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The 10 Most Popular Carry On Luggage Items Selling Online Right Now

Whether you are traveling for a couple days or longer, today, most people would prefer to pack light and carry their luggage on the plane with them as opposed to checking their bag. The airports have gotten busier, and they are more strict with luggage guidelines, making getting through luggage check-in's harder and more time consuming. Over the years, luggage companies have tried to make carry-on luggage pieces more convenient for the traveler, adding wheels that are better steerable, using different types of carrying straps and handles, and making them lighter weight than they used to be - everything they can do to make life easier for you when you have to travel through airports and catch a flight. They are also easier to stow away above and below your seat so that you won't have to be without your belongings during your flight, and risk losing your luggage, or have to deal with difficult luggage check-ins. So what are the most popular carry-on bags today. We've found out what they are, and here are the 10 most popular carry-on luggage items selling online right now.

10. Lowe Alpine AT Lightflite Carry-On 45

This is a large enough suitcase that resembles that of a regular hand-carry bag, giving you 45 litres of space inside, yet it packs away nicely under the seat in front of you on the plane. It unzips almost like a regular bag, which makes it easy to get into to pack and unpack. You also get a second smaller compartment that has a variety of small zip pockets, perfect for small items. For important traveling documents or papers, you have the ease of keeping them at hand in the outer pocket. The bag was designed with a carrying handle, a shoulder strap, external compression straps and the rucksack straps are made so that you can unclip them and store them away.

9. Cabin Max 44L

The Cabin Max 44L comes in more than 25 color combos and patterns and is the perfect size for hand carry-ons. It meets all airline standards for the most popular budget airlines. This is a lightweight bag that weighs just 660 grams, which means that you could pack this bag to its full capacity and still be able to carry the bag on without weight concerns. The bag was designed with 3 main compartments and 2 zipped internal compartments for keeping small items safe. For your choice of carrying options, the bag has adjustable padded shoulder straps, side compression straps as well as inside packing straps to keep your belongings secure. This is one of the favorite travel, hand carry-on bags among travelers.

8. Antler Size Zero Cabin Trolley Case

This is a two-wheeled case that is light weight, weighing 2.4 kg, which means that you get to travel light and is easy to maneuver around the airport with no stress or worry of struggling with a heavy bag. It gives you 36 litres of space inside for your belongings, and an easy-access outer pocket for your personal belongings you need to get hold of easy while in flight. The inside of the bag is lined to protect your garments and the bag complies with the International Authority carry-on regulations so you can avoid check-ins and baggage charges.

7. Tom Bihn Empire Builder

This is a bag for all of your business or work gadgets and papers. When business men and women travel, they want a bag they can carry all of their important business papers, laptop and other work related gadgets with them on the plane. Keeping it altogether is essential and the Tom Bihn Empire Builder bag is the perfect carry-on for work. The bag weighs just 4 lbs and it gives you many different pockets and compartments of different sizes to stay organized while you travel. Larger pockets for carrying your laptop and smaller pockets for smaller devices or chargers. You also get a key strap for keeping your keys safe and easy to keep track of. This bag easily slides under the seat in front of you during flight and is one of the most popular business travel carry-ons that you can purchase online now.

6. Harvey's Seatbelt Bag

Made from eco and animal friendly materials, the outer layer of the bag is constructed of reclaimed seatbelts, woven together to create a very durable surface, perfect for traveling. The inner part of the bag is a soft lining of recycled plastic. Inside the bag you will find 3 large slip pockets, 3 smaller slip pockets sand a zipped pocket for extra storage and more organizational needs. Take all the essentials you want and need for air travel with this hand carry-on bag that is better than a purse when you need a bigger bag that a pocket book, but not a full-sized hand carry-on suitcase. The Harvey's Seatbelt Bag has become a popular bag for airline travel and is available online for purchase.

5. Samsonite Omni Hardside Spinner 20″

Samsonite is one of the most recognized and trusted names in travel luggage. The Omni Hardside Spinner is a popular piece for those travelers who need a bag that is roomy and carries all they need for travel, easy to maneuver through a busy airport and can be hand-carried on the plane with them. The outer layer of the bag is constructed of a micro diamond, brushed shell to help prevent scratches and hide them when travel gets hard on the bag. The wheels move easily, making it easy to push and pull through the airport and easily stows away in the cabin while in flight. This bag is available online, on Amazon.

4. Travel Pro

The Travel Pro is durable and light weight. The bag has spinner wheels for easy-to-maneuver handling in crowded spaces. They are MagnaTrac self-aligning spinner wheels so that you can dart in and out and around people and objects without worrying about the bag tipping. The power scope handle and contour grip let you grab comfortably and at a good height that you aren't having to hunch over to pull the bag. Inside the bag you will find tie-down straps to keep your belongings secure. The bag stores easily inside the cabin during flight and is a very popular travel carry-on that you can order online.

3. Briggs & Riley Explore 19 Upright

You will find this bag to be one of the lightest travel carry-on bags, made of durable 1000d nylon, 42od packcloth nylon and ripstop fabric. The bag was designed with cushioned hand grips for easy toting and rugged low profile wheels that is capable of handling many different terrains. The inside is a large open space for packing clothes that are wrinkle free when you get to your destination. You also get a large outer pocket for holding important documents or papers and compression straps. If you want a strong, durable, yet light weight travel bag that you can carry-on rather than check, you can order this popular carry-on piece online today.

2. Biaggi Contempo 22" Foldable Spinner Carry-on

When you travel, why not have a sleek and stylish bag that is easy to pack, carry and store. Take this bag in the cabin with you and stow it away without the hassle of checking your luggage. The 22-inch bag weighs 8.4 lbs and comes in a variety of fashionable colors. The interior is spacious with two interior side mesh pockets, and the outside gives you two zippered pockets for extra storage. This is a water-resistant bag and comes with a trolley handle for easy pulling, and four spinner wheels for complete and easy control over your bag as you travel through the airport. This bag can be ordered online and is a popular bag for travelers who prefer to hand-carry their bags on the flight.

1. Samsonite Hyperspace 21.5" Carry-on Spinner

The Samsonite Hyperspace Carry-on Spinner has won consumer awards for being the best carry-on piece of luggage. It has been listed as the easiest piece of luggage to maneuver and operate in crowded and chaotic spaces where there isn't much room to move. The bag is not only light weight, weighing just 9.3 pounds, but the dual wheels on all four corners, gives you added assurance that you aren't going to tip the bag when moving quickly in multiple directions. The lockable handles are comfortable in your hand and will not collapse on you as you push and pull. The inside gives you ample room with the trapezoidal configuration. You also get two small exterior pockets that are perfect for packing in last minute items. Get to your gate quickly and easily with this bag, then stow it away without having to worry about checking the bag. The bag is available to order online today.


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