some of the more exotic watch brands, but it does the job that it was intended for and performs it with a more staunch dependability under the most strenuous and harsh environmental conditions. A jolt that would certainly stop the heartbeat of some of the more prolific brands does not even come close to phasing the G Shock Hammer Tone.

Final thoughts

Is this watch for everybody? Probably not, but it is definitely an excellent option for the more active and adventurous types. Casio has delved into a rich history with the Hammer Tone and brought some fairly impressive players into the development team. This blending of culture and technology has truly produced a fine wrist watch for more active wearers. It's attractive enough and the price is justifiable because of the history along with the durability of the product. The fact that there is a limited number of these around places it firmly into the collectibles class and we believe that the G Shock will only increase in value in the decades which are to come. It holds a firm place in a class of its own that dares the others to attempt to compete.

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