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The Top Five Hidden Gem Eco-Lodges in the World

Eco-lodges are resorts that play a considerable role reducing their carbon footprint while giving back to the local community. They emphasize on minimizing negative impact and environmental responsibility.   A majority tend to be in pristine and remote natural environments like mountains, jungles, and beaches. There are hundreds of eco-lodges around the globe, but no two hotels are precisely alike.

The best tend to offer:

  • Food they source locally
  • Recycling services
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • Organic towels and linens
  • Nondisposable dishes
  • Education to visitors about fauna and flora of local ecosystems
  • Wildlife and nature conversation
  • Positive relationships with local people and other initiatives that focus on sustainability.

Here are the best five hidden gem Ecolodges in the world that allow visitors to enjoy extraordinary experiences while intimately discovering and encountering parts of the world that many do not get a chance to know.

Three Camel Lodge- Mongolia

The ultra-traditional eco-lodge is set against the over-the-top background of Gobi Altai Mountains. Visitors get the golden opportunity to reside in yurt-style tents known as gers. They are made from circular wooden frames and covered in canvas and thick felt. This favor Mongolia nomads

National Geographic Traveller awarded the place the Word’s Best Ecolodges in 2013. Interiors feature wood-burning stoves, camel-hair blankets, wool carpets and hand-carved furniture. Main buildings have designs similar to an ancient Buddhist temple with emphasis on cultural and environmental preservation.

Activities in Three Camel Lodge include assisting paleontologists to excavate Flaming cliffs, singing performances, and home visits with the local nomads. There is also an option of just sitting back and immersing yourself in the splendor of the environs as you watch outstanding sunsets over the Gobi Desert. The lodge is an accurate reflection of its unspoiled natural surroundings on the Mongolian steppes.

Campi Ya Kanzi Eco Lodge- Kenya

It is one of the most spectacular lodges in Africa overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro. Campi ya Kenzi means camp of hidden treasure. It spans 283, 000 acres of untouched wilderness and the Maasai own and operate the lodge. These are nomadic pastoralists who have called the region home for more than five hundred years.

Chyulu, Amboseli, and Tsavo National Parks border Campi Ya Kanzi. It offers visitors memorable wildlife encounters, thrilling outdoor adventure, and an authentic connection to the Maasai people who still practice, value, and cherish their traditions. Your mornings will never be the same as you take a morning walk with a Maasai guide.

The convenient location of the lodge allows individuals to experience a diverse array of ecosystems like savannah, mountain forest, bush, grassland, and river woodlands. Available biodiversity is out of this world with more than 400 bird species, and 50 plus mammals. The combination makes for memorable, inspiring, and sustainable safari adventures.

The tented camp offers guests an exclusive feeling as they can only hold a maximum of 12 occupants at a time. These are all built sustainably with lava rocks, thatched roofs, and Masai traditional décor.

Lapa Rios Eco Lodge- Costa Rica

Boasting of a title that states it is one of the most unique lodges in the world according to National Geographic, the heavenly place is close to the Pacific Ocean. It is adjacent to Corcovado National Park, and more than a thousand acres of protected rainforest surround the resort.

Lapa Rios is in a private nature reserve that is paradise for wildlife, beach and nature lovers. Pumas, monkeys, tree frogs, macaws, toucans, harpy eagles, and thousands of other creatures call this place home. The property that offers 17 private bungalows built with locally harvested material has a design that is in harmony with surrounding beaches and forests. Worth noting is that it has won plenty of awards for environmental and social excellence.

It is widely considered to be among the most biodiverse locations in the universe. Working with Earth Equilibrium, a local NGO make part of their community-based activities. They ream up to install solar panels, and water pumps to supply electricity and clean water to local communities as well as build classrooms, playgrounds, and dining rooms.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resorts- British Columbia

Old growth wilderness of Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia it home the lodge that could not be in a more remote location. Pristine forest, majestic mountains, tumbling waterfalls, and glistening fjords surround the resort.

It is thought to be on the list of the first genuine Eco lodges in the globe. It is only accessible by floatplane or helicopter. Wildlife enthusiasts get to see bears, orcas, sea lions, salmon, whales and many other animals. It is also an excellent place for adventure seekers as they can explore fly fishing, kayaking, and hiking opportunities.

The 5,000-foot waterfall makes it possible to run the whole lodge on their hydropower turbine that produces enough energy. Cooking staff gets most of the ingredients they use to prepare meals locally. Furthermore, they only employ indigenous guides and provide cultural activities that are educational.

Feyan Ecolodge- Jordan

Feyan is a grand lodge that appears as though it is a mirage rising from the desert. It is a pioneer of sustainability in the Middle East Region. The place is entirely solar powered making use of photovoltaic panels that it mounts on the roofs featuring natural ventilation. A local spring provides all the water it needs.

A significant amount of the revenues that Feyan earns funds conversation efforts in Dana. It covers 320 square kilometres and is home to Jordan’s highest level of biodiversity. Activities here range from biking and hiking around the reserve to spending quality time with shepherds, taking cooking classes, and spending time with local families in their goat hair, tented homes to learning about Bedouin culture. The best, however, would be sleeping under the stars on the roof of the lodge. Note that it is part of a partnership between RSCN (Royal Society for the Conversation of Nature) and a private company EcoHotels.

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