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The Top Five US Hotels With a Jacuzzi In the Room

Whether you are touring a new part of the country or just taking a relaxing break from your busy life, a hotel that has a private Jacuzzi waiting for you is certainly something to enjoy. Many luxury hotels throughout the United States offer the amenity of a private room Jacuzzi. A Jacuzzi provides the perfect relaxing ending to the perfect day no matter where you are.

Here are the top five US hotels with a Jacuzzi in the room.

Little Palm Island Resort, Florida Keys

Located on a six acre islet, Little Palm Island Resort is a private romantic retreat. The resort features thirty thatched roof bungalow suites. Guests have the option of four suites. Each suite features a custom made king sized bed draped in mosquito netting with a private bath and sitting area. Each suite also features a private Jacuzzi. The Little Palm Island Resort has an on site spa, Spa Terre, which offers health, wellness and relaxation treatments in a beautiful setting. Little Torch Key restaurant provides casual elegant dining with ocean front views. The restaurant also provides picnic lunches for excursions. There is plenty to do at Little Palm Island Resort besides relaxing on the beach or in your private Jacuzzi. Boating and sailing cruises, kiteboarding, snorkling, scuba diving, fishing, dolphin swimming and eco-tours are just some of the opportunities guests of Little Palm Island Resort can chose.

The Keating Hotel, San Diego, California

George Keating and his wife Frannie arrived in San Diego, California in 1886 expanding their farming company, Smith & Keating. When George died just two years later, Frannie wanted to pay tribute to her husband. She commissioned Reid Brothers to design and oversee construction of a building in San Diego in her husband's name. The five story Romanesque Revival building was completed in 1890. It featured roomy floor plans, steam heat and a wire cage elevator. The building was used as office space until Italian design firm, Pininfarina that designed for Maserati and Ferrari, were commissioned to reconfigure the building into a hotel. The result is a modern, sleek boutique style hotel offering the best of amenities in close proximity of San Diego's best attractions. Several of the hotel suites or stanzas feature private Jacuzzi's. The spacious Imperial Suite features an Alpha Morphosis Jacuzzi Tub designed like an Alfa Romeo and Ferrari with an overhead arch and a backsplash mirror. The spa features eight back massage jets, chromatherapy lights and a wave pulse for the ultimate relaxation.

Winvian Farm, Connecticut

Originally built in 1775, Winvian Farm is a luxurious oasis in the Litchford Hills of Connecticut. Dr. Seth Bird built the original white clapboard house and his family managed the surrounding farm surrounded by meadows and woods. The property was sold to the Smith family in 1948. Win-Vian was named for Winthrop Smith and his wife Vivian. The property was turned into a resort with cottages and a spa and continues to be managed by the Smith family today. There are eighteen fully appointed guest cottages and the Hadley Suite. Each guest cottage features a king sized bed, luxury bath, sitting area and a patio with a screened in porch. Each cottage has a private Jacuzzi to relax in at the end of the day.

Junipine Resort, Sedona, Arizona

The Junipine Resort is located in Oak Creek Canyon in the heart of Red Rock Country just outside of Sedona, Arizona. The twelve acre forest estate includes the restaurant Jinipine and luxury private Creekhouses for guests. Each Creekhouse has a kitchen, living area, luxury bedrooms (one or two bedroom), wood burning stoves, and a private wrap around deck. The best part of the Creekhouses is each has a private Jacuzzi to relax in while being a part of the beautiful natural setting. When exploring the beautiful countryside of Sedona, Arizona, Junipine provides the perfect haven.

Main & Sky, Park City, Utah

Located on Main Street in the beautiful Park City, Utah, Main and Sky is a great place to stay for fun, romance and luxury. Just 30 miles from Salt Lake City, Park City is a scenic and entertaining ski resort. This charming city has many attractions including the restaurant Coal & Lumber which serves local food, The Tavern which was established in 1907, a healthy juice bar, and, of course, skiing. Main & Sky is located in the heart of Park City. The hotel offers luxury amenities. Guests have the option of one, two and three bedroom rooms. The Junior and regular penthouses offer beautiful city views through floor to ceiling glass walls, full kitchens, conversational seating areas and luxurious baths. The penthouses include spacious yet cozy balconies with beautiful city views. It's the perfect spot to relax at the end of the day lounging by the fire pit or relaxing in the private Jacuzzi.

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