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The Five Best Harley Davidson Watches Money Can Buy

Harley Davidson Watch

Harley Davidson is a brand that does not hold anything back. If you want to sport a Harley, you better be willing to be loud, burly, and totally unrestricted. Harley Davidson motorcycles and gear are always representative of their brand, and that applies to clothing accessories as well. It just so happens that Harley watches are so awesome that you really don’t need to be biker in order to appreciate them. If you happen to love the H-D brand and everything it stands for, you’ll likely love their timepieces as well. Here are the 5 best Harley Davidson watches that money can buy.

1. Harley Davidson Men’s Bulova Bar & Shield Wrist Watch

This watch is particularly special because it combines the best of two incredible brands: H-D and Bulova. Bulova is a luxury watch brand that’s been known for high quality make and incredible performance. It just so happens that H-D stands for exactly the same things. The Bar & Shield watch has an unusually subtle approach, and that’s probably the balancing act between both brands. The entire watch is stainless steel—from the bracelet to the dial. The stainless steel dial features the Harley Davidson Bar & Shield logo and matching hands and indexes, which happens to be both luminous. The bezel is as smooth as a H-D ride can be. The stainless steel bracelet features rows of 3-lnks that perpetuate the vertical steel cut design from inside the dial. The end result is a seamless and elegant look that only a Bulova watch could pull off. This H-D watch features a mineral crystal, a Quartz movement, and water resistance of up to 50 meters. It’s not a lot, but it’s definitely an appreciated feature.

2. Harley Davidson Men’s Bulova Black Willie G Skull Wrist Watch

It’s bold and subtle; it’s scary and fascinating at the same time. This H-D Bulova watch is a contradiction in itself. It features a certain ruggedness and elegance combined. This is the kind of watch that starts conversations. The all-black watch features the embossed Willie G Skull like no other. The fact that the skull eyes, skull nose, indexes, and watch hands are luminous is simply mesmerizing. For bikers that like to wear black, this watch will be a perfect match. But really, the Black Willie G Skull H-D watch can accompany any outfit you ride with. The luminous parts of the watch happen to be colored in H-D’s signature orange branding. Another reason why this watch goes well with anything H-D is because its bracelet is made out of black leather. The leather is as durable as any Harley Davidson gear you might have. The fact that this watch is a luxury watch means that it’s probably the most unique luxury watch you can get your hands on.

3. Harley Davidson Men’s Six-Hand Chronograph Watch, Two-Tone Steel Case

This H-D Chronograph watch is a study in contrasts. First you’ve got the bracelet’s two-tone stainless steel links that contrast each other. Then you’ve got the stainless steel bracelet contrasting against the black watchcase. This watch may be derivative of any chronograph watch design, but the Harley Davidson logo makes it original. The white details on the dial also contrast against the black to produce a design that’s fitting for a motorcycle watch. The watch has 3 sub dials, which stands for the “Six-Hand” designation. Starting from the 3 o’clock mark and going clockwise, the first sub dial marks the hour hand, while the second sub dial denotes the minutes. The third sub dial at the 9 o’clock mark gives the date. Other features of the watch include stainless steel case, Quartz movement, and also 50 meters of water resistance. Although the name doesn’t give it away, it’s important to know that this H-D watch is also a Bulova make.

4. Harley Davidson Men’s B&S Rotating Case Leather Cuff Watch by Bulova

If you want a good-looking watch that combines leather and stainless steel, look no further. This H-D watch is what you’re looking for. It features a stylish cuff-style leather bracelet that holds a rotating stainless steel watchcase. The white stitching on the leather is a beautiful detail that complements the stainless steel parts of the watch. The sides of the leather cuff are also adorned with Bar & Shield signature rivets that let everyone know this is one incredible Harley Davidson watch. The watchcase itself has a smooth and semi-glossy stainless steel bezel. The dial features a black gradient design that’s sophisticated yet rugged. The elongated indexes and matching hands are luminous, so you can tell time even in the darkest rides. The dial also features the Bar & Shield H-D logo just under the 12 o’clock index. With 50m of water resistance and exceptional craftsmanship, this watch is representative of the Harley Davidson and Bulova partnership.

5. Harley Davidson Men’s B&S Skeleton Automatic Black Case Watch by Bulova

This watch is a true testament to the fact that you can be rugged and luxurious at the same time. Everything about this watch screams, “Wow.” The entire watch is black except for a few gold details and the show of tiny stainless steel mechanisms as seen through the skeleton dial. You can literally see the heart of this watch as it beats every second. Apart from the skeleton dial, the other details are just as impressive. The notched black bezel is augmented by gold-tone IP bolts. The indexes are also all gold including the unique Roman numeral 12 o’clock index. You’ll find the Harley Davidson bar logo just under this unique number, but a silhouette of the Bar & Shield logo can also be found on the bottom left quarter of the watch. You can’t miss it because it’s also in gold. The watch features the usual 50m water resistance, but it also has 21 jewels that make up the Automatic movement. This watch is arguably one of the best Harley Davidson/Bulova watch you can find, and it's definitely worth checking out.

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