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10 Best Visconti Pens of All-Time

Visconti Opera Silver Dust Fountain Pen

Ever been to a gallery and while art enthusiasts stand in front of paintings taking in what the artist was feeling at the time, they were painting, and you are there wondering what it is they are seeing? Well, art is not for everyone, and unless you are into it, pictures will be merely the use of paint and nothing more. A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it cannot tell what you want to communicate as words can. For this reason, when you want to tell your story, the kind of pen may not matter much, but it can also determine how seriously the recipient will take your message. A pen that exudes an aura of authority can have the information taken seriously as opposed to using a regular ballpoint pen. Visconti has been a manufacturer of executive pens and among the best of all time, here are the top ten.

Visconti Rembrandt Blue Ballpoint Pen

10. Visconti Rembrandt Blue Ballpoint Pen

If you are struggling with what to give someone you care about for their promotion, then you should not overlook this pen. Not only does it come in an impressive gift box to save you the hustle of looking for the ideal packaging, it writes in blue ink making it a perfect fit everyone seeing that blue is what most people use. It deploys with a twist, and the variegated marble resin ensures that your pen is unique since no two come in the same resin as detailed out on Amazon. For that classic look, it also has the Rembrandt intricate signature etched into the central band.

Visconti Rembrandt Rollerball Pen

9. Visconti Rembrandt Rollerball Pen

If you are one, who is picky about the color of pen you have maybe to match with the theme of your office, this rollerball pen comes with the option of pink for the girly buyer as well as the choice of azure blue of the dark forest for those who prefer darker tones. Like any other Visconti Rembrandt brand, the pen metal band is etched with the signature motif. The resin barrel is palladium-plated in the trim of your choice, which includes ivory, blue, orange, red, black or purple.

Visconti Mirage Collection Horn Rollerball Pen

8. Visconti Mirage Collection Horn Rollerball Pen

At the price of $139, this pen is what an executive would probably go for since sometimes it is all about the class a product offers. However, the Horn rollerball pen offers more than sophistication with its magnetic closure system that ensures the cap does not move once capped; it gets its name "Mirage" from the fact that it has hollowed grooves that give the impression of a mirage. Besides, the pen will never be what another person gets since every pen is an original in its own right.

Visconti Rembrandt Collection Black Rollerball Pen

7. Visconti Rembrandt Collection Black Rollerball Pen

Personalization makes an item give you the feeling that it belongs to you. If you love feeling like you own something through inscribing words on it, then this pen affords you the option of putting down your initials. Alternatively, if you are presenting it to your spouse as a gift, then you can also have the anniversary date on the cap and clip as Things Remembered advises. The pen also comes with a magnetic closure and writes in black ink, giving it that attribute of being a classic piece of stationery.

Visconti Rembrandt Blue Fountain Pen Fine Nib

6. Visconti Rembrandt Blue Fountain Pen Fine Nib

With $200, you can buy this pen and still have some change. What should attract you most to this fountain pen has to be the fine nib that ensures smooth writing and great flow of ink although some may find it a bit too wet to their liking. Cleaning the pen is also easy since all you do is unscrew the nib from the body, and the magnetic cap is a feature that cannot go unappreciated.

Visconti Van Gogh Self Portrait Fountain Pen

5. Visconti Van Gogh Self Portrait Fountain Pen

If the price of an item is not an object, then you should go for the Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen that ranges between 170 Sterling pounds to 190 Sterling pounds, according to Pen!Paper!Pencils!. The pens are named after the famous artist because they are available in the colors he used in his paintings. As with almost all other Visconti pens, it applies a magnetic enclosure on the cap and since it uses international converters and cartridges, finding replacements in case of damage is easy.

Visconti Vertigo Fountain pen

4. Visconti Vertigo Fountain pen

Color determines the products we buy, and the Vertigo fountain pens are available in a variety of colors, but whichever you buy, the resin ensures yours is unique. It comes with a very high-quality steel nib, and you can choose between the A66 small steel nib or the gold and steel nib. Also depending on how you like your writing, you have the options of fine, medium or broad nibs but the one denominator in all of them is the magnetic lock on the cap.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Fountain Pen

3. Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Fountain Pen

The word "Homo Sapiens" is not new to those who have stepped into a history class and this particular pen is hand made from the hardened balsamic lava sourced from Mt. Etna volcano in Italy, and its trim is made from bronze according to Goulet Pens. It is among the highest priced pens, going for $620 but features what other pens also have, like the MyPen system to enable customization and a secure cap lock.

Visconti Opera Silver Dust Fountain Pen

2. Visconti Opera Silver Dust Fountain Pen

This pen is a limited edition, and only 600 pens are available in the entire world with each bearing a specific number and coming with a free Visconti Traveling Inkwell. Perhaps these are the few reasons behind the high price of $826, but the silver dust in which the clear acryloid barrel is swirled thoroughly should also play a part in the astronomical price. It has a double reservoir power filling system and hook and safe lock system for secure opening and closing the cap.

Visconti Medici Rose Savrano Fountain Pen

1. Visconti Medici Rose Savrano Fountain Pen

The pen was available for $875 although Goulet Pens claim the price has been adjusted to $700. The name "Medici" comes from an affluent family in Florence that owned one of the most respected and largest back in Europe, probably the reason for the high price. We cannot fail to mention that this fountain pen is 8-sided and utilize a material called Acrosilk, which is new in the market. It comes in a gift box, and if you are worried that you probably will not know how to use it, it has a manual and a two-year warranty by Visconti.

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