Top 5 Corporate Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Businesses are discovering the benefits of corporate gifting, particularly when it comes to the holiday season. Whether the recipient is an employee, vendor, partner or client, a thoughtful gift is a gesture of appreciation to show that their relationship is valued. 

The traditional business gifts to give were once the physically wrapped mementos and sweets. It then evolved to gift cards so the recipients have the freedom to choose. Now, technology has taken over as the most favored business gifts.

Technology spending for the 2018 holiday season is projected to reach a record-setting $96.1B in revenue in the U.S., a year-over-year increase of 3.4 percent, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). This season, the hottest holiday gifts are in the emerging tech category, such as smart speakers, smart home devices and smartwatches.

Businesses who choose to give a tech gift are taking it up a notch with customization. There are many benefits for customization, one of the main ones being brand recognition and repeat exposure. By distributing your company logo or name, you increase awareness, interest and curiosity in your business. Compared to traditional advertising, corporate gifts with your company brand can be a cost-effective method of advertising for your business. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the recipient receiving the same gift!

Here are the top five tech gifts to give for 2018 and ways you can customize them:

  • Smart speakers  For music lovers, musicians, and audiophiles, smart speakers would be the gift of choice. Some of the top smart speakers this year include Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo Dot, Sonos One, and Google Home Max. Personalized with your company brand, this will be the one gift your recipient will keep on their office desk or at home all year long.  
  • Wireless headsets or earbuds – Customize headsets or outfit a wireless earbuds case with your company logo for your employees to enjoy listening to quiet music or webinars. Apple Airpods, which are true wireless earbuds that sit in your ear and does not have strings, are the most popular tech gifts for businesses because they are reasonably priced and sync flawlessly with an iPhone. 
  • Smartwatches  With the wearable tech market expected to double by 2021, smartwatches are gaining popularity as people are incorporating them into their tech ecosystem. Make your VIP customers feel extra special with a smartwatch that has your logo or the recipient’s name printed on it. Watch bands can also be customized for an extra level of personalization. Although Apple dominates the smartwatch market with Apple Watch, other options include the new Samsung Gear Watch and Fitbit.
  • Drones – With customization, the sky is literally the limit when its comes to drones. Let your brand fly high with a branded drone that your customer or employee’s friends and family will surely love. While they were big ticket items a few years ago, these days, you can get a decent one for under $200. DJI and Parrot are some of the top names for drones, while the Potensic T25 is a popular budget-friendly option.
  • Smart home devices – Popularized by voice technology, smart home devices like the Ring doorbell, Nest thermostat and Philips Hue home lighting, are on the rise. The main selling point with voice-activated products is that they use speaking, one of the most natural of human behaviors, to command, interact, and monitor your devices and your home itself. 

Customizing the gift with corporate artwork or individual messaging upgrades the product, and show recipients that you’ve taken the time to create a thoughtful gift for them. 

When it comes to choosing a partner to work with, find a vendor that is reputable and understands specifications of printing on mobile devices. A trophy printing shop may be able to engrave your tech gift at a good value, but it’s important to find one that can print on a wide array of material types, shapes, and sizes.

Customization can also be done for the packaging, such as a case sleeve. And for a truly unique unboxing experience, wrap your gift in a customized gift wrap or box. It is a unique way to ensure that your recipients have the best unboxing experience, with your company’s imagery on center stage. It is truly amazing to see what a little bit of customization can do to make a special day or event even more memorable. When you think beyond just customizing the device itself, the possibilities for customization are truly endless. 

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