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10 Things You didn't Know About Cornerstone OnDemand's Adam Miller

Adam Miller is the Founder, CEO and President of Cornerstone OnDemand. He established the company in 1999 and it has seen tremendous growth in the thirteen years he's been at the helm. Miller's skill at developing solutions for the talent management industry has been widely recognized through numerous awards and honorable mentions. The world is aware of his leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit, but there are many things about this remarkable man that have not been discussed. Here are ten things that you probably didn't know about Adam Miller or Cornerstone OnDemand.

He's an author

Miller has been a very busy man but he's taken the time to share his thoughts with the world in the form of books. He's co-authored several books with the most recently published being "Talent Management: Strategies for Success from Six Leading Companies." He has also co-authored two other books prior to Cornerstone on Demand. This is just one more feather in the cap of this dynamic professional who seems find success in everything that he puts his hand to.

He is a lawyer and a CPA

Adam Miller earned his degree in law prior to the founding of Cornerstone On Demand. He also earned his JD from the UCLA School of Law. His vast knowledge of business law is a definite plus for the type of corporate situations that he encounters. He also earned his CPA certifications. Miller has a long list of educational degrees and certifications under his belt.

He traveled the world alone

Before founding his own business, Adam Miller went on a world tour that lasted for two years. He wanted to see the world and this is exactly what he did. Miller took in the sights and sounds from six continents in his extended journey and this is where he gained much information about building global business. It was a time of learning and discovery for him.

He is a big supporter of charitable organizations

Not everyone knows that Adam Miller has a heart for people who are less fortunate than he. Miller is involved with programs that promote workforce development, disaster relief and other worthy causes. He supports the Save the Children non-profit, the New Teacher Project, Teach for America, the Taproot Foundation and several other non-profits.

He is a family man

Often, young men who are such great successes in business do not make time in their lives for marriage and children. This is definitely not the case for Adam Miller. He is married and is also the father of three children. He takes his role as parent as seriously as his career and juggles his busy schedule to ensure that he makes the time to be a husband and a father.

The success of Cornerstone OnDemand was inspired by his new baby

Miller shared the fact that the company he has established wasn't doing that great when his first child was born. It was as he was taking time off from the company to be with his baby that he was inspired to become a mover and a shaker. He knew that his work schedule would keep him away from his child for periods of time regardless. He came to the realization that he could slave away in a company that wasn't going anywhere or he could get on the stick and make his time away count for something in a big way. That's exactly what Miller did. Fatherhood changed him for the better.

He was a stock boy at age 16

Miller wasn't always a rich an successful entrepreneur. He landed his first job at the age of 16. He was a stock boy at a grocery store called A and P. He got the job for the summer in the year before he was to go off to college. This was a learning experience for him and he hasn't forgotten what it is like to work for someone else in a minimum wage job. His father also put him to work at a steel company so he would get a good taste of what would happen to him if he didn't go to college and earn a degree. It seems Miller took the experience quite seriously by looking at his long list of degrees and certifications. He learned that everyone in the company is important to the business.

His parents were his biggest influence

We know that Miller's father had a significant impact on his life and upon his determination to become successful in college and in business. Miller also shared that both his mother and father have been there for him with support and encouragement. It is both his mother and father who serve as two of the biggest influences on his life, and ultimately upon his success.

He's an amazing dad

Just having children doesn't make a person a good father. Miller is a man who admits to the world very readily that he loves being a father. He is the dad of one girl and two boys. He further share that his favorite part of parenthood is watching his kids learn new things and grow as people from each and every experience that they encounter. He also loves being a part of their learning experiences. He's a hands on dad for certain.

He's learned a lot in life and is free to pass it on to others

Adam has had time to digest some of the life lessons that he has learned through his experiences. He is happy to share them with others. There are three things that he thinks are important for being successful. You should always get feedback from the people involved, "don't be afraid to make dramatic changes" and "make sure your people know where they stand."

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