The Top Five Luxury Add Ons For Your Car


Most people who own a luxury car want to have nice extras to make it look and feel more luxurious, functional and more comfortable. There are many accessories that are available to make your luxury car even more luxurious, inside and out. If you’re looking for ways to make your car more functional and comfortable while keeping with a sumptuous look and feel, here are five add-ons you can install in your vehicle that are simple to add or install.

1. WSWS – Multi-Functional Portable Foldable Car Seat Back PC Tray Black Table/Car Vehicle Seat Portable Mount Tray Laptop Notebook Table Eating Desk Auto Food Drink Cup Holder


For the executive on-the-go, this is a nice feature that might could even be considered a necessity if you are always finding the need for somewhere to write on or set your laptop on when you’re suddenly caught working from your car. This sleek, foldable multi-functional table/tray, easily attaches to the steering or can be used in the backseat or assistant seat.

One side offers you a table top for a writing top or to set your laptop or notebook on for work. Flip it over and it operates as tray for eating with cup holder. Not only does this portable, black, environmental resin tray table look sleek, but it will make many types of tasks easier for the on-the-go business man or woman, as well as mom’s and kids who need somewhere to handle their daily business conveniently.

2. A.B Crew Upgrade Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Gap Filler Slot Plug


Everyone knows that gap between the front seats that serves no purpose but to lose things between; your keys, change, lipstick, papers, etc. You also need a place to hold items that you need or use often in your car that offers easy access. With the Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Gap Filler Slot Plug, you can accomplish two things with one accessory.

This awesome car organizer helps keep the important things you need, organized and at your fingertips while filling the gap between the seats to block items from slipping between. This portable pocket console is designed to hold items such as you cellphone, keys, coins, pens, papers, etc. The organizer is made of leather and has a unique, rich look to it to make it the perfect accessory for your luxury car. To install, simply slide between the two seats and push it down until it feels snug and is as level as you want it to the tops of your seats.

3. Kenwood DDX6702S 6.2″ DVD Receiver with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and HD Radio


Kenwood is a well-known and respected name in car stereo systems. If you are looking for a stereo system that gives you multiple options for your music, video and phone, this innovative stereo system is a great upgrade and add-on for your luxury car. The receiver comes with Apple CarPlay, which allows iPhone users to see and use bigger, brighter apps than on their phone.

The built-in Bluetooth option gives you many options for your favorite music and videos. You have easier access to the apps you need and use most. Maps, music and phone are at your fingertips and much easier to use through this stereo system without fumbling with your phone or iPad which is a distraction and leaves you having to take your eyes off the road.

4. Magellan, Wireless Back-Up Camera


Safety is always a concern when you drive. Until the past several years, being able to clearly see behind you when backing your vehicle up was impossible. With the latest technology, back-up cameras for cars were developed and have become one of the most popular add-ons for luxury cars. You can add this accessory to your luxury car when you purchase the Magellan wireless back-up camera. Magellan has a reputable name in auto accessories, including a line of GPS systems.

This wireless back-up camera allows you to see behind you as soon as you put your car into reverse. If you also have the Magellan navigator system, it will automatically switch from navigation to the back-up camera in reverse. You will be able to see toys, children, walls, cars, anything that is behind you as well as help you park without incident, when parking in reverse. A back-up camera is something you’ll use and appreciate in your luxury car.

5. Car Backseat Organizer PU Leather Quality Seat Protector For The Luxury Car Multipurpose Use as Auto Seat Back Protector, Kick Mat and Car Organizer (Pack of 2, black)


This elegant backseat organizer will add a rich, stylish look to your luxury car. Now you can be completely organized in your car and stop the frustration of trying to find what you need in the glovebox, on the floor, under and between the seats. Everything is neatly organized in this backseat all leather car organizer.

The organizer hangs over the back of the seats. It fits on most any type of car’s seats and has multiple sized pockets for carrying different types of items. Securely store your umbrella, iPad, extra clothes for the kids, tissues, snacks, anything you need can be stored in the organizer. It has the added feature of hanging low enough to protect, not only the top portion of the back of your seat, but the entire length so that shoe marks are a thing of the past. This is not only a functional addition to your luxury car, but well-designed and smart looking.

Final Thoughts

With as much time as people spend in their cars driving today, whether for work, school or pleasure, you want your car to be as practical as it is luxurious. Just by adding certain accessories to your automobile, you can create the perfect car that you will love spending time in instead of dreading your time on the road. When your car is organized and has all the comforts you need to take care of the things that matter; yours, your family and passengers’ needs, everyone will enjoy the ride.

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