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Can You Transfer Money from Your Emerald Card to Your Chime Account?


It's tax season and many Americans have their IRS refunds deposited to their Emerald Card accounts. The card is a fast and easy solution for those who do not have traditional bank accounts. It's offered through H&R Block Bank. Some have found the benefits of opening a Chime account to escape the fees charged by banks for checking and savings accounts. If you have an account with the Chime financial technology company and an Emerald Card you may wonder if you can transfer money from the Emerald Card to your Chime account? It's a common question but finding the answer isn't an easy process. Few resources tell you in plain language if it's possible or how to open a transactional channel between the two accounts. If your goal is to link your Emerald Card account with your Chime account, continue reading for the answer.

Eliminating the confusion

You have funds on your Emerald Card account but when you attempt to figure out how to transfer them you find numerous websites that offer instructions about how to transfer funds from Emerald to a bank account. Chime is not a bank, but rather a financial technology company that offers banking services and a checking account with associated cards, according to Chime. The differentiation of Chime from traditional banking institutions may be confusing and leave you wondering if there is a way to make funds transfers from the Emerald Card to your Chime account. Frugal confirms that most of the prepaid cards or payment platforms including Cashapp, Venmo, and Chime do not allow you to make money transfers from prepaid cards. Since Chime is a reloadable card, payment transfer is allowed. It's essential to make this distinction. Rest assured that there is a way to complete the transaction, but it isn't easy to find. Here is everything you need to know about completing the process.

How to Transfer Money from your Emerald Card to your Chime account?

T Gust is one of the few helpful resources for learning how to transfer money from the Emerald Card to a Chime account. The process is not difficult but it does involve a few steps. We offer an easy-to-follow guide to complete the process that will allow you to transfer funds to your Chime account as well as to many other checking accounts. The process is the same for each.

Submit a transfer request

To transfer funds from your Emerald Card to your Chime account, you will need to obtain a request form from the official H&R Block website. You can find the fillable form free of charge and downloadable from PDF Filler. It's a form that can be completed online and printed out. Fill out the form with your information. You must supply your first and last name, Emerald Card number, phone number, and social security number. The request form will provide you with complete and clear instructions. Follow them to the letter with no omissions. When you've completed the form, print it out. You can either send the form to H&R Block Bank at 10170 Kansas City, Missouri, 64171-0170, or you may fax the completed document to H&R Block Bank at (816) 817-0956. When the bank receives the request, they will get a hold of you to complete the processing of the request. They will confirm that the information is current and that you are the person making the request. It helps to avoid identity theft. The request form authorizes H&R Bank to link your Emerald Card account with your Chime account. After the request is approved, you will be able to transfer funds from your emerald card to your Chime account through online or Mobile Banking transfers. It's a simple process that is straightforward. Although it can take several days to complete the process, faxing can expedite the approval process versus waiting for the form to arrive through standard postal services.

Is there another way to move funds from the Emerald Card to your Chime account?

An alternate method for transferring funds from your Emerald account to your Chime account is to resort to the manual task of withdrawing cash from your Emerald Card from an ATM that accepts the card. Withdraw up to $3,000 in cash per day, and use an ATM that allows you to use the Chime Card associated with your account to deposit the funds directly. The drawbacks of this method include the fees for using the ATM to make the transactions, although Chime does not charge a fee. You will also pay for cash withdrawal from your Emerald Card at the ATM. It's cheaper to submit the request to link the two accounts for free transfer to and from the Emerald and Chime cards.

Final thoughts

The Emerald Card is a simple way to load your IRS refund or loans from H&R bank onto a reusable card that is widely accepted. The Emerald Card is a payment option for H&R Block clients. It's popular with those who do not have a bank account. The card is required for anyone who takes early advances on their pending tax refunds. If you have an Emerald Card, it's a reloadable card that you can add funds to for the convenience it provides. You can transfer funds on your Emerald Card to a Chime account by completing a simple request form and submitting it to H&R Block Bank. Although Chime and similar payment platforms do not accept most prepaid cards, the Emerald Card is reloadable. The status puts it in a different class. You may have heard that you can't link an Emerald Card with Chime, but you can. The process may take a few days to a week or more, depending on how you submit the request. Linking the accounts is the most efficient and inexpensive way to transfer funds from your Emerald Card to your Chime account and vice versa. It is far better than taking the manual route of withdrawing funds from one card and depositing them into another.

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