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Where Can You Buy Wrecked Motorcycles?

 Wrecked Motorcycles

If you are a fan of motorcycles, you might have thought of buying wrecked bikes, repairing them for personal use, or sale. New motorcycles can be very costly, and your budget may not allow you to buy the bike you want. Wrecked motorcycles are usually sold at a fraction of their normal price. You can find such a bike at a motorcycle salvage yard. Some of the benefits of buying wrecked motorcycles according to this site include:


A well-established motorcycle salvage yard will have many brands and types of motorcycles, including tourers, cruisers, mopeds, and scooters. Motorcycle salvage yards get a consistent and generous volume of motorbikes through their trade auctions. Therefore, you can rely on the salvage yard to meet your needs.

Ability to save time

After choosing and buying the motorcycle, you can wait for it to be delivered to your chosen address.

What you need to know about buying salvage motorcycles

You need to know several things about buying salvage motorcycles and the factors to consider as you look at them. Price is the major reason why people consider getting a motorcycle from a motorcycle salvage yard. Even though you can find a wide range of motorcycles in such a yard, some have salvage titles. This means that you cannot ride the bikes, register them and obtain insurance until you have them rebuilt. However, you can find bikes in a repairable state and buy them at a low price.

Motorcycle salvage yards offer two main benefits for individuals who use their services. One is providing payment for whole motorcycles, scrap, and components that no longer serve a purpose for the owners and providing a source of affordable materials and parts for different motorcycles.

How to choose the right bike

Consider its history

To choose the right wrecked bike, it is essential to consider its history. As this site report, considering the damage the bike has sustained, and the type of damage is crucial. Consider the amount of money you will spend on repairing the motorcycle and saving money in the end. It is better to look for motorcycles that require relatively few repairs. Such bikes usually only have cosmetic damage.

Consider if it is rare

Another factor to consider when choosing bikes at a motorcycle salvage yard is how rare they are. You might be tempted to bid on a rare bike when its price is low, but you need to contemplate the rebuilding process. The parts of rare bikes tend to cost more, and they are also harder to find. It might take you or your mechanic a long time to find the parts and repair the motorcycle.

Plan ahead

You also need to plan. Remember that the inventory at different salvage yards differs, and their contents regularly change. It is unlikely for any salvage yard operator to know if a certain part is available. However, making contact with several yards and inquiring about the types of motorcycles they often purchase and the brands that are among the recent purchases can yield positive results.

Ask questions

The employees and operators of salvage yards are often busy. However, they can still answer your specific questions about bikes, parts, prices, and other shopping aspects there.

Take your time

Take time to look at all the different options in a motorcycle salvage yard. Salvage yards are not often completely organized. Therefore, you will take time to find the right bike or parts. Schedule at least some hours to view the bikes. Some brands of popular bikes you can find include Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki. You can find many other motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson. Finding the right bike should not be an issue as long as you consider its condition and how easily you can find the parts required for repairs.

Tips for repairing salvage motorcycles

Although you might perform some of the repairs yourself, it is generally better to work with a mechanic who has experience in rebuilding bikes. In certain states, motorcycle rebuilders are required to have a rebuilding license. Always consider the laws in your state before you buy a wrecked bike and try to fix it on your own. If you are experienced in repairing common problems on familiar models cost-effectively, then purchasing salvage motorcycles is a great bargain.

What does it mean to have a salvage title?

When a motorcycle has a salvage title, it means that it requires repairs exceeding a percentage of the fair market price of the bike. This percentage differs in every state. However, many insurance laws state that the repair costs should range from 75 to 90 percent of the motorbike's normal listing price when in excellent condition to regard it as a salvage motorbike. In the typical situation, damage occurs, the motorcycle owner files for insurance. The insurance firm calculates the repair expenses based on national averages. If the insurance firm determines that the repair costs exceed the set threshold, it declares the motorbike totaled or a total loss.

Salvage motorcycles need inspections

A salvage motorbike needs to undergo various inspections mandated by the state and government agencies before it can be ridden. In most cases, a police department or the (DMV) department of motor vehicles carry out the inspections.

The inspectors check for various things, including functioning turn signals, proper braking, proper working taillights and headlights, and other criteria such as frame integrity and emissions testing.

Salvage motorcycles must be insured

Just like other vehicles on the road, the authorities require salvage motorcycles to have liability insurance. It includes coverage for bodily harm done to another rider or driver and property damage if the owner causes a mishap. It can be more difficult to get your motorcycle covered or collision damage. According to this site, a majority of insurance firms cannot accurately address a salvage motorcycle’s true value, despite its condition. It would be best if you took the time to find a good insurer since this means that you can pay lower premiums.

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