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The 10 Most Expensive VHS Tapes Ever Sold


Many people have old VHS tapes in storage boxes in their attics. For some reason, we hold onto things from our past that has become obsolete. Often, they hold good memories. If you're among those of us who still have tons of VHS tapes lying around, you might want to check them out before you toss them.

Some of the old VHS tapes are worth small fortunes. If we've piqued your curiosity, read on to learn more about the ten most expensive VHS tapes ever sold.

10. The Flesh Eaters Selling price: $950

If you find an old copy of a 1964 horror film called "The Flesh Eaters," you could be sitting on an old tape that is worth nearly a grand. The estimated value of a mint condition copy of "The Flesh Eaters is $950. What makes this VHS so valuable? It's one of the first films that was allowed to be released with violent outbursts, brutally graphic scenes, and gore.

In the 1960s, it was a horrific depiction of people getting heated by monstrous microbes. It was one of the most gruesome films of its time and it received mixed reviews from a shocked and horrified public upon its release. It later garnered a cult following.

9. Africa Addio Selling price: $1,000

Africa Addio aka Farewell Africa sold for an incredible $1,000. The old and rare VHS cassette is a recording of an Italian mondo documentary film made in 1966. The film was co-written by Franco Prosperi and Gualtiero Jacopettu. It's the story of the end of Africa's colonial era.

8. Tales From the QuadeaD Zone Selling price: $1,675

"Tales From the QuadeaD Zone" is a film by Chester Novell Turner that has fetched a high bidding price at auction. A few copies have been sold on eBay with one selling for $1,675. A few other copies of the rare VHS cassette have sold for $700 to $800 on the auction site. It's one of the most valuable VHS tapes ever sold. The film was only released on VHS, making it a special addition for some collectors, according to Screen Crush.

7. Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks Value: $1,880

One of the most expensive VHS cassettes in the world is Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks. It's an Italian horror film released in 1974. The film is 89 minutes in duration. This version of the film features a Neanderthal man that Dr. Frankenstein reanimates after the creature is lynched by villagers. Not everything goes according to plan and the village pays for its wrath.

6. Star Wars (Sealed) Value: $3,500

A copy of the 1977 release of the original "Star Wars movie sold for $3,500 at auction. It was the first film in the legacy of the franchise that would be followed by dozens of prequels, sequels, and spinoffs. After showing at theaters in 1977, the film that became a cultural phenomenon made it to the video industry as rental copies in 1982. It was released by Fox studios for families to rent and enjoy.

These were the days before streaming services were available. You had to either go to the theaters to watch a film or wait until it came out as a rental. There were no $5 bins to pick up a movie and DVDs had not yet been invented. The rare videotape that was still sealed in its original box and in mint condition sold to the highest bidder for $3,500, according to Screen Rant.

5. The Lion King Value: $6,750

Disford Disney The Lion King Black Diamond classic edition is one of the rarest and most expensive VHS cassettes sold. It sold at an auction where a collector placed the winning bid for $6,750. If you have a copy of this VHS tape, it might be worth this much. The value depends on its condition.

4. Top Gun Value: $8,200

The Sun confirms that a copy of the VHS tape "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise sold for $8,200 at an auction.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Value: $28,500

A VHS of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is worth nearly $30K. If you have an original copy of the 1990 version that came out in 1990, you may be sitting on a small fortune. At the time of its release, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the independent film of its day that had the highest gross at the box office.

It held the number one spot for nine years. The most valuable copies are the first edition Alliance variant that came out in 1990, versus the less valuable FHE edition. It's one of the rarest collectible VHS cassettes in the world today.

2. Star Wars: A New Hope Value: $35,000

The 1984 release of the second film in the early "Star Wars" franchise was titled "A New Hope." A copy that was sealed in its original packaging and unopened was valued at $35,000. it appeared on an eBay auction. FM confirms that it is the second most expensive VHS of all time as of 2022.

The version valued at $35K was still stored in an acid-free plastic case that received little to no light exposure to prevent deterioration. It's a brand new copy that is sealed in the original plastic packaging it was placed inside in 1984. Further, there are two promotional stickers on the package with the white CBS/Fox watermark.

1. Beauty and The Beast Black Diamond The Classics Disney Selling price: $239,998.98

Screen Crush confirms that a copy of the Classic Disney animated film "Beauty and The Beast" sold for just under $240K at an auction. The VHS got listed in its original case in "acceptable" condition. This example was no regular copy of the film. The Black Diamond series featured a black diamond logo on the box art, which makes it an incredibly rare collectible item.

These cassettes are among the rarest. Although you can find copies that sell for less, a bidder was willing to pay a phenomenal amount for the cassette, making it one of the most valuable VHS tapes today.

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