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20 Things You Didn't Know About Gupshup


Gupshup is a startup that provides messaging services for businesses. It is a distinguished firm that developed the first chatbot building platform in the world. Gupshup has become one of the largest distributors of chatbots and other messaging services in the country of India. Here are 20 things that you probably didn't know about Gupshup that you might find interesting.

1. Gupshup was established in 2004

The company has been in existence for 16 years, according to Venturebeat. The startup began as an SMS network, founded with its headquarters in India. The beginnings were humble but it was not long before Gupshup began to grow and offer more versatile methods of communication for its clients.

2. The founder is Beerud Sheth

Mr. Sheth is the genius behind Gupshup. He is a businessman and entrepreneur from India who has a successful track record for establishing new tech companies and leading on to great success. Gupshup is not his first business endeavor but it is his most recent. He can assess current trends in consumer behavior and create communications products that are appealing for their convenience and user-friendly approach.

3. Gupshup has grown and expanded its offerings

Gupshup has come a long way since it first launched its SMS network in India. It has expanded to a platform that offers the ability to create bots for approximately 20 assorted bot platforms including WeChat, Microsoft Team, Skype, Alexa, and more. This allows companies and organizations to customize the way that they communicate with their customers.

4. Gupshup is a useful tool for developers

Gupshup is a platform that allows developers to design the kinds of bots that offer the best type of communications between them and their clients. It is a platform that allows developers to create these custom-tailored bots. It is currently being used by over 30,000 developers from different companies and organizations throughout the world.

5. Gupshup's user base has expanded exponentially

Since the platform was first launched in 2004 as a small startup, Gupshup has grown quickly. It offers a variety of diverse communication methods for organizations and their customers. The system currently exchanges an excess of four billion messages daily. Companies and their clients, partners, and associates use this platform for effective communication with one another from one end of the world to the other.

6. Gupshup is still churning out new technology tools

We also learned that Gupshup has recently announced the release of a new product called InterBot. This is a tool that makes bot-to-bot communication possible. It uses powerful artificial intelligence technology to allow the bots to interact and communicate with one another intelligently. This is a groundbreaking territory in the communications industry that is likely to disrupt the entire environment with its powerful new capabilities. The new InterBot just entered its beta phase of testing.

7. InterBot is a smartbot with untapped potential

InterBot is a revolutionary new communication tool that can create, share, and launch bots that can all speak to each other. This makes Gupshup a pioneer of smartbot technology. While most other tech companies focus their attention on bots that can communicate with humans, Gupshup has turned its attention toward developing bots that communicate with other bots. This takes the firm to a new level of innovation and discovery. Developers may use the InterBot platform to combine a variety of bots from different applications such as Facebook Messenger and others to speak with other bots to add their capabilities. The result is a variety of different bots with increased power and intelligence. The bots can exchange and share information, query and respond to one another, coordinate, and interact with one another intelligently. This creates the potential for an ecosystem that develops a collective mind for businesses. It has tremendous potential for enhancing personal assistant products.

8. Gupshup's bots may one day schedule our appointments

Much in the same way that a human assistant performs routine tasks, such as scheduling appointments, the InterBot platform will allow for the creation of bots that can perform the same functions. They will have the ability to communicate with other professionals and schedule healthcare appointments, luncheons, secure facility rentals, and much more. There is a high potential for bots to fill positions that were once occupied by humans. Their use may one day save companies billions of dollars by attending to routine communications and recording information for companies. They can save us a lot of time to free our schedules to attend to other matters.

9. Gupshup's bots have the potential for creating their own languages

Amazingly, the research team at Open AI is exploring the possibility for bots to create their languages for bot-to-bot communication. Gupshup's role in the development of this new technology is to develop the platform that offers a technical layer with a dedicated channel that allows bot conversations to evolve. It's an exciting possibility and Gupshup is at the forefront of these new developments.

10. Gupshup hit a new level in communication in 2014 and hasn't slowed down since

According to Wikipedia, Gupshup's technology hit a powerful new level of development in 2014. The messaging services expanded its platform to include a smart messaging app that was the forerunner of the current InterBot beta platform. It's been an evolutionary process with new technology being imported into the complex mix of technologies required to power the new tools and solutions. It previously was limited to email, SMS, and voice with IP messaging but the company expanded its offerings with the Teamchat smart-messaging app. This was a patented system that revolutionized online communications. The first chatbot building platforms were launched two years later in 2016. Gupshup's technology is used across 22 channels currently including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Hangouts, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and more.

11. Gupshup is good for businesses offering customer management solutions

According to LinkedIn, Gupshup provides the leading conversational messaging platform for companies and organizations throughout the world. The tools that are available for businesses are being used by thousands of large and small businesses to build conversational experiences between companies and customers, associates, partners, and more. The customizable platform allows marketers to develop new strategies that have the potential for enhancing consumer satisfaction with the level of communication that is achieved between a business and its stakeholders. The smart component adds value to conversations that were once merely robotic with limited information available. Thinking bots can take on a more human personality to make consumers feel more valued with a greater emphasis on providing individualized attention.

12. Gupshup is revolutionizing consumer experiences with businesses

Customer service is an essential part of any business. Those that do not provide flawless customer experiences are plagued with negative reviews that detract from their positive accomplishments and benefits. Gupshup's smart bot communications systems allow for businesses to focus more on customer engagement without the need to allocate human resources into the mix. This new level of communication is more like talking to a human than it has ever been in the past. Many consumers do not even realize that they are communicating with a bot or non-human because of the artificial intelligence and intuitive technology components that allow the bot more humanlike communication skills. This makes consumers feel like they're engaging with a thoughtful and caring individual and it enhances consumer loyalty and increases their willingness to engage in conversations, resulting in more transactions in the future.

13. Gupshup has received an additional $100 million from Tiger Global

Gupshup has been fortunate to be on the receiving end of venture capital funding from investors who are excited about the likelihood of its continued growth and success. Tiger Global is a major player in venture capital funding. It recently invested an additional $100 million in funding for the expansion of the company and continued technology development. The advances that Gupshup has already made in its niche of the communications and technology industry is something that the larger financial investors find attractive. Tiger Global is one of Gupshup's biggest supporters.

14. Gupshup has expanded its staffing and continues to grow

Beerud Sheth moved into a second headquarters for Gupshup in San Francisco, California where it is thriving in an environment that is friendly to new tech startups. The company currently employs 222 workers at its firm and there is evidence to suggest that it is preparing for another large expansion. Gupshup is currently hiring for 26 new positions throughout the world. We noticed that some of the new jobs are available in Mumbai, and Bengaluru, India, with executive positions opening up in Telangana, India. There are directorships available, but the majority of the positions listed are technical for developers to continue to advance the technology that is offered through the exciting products that it is producing.

15. Gupshup encourages smaller businesses to use its chatbot platform

Gupshup offers scalable products that are appropriate for businesses of all sizes. Beerud Sheth, its CEO, and founder is adamant about the value of using this communication method for small businesses. According to Biz Journals, some companies have been hesitant to invest in this technology. Sheth directs his attention to this largely untapped market to provide small business owners with information that helps them in the decision-making process, showing the benefits of Gupshup's chatbots over the older more traditional methods of communication.

17. Gupshup provides an authoring tool

Developers love using Gupshup's platform because the creators of the solutions have made it so easy to use. Customizing bots can be a daunting task but the authoring tool that is included with Gupshup's solutions for bot creation makes it simple for the developers to create a bot that understands natural language. These bots can be created to communicate effectively with a lot of different people from all walks of life in a natural manner. This is an authoring tool that cuts through the hardest and more time-consuming parts of development to make it faster and easier to create custom bots.

18. Gupshup is a late-stage investment company

Gupshup has been in business for more than 16 years as of early 2021. The firm has grown and expanded thanks to the venture capital funding that has provided it with the necessary financial backing to continue the development of new technologies and products. Gupshup has completed a round of Series E funding, which qualifies it as a late-stage venture capital company. For many years, investors have continued to support Gupshup with special funding rounds to ensure that it continues to grow and succeed.

19. Gupshup is a privately owned business

Gupshup's founder and CEO Beerud Sheth has found no good reason to take the company public. Most startups file for an initial public offering to introduce themselves to the stock market for public trading when there is a need to raise funds for further expansion. Sheth did not need to turn his firm into a publicly traded entity because he has had access to necessary funding through private venture capital firms. He still maintains the lion's share of ownership in the firm, with investors also taking a good chunk of interest in the company, but it is a privately held unicorn that does not have a public listing in its near future so far.

20. Gupshup is a unicorn company

According to Tech Crunch, Gupshup has achieved unicorn status. This is an exclusive group of companies that achieve a valuation of at least $1 billion or more. The latest round of venture capital funding has taken Gupshup well beyond that figure. The company now sits at an estimated value of $1.4 billion, which means that it has exceeded the requirements for inclusion in this small group of very successful companies. All the hard work has paid off for Gupshup, but they're just getting started in reaching their true potential.

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