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The 10 Best Places to Eat in Chile


Planning a trip to Chile in the near future? If so, it's never too soon to begin putting your itinerary together. While you're busy securing the best hotel accommodations and sightseeing tours, don't forget one of the most important aspects of your stay. Your plans must include a list of the best restaurants that Chile has to offer. If you're not yet familiar with which are the most highly rated in the country, we've got you covered. Consider our list of the 10 best places to eat in Chile in your plans.

De Patio

10. De Patio Restaurante

De Patio Restaurante is a unique fine dining establishment serving gourmet cuisine with traditional and convention-breaking dishes served. Their focus is on simple yet provocative offerings. The restaurant is open until 10 pm for late-night dinners. The food is made with seasonal local ingredients with an Asian influence. The chefs have a creative flair for developing flavor combinations that are complex and delicious. The wine list is consistently updated and extensive.

Restaurant Bristol

9. Restaurant Bristol

Restaurant Bristol is located on the ground level of the San Francisco Plaza hotel. The environment is dark and extremely formal. This is an upscale fine dining establishment serving small portions. The price is extremely expensive, however, the staff are attentive and tend to your every wish. If you desire upscale fine dining this is one of the best in Chile.

Fuente Alemana

8. Fuente Alemana

Fuente Alemana is translated as "Old Fountain". The establishment has been in the business of serving its guests for over fifty years. This is one of the most respected and beloved restaurants in Santiago, Chile. It is a family restaurant that has been passed down generations. With a new perspective, the staff continues to carry on the traditions of creating fine South American fare. Only the freshest vegetables and hand-kneaded bread are used to create their signature Chilean Sandwiches with prime tenderloin and other high-quality ingredients. If you're a fan of sandwiches, Fuente Alemana has a good selection of offerings.


7. Ambrosia

Ambrosia has a classy atmosphere with careful attention to the balancing of flavors. It's one of the most popular restaurants in Santiago for lunch and dinner. Staff provides guests with friendly five-star service. They offer an excellent selection of wines and cocktails with delicious upscale meal options.

Restaurante 040

6. Restaurante 040

Restaurante 040 is an upscale Chilean restaurant that is a bit on the expensive side. They do not offer delivery or takeout so if you want to enjoy the sumptuous fare you must dine in. The plates are served in small portions, but the lineup includes 12 courses. The servers are attentive and are bilingual in English and Chilean. The restaurant is located in an underground location that doesn't pick up a good internet signal.


5. Naoki

Naoki is a Japanese restaurant that is moderately priced in the city of Vitacura, Chile. The price is on the border of moderate to expensive. The atmosphere is more upscale with excellent sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. The service from the staff is excellent. While most guests dress in formal attire you will be treated well if you show up in casual tourist clothing. The price is reasonable for a classy setting.

Lar Mar

4. La Mar

La Mar is a classy restaurant that serves Peruvian cuisine in the heart of Chile. The ceviche is excellent and the menu offerings are extensive. The venue is open until midnight for late-night dinners after an evening of fun and entertainment. La Mar is currently open for take-out and delivery due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Under normal operational conditions, it's open for fine dining until midnight.

Peumayen Ancestral Food

3. Peumayen Ancestral Food

Peumayen Ancestral Food is a hidden treasure that is a favorite of the locals in Santiago. The surroundings are beautiful and the service from the staff is excellent. Workers take time to explain details about menu items to help guests choose from the large selection of foods offered. The restaurant caters to all tastes with an excellent vegetarian option.


2. Bocanariz

Bocanariz is one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Santiago. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive and the doors are open until 12:30 am for late-night dining. The food has a high rating for selection and flavor. Wine tasting is an option while you enjoy your meal. The wine menu is extensive and the staff is bilingual in English and Chilean.


1. Borago

Borago is an upscale Chilean restaurant that features a theme throughout the entire dining experience for each dish served. It's one of the most unique fine dining venues in Chile with menu items that feature an exotic flair. The plating for each course is exceptional with perfection in the presentation. Each dish is well explained and there is an amazing wine pairing throughout the variety of courses served. This restaurant includes wines as a part of the meal because of the artistic matching of wine and food. They also serve rainwater as another exotic and unique feature of the restaurant. If you can only visit one upscale restaurant during your time in Chile, we definitely recommend that you make Borago your first choice.

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