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Five High Quality Beautiful Looking Depth Gauge Dive Watches


Dive watches must be the most well-built and reliable of all watches. Dive watches must resist both water and pressure at great depths. Many appreciate the classic styles of dive watches for the style and value they carry. However, for those who actually use the depth gauge diver watch for scuba or deep sea diving, these watches are vital. They need to resist both water and pressure. It is important for divers to have a watch that is perfectly calibrated to count the time and the depth of the water.

Before depth gauge dive watches were developed in the late 1960s, divers had to wear a waterproof watch and a separate, often bulky depth gauge. Combining the two proved difficult because the timepiece could not be exposed to water while the depth gauge required some water to indicate water pressure. During the 1970s and early 1980s, developments were made to successfully combine the 2 elements. Citizen debuted its Aqualand in the mid 1980s and combined a bulbous depth sensor with an analog/digital watch. The watch included dive time, depth pressure, dive time and a stopwatch/countdown timer.

Today, depth gauge dive watches are both efficient, exceptionally well made, and attractive. Here are our picks for the 5 most gorgeous depth gauge dive watches that work well and look great.

1. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Master Chronometer - $8,900


The Swiss luxury watchmaker has created the finest watches for more than a century. In 1948, Omega introduced the Seamaster automatic winding chronometer and quartz watch. It has been popular with divers, celebrities and the elite with its stainless steel case and Omega clap. The original Seamaster was water resistant up to 1200 meters. It featured a screw-in crown, luminescent hands, a helium release valve, unidirectional bezel, sapphire crystal, and a sleek silver, black or blue dial with orange accents.

Omega introduced the Planet Ocean collection in 2011. This year, Omega delivers an updated version that is widely popular. The Seamaster Planet Ocean Master Chronometer has improved calibration and a sleeker look. This dive watch has a 60 hour power reserve, silicone balance wheel, and precise movement of time and date with a 12 hour chronograph.

The Seamaster Chronometer is sleek and comfortable. Its case comes in either stainless steel or 18K Sedna gold while the dials and bezels are either titanium or ceramic. For better tracking, the indexes emit blue light and the minute hand and dot emit green light.

2. Bremont Supermarine - $5,900


Bremont was founded in 2002 and has become a prestigious watchmaker of athletic, durable, precise, and masculine style. The Supermarine model is designed with aviation principals. It is chronometer tested and has an anti-shock case mount. The watch features an anti-magnetic cage encasing, and it can withstand depths up to 2000 meters. Its sapphire bezel emits ample light to read. There is an automatic helium escape valve. The bezel is unidirectional.

Bremont's Supermarine watch is masculine and simply designed. It features a sophisticated black metal dial with contrasting hands and markings. The bright luminosity makes the bold markings even easier to read. The stainless steel case is bold and comfortable to wear. The case features a distinctive relief of a seaplane. The Supermarine is a well made and stylish watch for the avid diver.

3. Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk - $10,500


Swiss watch manufacturer, Girard Perregaux, has been creating luxury watches since 1791. In 1880, Girard Perregaux began developing quality military wristwatches that were accurate and durable. The first generation of the Sea Hawk collection debuted in the 1940s. As the name implies, the watches from this collection were made to reflect power and elegance.

The latest Sea Hawk depth gauge watches are sophisticated and accurate. As well as the depth gauge, these watches show accurate time and have a 4 hour power reserve. The Sea Hawk is water resistant up to 3000 meters.

The Sea Hawk has an attractive, strong and athletic appeal. Its diametric case is rugged yet sophisticated. The watch is made of steel and rubber. It features double-domed sapphire crystal with duel-sided anti- reflective coating, a rubber filled unidirectional steel bezel with raised numerals, and an automatic helium valve. As with all Girard Perregax watches, the Sea Hawk's case detail and finish are top rate.

4. Oris Aquis Depth Gauge - $3,500


Oris was founded in 1904 inn Holstein by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. The exclusive Swiss manufacturer achieved success in the mid-1900s testing chronometer watches. Although the company made quartz watches, its emphasis has always been on classic mechanical watches. By the end of the twentieth century, Oris looked to masculine sports watches including those for motor sports, aviation and diving.

The Oris Aquis Depth Gauge was introduced in 2013 and is the first diver's watch that allows water to enter the timepiece. The watch's sapphire crystal is 50% thicker than average and has a channel milled into the side running counterclockwise to the dial and ends at 1 and 2 o'clock. Rtheubber gasket seals join between the crystal and the case. Water is allowed to seep in at the 12 o'clock gap and indicates water depth and pressure.

The Oris Aquis is as sophisticated as it is rugged. It has a stainless steel case, an engraved meter to feet conversion, a unilateral rotating bezel with ceramic inlay, and an easy to adjust clasp. The watch automatic watch is precisely calibrated. The Aquis comes with a waterproof case, a metal bracelet that can replace the rubber one, tools to adjust and change the straps, and a special sapphire crystal cleaning device.

5. Luminox Deep Dive 1511 Watch - $2,200


Luminox began manufacturing watches for the military including the Navy SEALS in 1989 and has expanded its models to include sports watches. Lumina watches are precise, durable and athletic. The watches have tritium inserts and emit long-term luminescence. The Deep Dive 1511 watch has accurate Swiss movement and is water resistant. It features an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and unidirectional bezel function. The watch is water resistant to 500 meter depths. It has a helium release valve.

The Deep Dive 1511 may be durable and rugged, but it is also stylish. It has a black steel case and a black silicone strap. The watch is easy to read with Luminox's trademark luminescence. The markings are bold. The Deep Dive 1511 is built for deep diving and keeping accurate data.

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