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10 Rooms That are a Dog's Dream


There used to be a time when options for a dog's room were limited to a doghouse outdoors or a spot on the rug near an entryway. That's all changed with the number of products available on the market made specifically for dogs such as orthopedic beds, indoor dog houses, and even decor. One of the biggest trends these days is to make dog rooms, which are like bedrooms that people use but either smaller in size or filled with dog friendly furniture, toys, accessories, and art.

The dog closet is a spin on the trend that takes an unused closet space and turns it into a decked out dog hang out spot -- imagine turning an under the stairs closet into a room for your pooch, complete with decorative elements, furnishings, and a dog bed. While there are some practical benefits to having a dog room and they work well for pet owners who have to leave their four legged friends home alone during the day, some dog rooms are so over the top that they look better than bedrooms for people. Here are ten dog rooms that any pooch would love.

1. The sophisticated and simple dog room


This is an example of an unused niche that was transformed into a dog room. It's bright, attractive, and hosts plenty of space for the two dogs that hang out there. In addition to modern dog themed art prints, the space has a simple plant, two matching beds, and it holds the dogs' leashes, food bowls, and toys. What's great about this design is that it perfectly blends in with the rest of the home's decor.

2. Classic and comfy


One of the highlights of this dog room is a custom made bed that even most people wouldn't mind lounging on. It also contains a bone shaped rug that's great for laying on and scratching up against, dog art prints and dog dishes decorating the wall, and dog friendly accessories. The mix of materials and paints on the wall give this design character and a classic look.

3. Pretty in pink


Here's a dog room within a room, as it's an indoor dog house that was custom made for two small pooches. The cost: $12,000. For that, the dog room contains two custom made beds and bedding, custom window treatments and art, and niches that hold toys and accessories. You can replicate the look in a small closet for a fraction of the price.

4. Quarters for a tiny chihuahua


The owner of this chihuahua decided to make a room that would be perfect for his little friend. The result is charming and quite creative. Along with miniature sized furniture including a bed and dresser, the room holds a small painting of dogs playing poker, a teeny lamp, and a little antler hat rack that looks like it came straight out of an urban home decor store.

5. Laying on the cuteness


At first glance when you see this room, you'll probably think it was made for a little girl and not a dog. It was actually made for four small dogs by an owner who wanted them to have a place to relax while she works during the daytime. The room has a daybed that all of them can sleep on, as well as an assortment of pillows and beds on the floor. The cute cupcake theme of the room extends to art on the walls, toys, and shelves that hold cupcake shaped containers.

6. A lounge for dogs


This dog room is so laid back that most people wouldn't mind relaxing in it, but it's sized just for pets. There's a variety of plush sofas and chairs for dogs to hop up on, and all of the surfaces in the room are geared towards being resilient so even big dogs can enjoy the space. Using patterned and darker colored fabrics for the furniture and rugs was smart, as it hides stains much easier.

7. The designer dog room


If this room looks like it was designed by a professional, that's because it was. It's in the home of interior designer and TV personality Vern Yip, who has several dogs that share this great looking room. This isn't the only area in Yip's home that was made specifically for his pets, but it is one of the most impressive. If you love the look of this design, the good news is it can be re-created in a closet or spare space fairly inexpensively.

8. Lovely little closet


Little pets don't need huge dog rooms, which is why the owners of small breeds often turn to outfitting a dog closet. This one is for a tiny dog and it looks contemporary and quite lovely. She has her own chaise shaped pink bed, a gray and white chevron accent wall, plush bone shaped rug, and a space for her food dishes and toy basket. This dog closet even has beautiful wood flooring, a set of art prints, and a table with a chic lamp.

9. A refined flair


If you want an upscale looking space for your dogs, this room will provide plenty of inspiration. The plaid wall paper looks refined, and the black dog beds and chest that holds their accessories feature clean lines and attractive styles. The fabrics used in the space also elevate the design, and for a touch of whimsy and fun there's dog pillows shaped like treats.

10. Room for the big dogs


Large breeds have special needs, especially those that are highly active and love to run and play. If you have large dogs and want a room where they can hang out during the day, think of putting together a design such as this one. It hosts two playscapes where the dogs can entertain themselves and get some much needed exercise. The look of the room is contemporary, and the paint finish on the wall not only looks great but will go a long way towards hiding scratches and stains.

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