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How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card

Credit Card

Credit cards have become almost a necessity, and we now have several in our wallets just in case you have reached your credit limit on one and forgot to pay. With the options of plastic or metal cards, most people prefer metal credit cards due to their prestige. Besides, if you keep forgetting to empty your pockets when loading the washer, a metal card is what you need. However, time will pass, and the expiration date will come knocking. Disposing of the card does not have to be a hassle because below, we have detailed out how to destroy a metal credit card.

Return to the Issuer via Mail

Most credit card companies are more than happy to save you the stress of wondering what to do with your old credit card. Therefore, when mailing your new metal credit card, they also enclose a prepaid postage envelope to send it back once it needs replacement. Major banks like American Express and Chase offer this option, which provides peace to customers knowing that their credit card information will not be compromised. Such issuers then recycle or properly dispose of on behalf of customers and send them their replacement cards. It is quite a convenient way since you do not even have to move from where you are.

Physically Drop It off at the Bank

We all know someone who is afraid of advancements and would rather do everything on their own to avoid being conned. If you fall into this category, issuing banks have your back because you do not have to worry that your old credit card will not get to its destination. Instead, you can ensure that it has reached the intended recipient by going to the nearest issuing bank and dropping it off. However, you should note that not all banks extend customers this option; therefore, always ask the representatives at the customer care desk before making that trip. If your local bank offers this option, you can leave the credit card, and according to Business Insider, a local bank will accept the old metal credit card if it has a corporate office that can dispose of it properly for you.

Take it Apart

Metal credit cards are not that different from plastic cards; the only thing that distinguishes them is that the metal cards have a thin piece of metal with two plastic layers on each side. Consequently, destroying such a credit card entails peeling off the plastic sheets from the edges where the glue is easy to come off and gently pulling off the layer till it all comes out. Once the plastic layers are off, all you are left with is a thin piece of metal hence no fear of your credit card details being exposed to hackers. However, if the metal has any information embossed on it, the next method will be more effective.

Cut it Up

If you do not have peace of mind until you see that the card is in pieces, you are better off equipping yourself with tin snips. According to Credit Cards, since tin snips are like industrial shears, you have a much better chance of destroying a metal credit card with it than with the traditional kitchen or garden tools. Tin snips can easily cut the card into strips, making it useless to whoever might think of stealing it.

Store it

Sometimes, you do not even have to think about making a trip to the local bank, using your energy to cut through metal or even asking for postage-paid envelopes to mail the old card back to the issuer. If the card is no longer usable, why not just keep it at home. It does not take up any space, and you will always be at peace, knowing that your information is not at risk of being exposed.

When Do You Need to Destroy a Credit Card?


As with anything else, a metal credit card has an expiration date. Once the date passes, the card is no longer valid, and no service provider will accept it as a use of payment. Luckily, most issuers do not wait until your card has expired to replace it; they keep the records updated, and most likely, you will find the replacement in your mail a few months to the expiration date.


We can try as much as possible to be careful with our credit cards and avoid hackers from accessing them. Even businesses that accept online payments have put measures to protect the customers, but sometimes, some hackers will bypass the strictest measures and steal your information. Once you notice that the credit card has been compromised, you need to destroy it to prevent the draining of your finances through further fraud.

Control Spending

Alcoholics have their Alcoholic Anonymous groups to help control their bad habits, but what about you with your impulse buying? If you always find yourself clicking "add to cart" even when you have barely enough money to cover your other bills, you might be addicted to shopping. The best way to rehabilitate yourself is by destroying your credit cards.

Why People Prefer Metal Credit Cards

You cannot compare plastic jewelry with a pearl necklace; similarly, people seem to think that metal cards have some prestige. Since metal credit cards were limited at first, they became a status symbol. While this may be outdated because now everyone can access the metal cards depending on their preference, some still hold on to the belief that the flashier the card is, the more luxurious it is. The bottom line is that plastic cards are as efficient in paying for your purchases as metal cards. Maybe the main reason that makes sense is their durability; you can't compare how long a plastic card will last to a metal card. Still, this is what puts off some people who prefer plastic cards because they can easily shred them into pieces, unlike metal cards that need special tools that may not be readily available.

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