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A Traveler's Guide to Hiking in Lake Havasu

Hiking Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is a city in western Arizona that is popular for watersport enthusiasts as there are multiple fun activities to enjoy on the lake. It is also used as a base for the outdoor lovers, as it is surrounded by rocky deserts. There are multiple trails in Lake Havasu and the surrounding area. These include the many trails within Lake Havasu State Park, which is known for its wildlife, spectacular mountain views, and pretty lake beaches. If you are visiting this area and plan to spend most of your time outdoors, here is a traveler's guide to hiking in Lake Havasu.

Special Activities and Recreation Area (SARA) Trail

One of Lake Havasu's most popular trails is the Special Activities and Recreation Area Trail, which is within Lake Havasu State Park. According to All Trails, the trail takes less than two and a half hours to complete. It is an out and back trail that is just under five miles long and has a gradual elevation gain that makes this a moderate trail. The trail is popular among nature lovers, and climbers also use it. You are permitted to take dogs on this trail.

Sara Canyon Trail

This loop trail within the Lake Havasu State Park is only short, but it offers spectacular views of Lake Havasu and the surrounding area. It is a loop trail that is rated as moderate, and it is best to complete this trail between October and April. On the downside, many people report that the trail is poorly marked.

Oro Grande Loop

Wikiloc recommends the Oro Grande Loop as one of the best trails in Lake Havasu. It is a moderate trail that is six miles long and will take you approximately three hours. There are some inclinations and uneven terrain on this trail, but it is worth the effort for the scenic views.

Iron Door Mine

If you only have time for a short walk, then the Iron Door Mine trail is a good option. This easy trail is under five miles, and the gentle incline means that it is a relatively easy hike. The first section of the trail is laid to gravel, and you will then walk a section on the road. The hike then takes you up to the Iron Door Mine, which consists of a large mine and two smaller mines. The trail boasts scenic views of the area from several points.

Foothills Trail

The Foothills trail is just over seven miles long and will take you almost four hours to complete. It is classed as a moderate hike due to its length, terrain, and hike elevation. The trailhead is at the foothill building site, and then you head up to the ridge, passing by many mines along the way. The views are best on the return route when you have passed over the ridge. You can expect to meet deer as you walk this trail, along with other species of wildlife.

Mockingbird - Mallard Cove

The Mockingbird- Mallard Cove trail is a moderate 4.66-mile loop trail. It is described as being a nice wash hike that takes you to the lake. The trailhead is located at the end of Powell Drive, where there is a parking lot. The walk goes along the Mockingbird Wash, leading to the lake. You will then hike up a ridge, onto a burro trail, and over a saddle. The next section of the hike takes you along the lake before heading back over the ridge to your starting point.

Shoreline Trail

Those who prefer a short and easy hike over even terrain rather than a long and challenging hike should opt for the shoreline trail. According to Go Lake Havasu, this walk is only two miles long, and it is easy to complete in approximately one hour. The Shoreline trail was created when the Rotary Park was developed in 1991. It is a paved trail that runs along the Bridgewater Channel, and it has views of the London Bridge, the lake, and the surrounding mountains. It is an excellent short hike for people with no hiking experience who want to appreciate their surroundings.

Standard Wash Trail

One of the longest trails in the Lake Havasu area is Standard Wash Trail at 9.6-miles. It is a moderately challenging trail that involves some climbing and scrambling. It is likely to take even experienced hikers four and a half hours to complete this trail. The trail goes along the wash to the canyon, then eventually leads to the lake. There is a stunning waterfall along the way and wonderful views across the lake.

Keyhole Landing Trail

The Keyhole Landing Trail is a moderate trail that is 7.2-miles long that will take you approximately four hours to complete. It is a partial loop trail that takes you down a narrow wash and through a red rock canyon. The trail leads to an isolated section of the beach by the lake, where you can stop for a rest and to take in the surroundings before heading back.

Dead Burro Canyon Trail

In terms of visual appeal, the best trail in the area surrounding Lake Havasu is the Dead Burro Canyon Trail. You will need a car to get to the trailhead, as it is 20 minutes from Lake Havasu City. The trail is 7.3-miles long and will take approximately four and a half hours to complete. There are some long slopes and scrambling sections on this trail, so it is reasonably challenging. The trailhead is at milepost 192 on Highway 95. Dirt roads make up the first section of the trail, and you will then climb up a rocky bank to the top of a waterfall. You will then walk along the edge of the cliff, and you should proceed with caution on this section of the trail. Then, head back down into the wash, and you may need to scramble on the last section of the descent.

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