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Hugh Grosvenor: The Newly Minted Richest Person Under 30

Britain's most eligible bachelor today is no longer the dapper and handsome Prince Harry as he appears to be taken. Stepping into this role of distinction is the richest person in the world under the age of thirty. Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, in case you haven't heard, is Britain's new most eligible bachelor. At the age of twenty six, this young gentleman holds the title of the seventh Duke of Westminster. This accomplished fellow was born into a family that has assured him both title and wealth, but he owes his striking good looks to his parents. Because of his new stature we are honoring him by sharing ten things that you probably didn't know about Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor.

1. Recent inheritance of title

While the young Duke has recently been given the title of the Seventh Duke of Westminster in 2016, it came under sad circumstances. His father, Gerald Grosvenor, Sixth Duke of Westminster passed away on August 9th of 2016. This is how such titles are passed along among British aristocracy. Although Gerald had recently had surgery for the removal of a lung tumor in the summer fo 2013, his heath appeared to be fine. He suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed and passed at age 64.

2. Recipient of family fortune

In addition to his new title as Seventh Duke of Westminster, Hugh also inherited his father's fortune. The estate is valued at thirteen billion in US dollars. This sets the Duke up as the richest person in the world under the age of thirty. Although Gerald and his wife Natalia Phillips had four children, it is the tradition of British aristocracy to pass title and wealth on to the first born son. Hugh is the only son and the third child of the couple.

3. He has attended public schools

One would expect that British nobility would attend only the finest of private schools, but this is not the case or the Grosvenor's. Hugh was enrolled in a state primary school for his early education, attending with the locals as any ordinary child would. Upon completion of his primary education, he attended the Mostyn House School which is a small private day school. He attended a public school from 2000 to 2009 (Ellesmere College in Shropshire).

4. The Seventh Duke was Captain of the football team

It was during his time at Ellesmere College that he became active participating in sports. Here he was the Captain of the football team and of the Meynell House. He earned full colors for his participation in the sport during his last year at the school. Adding this to his charm and good looks has propelled Hugh even higher on the list of most eligible bachelors who are sought after by females from around the world.

5. Public Services is is thing

We saw Hugh Grosvenor in a photo with Prince Harry on a project to offer assistance to the Rhinos. He is involved in animal rights activism. Hugh earned is degree in countryside management in 2013 from Newcastle University at the bachelor's level.

6. A working Earl

Grosvenor went to work after completing his bachelor's degree. He was associated with Wheatsheaf Investments for the first year through 2014 in estate management. He began work with the Grosvenor Group in 2014 and spent a year working with is family's firm before moving to the Bio Bean company which maintains a focus on green energy where he is an Accounts Manager. His official title was Earl prior to the passing of his father.

7. Hugh Grosvenor is the godfather of royalty

This young man was named as the godfather for Prince George of Cambridge. This is a title of honor and distinction. It shows that the couple have a great deal of confidence in the maturity and good judgment of the young Duke. He is the godfather for the future King of England which is not to be taken lightly.

8. Hugh's inheritance is likely to spur controversy

Primogeniture is the tradition of passing title and wealth on to the first born son in English aristocratic circles. This has been the way that things were done for centuries. It has long been debated among members of this elite society, particularly from some of the women within the group. It is believed that the practice will once again come under scrutiny. His three sisters were each set to receive a portion of the estate, but the bulk of the holdings transfer to the eldest son.

9. The family places a high value on virtue over blood lines

The motto of the aristocrats is Virtus Non Stemma. Direct translation of this motto literally means Virtue, not ancestry. Pride in their blood lines is a given, but there is a recognition that a good reputation is not something that can merely be inherited. It needs to be cultivated within the children and each member of the family is responsible for acting in a manner that is in step with class and honor as individuals.

10. Hugh Grosvenor is single

Unlike his contemporary Prince Harry, Hugh is still available. The family has maintained a strict policy on protecting their privacy but keeping a relationship a secret is not something that is easy to do. There are no rumors flying about the young billionaire's escapades or serious involvement with any of the ladies. This is good news for the hordes of ladies who find him to be irresistablly good looking and charming.

Final thoughts

Britain now has a replacement for the former most eligible bachelor Prince Harry who is showing signs that his relationship with an American actress may be entering more serious ground. It's okay and we wish him the very best, but there is another good looking young man who has graciously stepped into the role whether intentional or not. It is a national nomination that occurs naturally and without ceremony. We're sure that we will be hearing more about the young Duke as a greater focus of the attention of the public is given to the richest man in the world under the age of thirty.

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