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The Top Ten Philippines Experiences for Luxury Travelers

Philippines is truly a small piece of paradise on earth in many aspects. To start with, it has a breath-taking natural scenery as each of its 7,107 islands consists of rich biodiversity ranging from plants to animals. And, that’s not all as there is also a colorful and bustling underwater paradise teeming with thousands of sea creatures. What’s more, the urban areas provide all the luxuries of the modern world, and the locals are heartwarmingly welcoming.

There are many ways to experience the best of Philippines, but luxury travelers always get the best deal. Besides, Philippines is an affordable travel destination, and the few extra dollars are always worth the experience. In fact, it is one of the best tourist destinations for holiday getaways. Here is an overview of the top ten Philippines experiences for luxury travelers.

Stay in the best resorts

Your travel experience to the Philippines will be incomplete without the finest accommodation. Fortunately for you, there are hundreds of five-star resorts that you can choose from in the urban settings as well as remote islands. However, consider checking into Amanpulo Hotel for the best accommodation. The hotel is located on a private island that features rich biodiversity and heavenly beaches. What’s more, the hotel also facilitates a host of luxurious events such as oceanic adventures and golf and tennis games, among others. Other excellent hotels to consider include El Nido Pangulasian, Makati Shangri-La, Raffles Makati, and The Peninsula Manila, among others.

Basking on the beach

With over 7,000 islands to its name, there are thousands of beaches to explore in the Philippines. One, in particular, stands out from the rest and ranks 14 among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world: El Nido beach in Palawan Island. It features fine white sand and clear blue waters that are rich in wildlife. What’s more, it is not as crowded as most other beaches, and there is a host of fun things to do including snorkeling, scuba diving, and visiting secret lagoons. However, timing is essential due to weather changes; the best period to visit any beach in the Philippines is December through March.

Raving with the stars

A visit to the Philippines would be incomplete without at least one night out partying especially considering all the cool clubs in Manila. Some night clubs such as Hyve Manila go all the way out to offer the ideal luxury experience by hosting live performances by international DJs. Some of its guest DJs include Minx, Sarah Robertson, Hook N Sling, and DJ Riddler, just to mention a few.

Swimming with the fishes, literally

The ecosystem beneath the Philippines’ ocean surface is extraordinary and incredibly diverse. It houses a wide range of sea creatures ranging from the spectacular to the bizarre, and much of the coral lining the shallow ocean floor is untouched. What’s more, there are numerous secret lagoons to explore as well as pristinely preserved marine reserves and sanctuaries. For the best luxury experience, visit one of the private islands to avoid crowded lagoons and apply for to-dos such as helmet diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Take in the sunset

Philippines’ landscape forms the perfect platform for watching full unhindered sunsets (and sunrises, if you do not mind rising early). However, the trick is to experience it from an equally elegant platform. For instance, consider having an early dinner on a private island while watching the sun set as it illuminates the ocean. Alternatively, you can ditch the land altogether and hire a luxury yacht to watch the full-scale sunset while sipping some wine or champagne.

Enjoying Philippines’ finest cuisine

Among other things, cuisine is one of the most revealing aspects of a nation’s culture. And, in this case, Philippines has some of the best dishes in the world. That said, all you need is a beautiful setting and a good chef to enjoy a romantic dinner. For instance, consider scheduling a late dinner on a secluded part of a beach, preferably a private island. For the sake of it, also take some time to explore some of the best restaurants in the city and make sure to always ask for a different meal every time.


Philippines boasts of one of the greatest biodiversity thanks to the numerous islands that are still untouched. It is home to a wide range of exotic plants and animals, and the country does not mind sharing. To this end, there are numerous tour guides always on your beckoning call, and some go all the way offer the hike of a life-time. As such, do not be afraid to work your legs and explore the wild trails in the islands, or simply visit parks and conservation areas.

Explore art

Philippines has a deep culture dating back thousands of years, and much of it is preserved pristinely in a host of art items. What’s more, the country has been developing a unique form of contemporary Filipino art, and it easily rivals western art on many levels. And, that’s not all as also the spaces in which these art are stored are eccentric themselves, and the experiences are unforgettable. There are numerous art museums scattered all over Manila and other major cities. However, consider visiting “Art in Island,” “Pinto Art Museum,” and “National Museum” for the best experience.


The Philippines is perhaps the most ocean-permeated nation as it is basically a chain of islands. Consequently, it is also the perfect place to explore the ocean both above and beneath the water’s surface. To experience the best of the Philippines’ still ocean waters, consider hiring a luxury yacht and pack enough food and wine for a day out in the sea.

Pampering yourself

After all is done, you will need to also relax from all the exploration and get ready to head on back home. For this, consider getting the best in Asian body pampering from any of the high-end spas in the city. There is a wide range of comforts to choose from including massages, pedicures, manicures, yoga, and so much more.

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