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How Much Money Can You Send on Venmo?


Suppose you're signed up with Venmo or considering the virtual wallet provider for your financial needs; congratulations. It's a highly rated online virtual financial tool offering resources for paying with a QR code and making other spending transactions. Like most other virtual wallet providers, Venmo limits the amount of funds you can send for specified periods. The limits vary depending on the type of account and other circumstances. Here's an explanation that details how much money you can send with Venmo under various scenarios.

Personal Venmo accounts

New personal accounts opened with Venmo allow you to send money immediately. After opening the account, you have a week before you must verify your identity through its fast authentication process. The limit for spending before verification is $299.99 per week. Completing the verification process increases weekly spending to $4,999.99 per week, according to Go Banking Rates. These limits apply to all purchases and payment transactions combined through Venmo. Here is the breakdown of spending limits through Venmo for personal accounts.

  • Non-verified account: Send money or spend up to $299.99 per week in combined financial transactions.
  • Verified account: Send money up to $4,999.99 per week.

Authorized Merchant Purchases

You can make authorized merchant purchases of up to $2,999.99 per transaction and up to $6,999.99 per week for combined expenditures.

Person-to-Person Transfers

The maximum weekly expenditure for sending money in person-to-person transfers is $4,999.99 per week. You can send up to $4,999.99 per transaction.

Limits on Bank Transfers

You can transfer money from your verified bank accounts to your Venmo account through a debit card. You have two options to add money to your Venmo wallet. The Instant Add Money option allows some Venmo debit card holders to make instant transfers of up to $500 per week. The funds appear in your digital wallet immediately, but the process may take three to five days to appear in your bank account as a debit. The limit is $500 per week if your bank account is verified and your Venmo account is verified.

The Standard Add Money option is a transfer that allows you to transfer between $.01 to $1,500 per week from your bank account to Venmo. The process may take three to five days to show up in your Venmo account or appear as a debit from your bank account. It's not always instant.

Purchases with Venmo Mastercard

Business Insider further explains that account holders with a Venmo Mastercard debit may make purchases of up to $2,999.99 per transaction with the card. The limit on weekly expenditures with the card is $6,999.99.

ATM Withdrawals

The daily limit is an additional limit to be aware of when making ATM withdrawals with your Venmo Mastercard. Cardholders may withdraw up to $400 per day maximum. The maximum includes receiving cash back when making purchases. The daily purchase limit is $3,000 per day. You are restricted to no more than 30 transactions daily with the debit card, beginning at 112:01 am and resetting at midnight daily.

Venmo Business Account Limits

Business accounts have different limits than personal accounts. Venmo maintains separate profiles between business and personal accounts. They're separate accounts, and the sending and spending limits of one do not affect the other. Establishing a personal and business profile maximizes the amount of money you can send between the two profiles.

Non-verified Venmo Business Account Limits

If your Venmo business account is not yet verified, you have a limit of $2,499.99 per week for receiving payments. However, you may perform bank transfers, but the weekly limit is $999.99.

Verified Venmo Business Account Limits

After completing your identification verification, the business profile's limit on sending money increases to $25,000 weekly. The limit for making bank transfers is $49,999.99. There is a limit of $10,000 per transaction to make Venmo Instant Transfers to the debit card. The limit for Instant Transfers to your bank account is $50,000.

Rolling Limits

Venmo's Rolling Limits for daily and weekly transaction limits begin when you make the first transaction of the day and end precisely 24 hours from the time that the first transaction occurred. Weekly Rolling Limits begin at the moment of the day the transaction occurs and expire exactly one week to the minute after the first transaction.

Can you change the fund transfer limits with Venmo?

Under some circumstances, the limits for sending, receiving, or spending with the Venmo virtual wallet may increase. Venmo maintains sole discretion for changing the limits. It's outlined in the User Agreement, which confirms that limits may change throughout your experience with the company. If you're a business owner required to send more money, discussing your sending needs with Venmo for solutions may be worth your time. The virtual payment wallet's design is aligned to meet the needs of small businesses that make payouts of smaller amounts up to $50,000 with safeguards on limits set to protect the company and its clients.


Venmo's virtual wallet offers generous financial tools for managing personal and business transactions. Awareness of the daily and weekly limits for each type of transaction needed is essential to maintain a smooth flow. The limitations for personal and business accounts differ widely. By incorporating both into your financial management planning, you can leverage both profiles to maximize the amount of money you send daily and weekly. Still, keeping track of the amounts set or received is necessary. It's not much different than most other financial tools, as most limit the allowed transaction amounts unless the account holder makes prior arrangements for larger expenditures. The amount of money you can send through Venmo depends on your verification status and other variables the company reserves on a discretionary basis.

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