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A Closer Look at the NOMOS Tangente Neomatik Platinum

NOMOS Tangente Neomatik Platinum

The Tangente Neomatik Platinum is a watch brand made by a German company called NOMOS Glashutte. It has been around since 1990. The company has made several different watch brands, but we will focus mainly on the NOMOS Tangente Neomatik Platinum Grey edition. NOMOS Glashutte made the watch grey to give it a minimalist look. The grey color is ideal for attending formal places such as work or a formal dining event. This brand is suitable for watch wearers who do not wish to go over the top. Besides its color, there are other features that make this watch a must-have. Below are the features that make this particular watch stand out from the rest.

The thickness of the Case

This brand's case is less than 7mm thick. With such a slim case, it is ideal for official and casual occasions. Some watch enthusiasts detest the idea of having a watch for each event. Well, this watch comes in to solve that problem. If you have a slim build, this is the brand that will complement your body type. However, a thicker watch would make the slim watch enthusiast's wrist look awkward. It would be akin to a toddler trying on their parents' shoes. On the other hand, if you are huge, this brand will look bizarre. It would make you look like you are wearing a child's watch.

Water Resistance

The brand is designed with thick stainless steel of 6.7mm to curb water damage. The thickness helps the watch withstand pressure without caving in. However, every watch wearer should know that there is a difference between stainless steel and normal steel watches. Steel watches easily get affected by sweat and moisture. They are therefore not resistant to water. Also, when you sweat, it reacts with steel and causes skin irritation. You will not face this problem with the NOMOS Tangente Neomatik Platinum Grey model. For the metal to last, it is then coated with rhodium. Rhodium is a kind of metal that is reflective and not prone to corrosion. That would explain why it is commonly used for jewelry. Imagine the disappointment that will ensue when you buy an engagement ring without any rhodium coating for a woman. Their color would quickly change. That is what would happen to this watch if it lacked rhodium coating. Rhodium thus serves to thicken the stainless steel and maintain the watch's grey color.

Glass Type

Have you ever owned a watch and noticed scratch marks on the glass? Or maybe an object dropped on your watch and caused it to shutter? If so, you likely owned a mineral glass watch. Despite being an eyesore, you can get rid of the scratches by using polish and a soft buffing cloth. Unfortunately, this is an exercise that most watch owners would regard as tedious. Thankfully, you will not need to wipe off any scratch with this brand. The watch is made from sapphire crystals. Sapphire does not crack easily due to its hardness. It measures nine on the Mohs scale. Diamond, the hardest mineral, measures ten on the Mohs scale. It would explain why the watch is generally expensive. Despite being expensive, you do get value for your money. Since diamond is harder than sapphire, it could still scratch the watch. However, what are the odds of this event occurring? After all, few people can access diamonds due to their high price or scarcity.


At some point, you may have replaced a watch because it ran out of battery. You were then faced with the difficult task of shopping around for the battery. To make things worse, your watch was probably not that popular, so finding dealers who sell its battery was an uphill task. With this watch, you do not need to worry about replacing the battery as it is an automatic one. Being automatic, the watch runs based on the movements of the wearer. To keep running, the watch contains a rotor called DUW 3001. When the wearer moves, the rotor moves. The rotor is linked to a ratcheted winding system. Consequently, your normal motion is translated into circular motion since it keeps the watch's gears moving. You may be wondering whether you need to wear this watch throughout. What if you took it off? How would it continue running? Fortunately, the watch stores enough energy to keep it running for another two days. Another thing you could do to keep it running is by doing it manually by turning its crown.


You may be reluctant to get this watch because of its leather strap. Some people consider leather straps old-fashioned yet are unaware of how they hold up today. For instance, this watch can be paired with any outfit. Try pairing your casual suit with a metallic strap, and you will discover how odd the combination is. Besides being versatile, leather is durable. Though the color may change, you do not need to doubt its longevity. It will still support your watch. Leather is also resistant compared to plastic or fabric. It is not uncommon for you to spot a watch with worn-out straps. With leather, it is hard, so it is not easy for it to wear out.


What is not to love about this watch? It is water-resistant, has a touch screen, and is automatic. Generally, the brand solves many problems a wearer typically faces with their watch. You will not complain so much about its high price with all these benefits. The company allows you to order this watch online. Not everyone likes to shop around. Let us face it; some people do not even know where to locate stores that sell their favorite watches. By paying for it online, all you have to do is indicate your location, and the watch will be delivered to you. After that, you can enjoy its benefits.

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