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10 Things You Didn't Know About Golden Hippo's Craig Clemens

Craig Clemens is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Golden Hippo Media and has built a fortune around this enterprise. The company provides health and wellness focused beauty brands which are physician endorsed. Clemens, along with his two brothers founded the business together. Craig is an interesting man who has achieved some remarkable things and had a few experiences that have been far outside of of the realm of ordinary. Here are ten things that you didn't know about Craig Clemens.

He bungee jumped off the Macau Tower

We just had to show you the video that Craig uploaded of himself making the world famous bungee jump from Macau Tower. You can tell that there is perhaps a bit of nervousness as he is quietly awaiting his jump. This is amazing footage of his jump. One thing is for certain, he's not just bold in business, Craig Clemens has an adventurous spirit and apparently, nerves of steel. He's made multiple similar jumps from other locales.

He's a Guru Master instructor

Clemens is a multi-talented entrepreneur and it seems that every thing he touches turns to gold. Perhaps this is the inspiration behind the name of his primary business? In addition to being the co-owner of a multi-million dollar business, he is also a guru master class instructor. Clemens gives a brief explanation on the video we've shared that offers an overview of his progam. He teaches how to work with the emotional side of people to achieve great things. His instructional video shows you how to be effective inc creating amazing offers and also how to become a great copywriter. This is directly in his area of expertise because first and foremost, Clemens is a notable copywriter.

He started out as a poor salesman

In an effort to make a living, Craig Clemens was a salesman at the age of 21. He sold a variety of things via the telephone including subscriptions, credit card accounts, and other products via tele-marketing. This continued until he was age 24 and he wasn't able to make ends meet. He was even forced to sell his personal belongings to have enough money to pay his rent.

He was inspired by a friend who sold ebooks

Clemens friend Eben Pagen was earning a decent living for the sale of an Ebook which brought in approximately $70,000 per month. The friend hired him for a monthly salary and although the money was better than what he was previously making, the most valuable part of the experience was spending tie with Eben and learning from him. He learned some very valuable tips about copy writing and the rest is history.

He operates his cosmetics from home

As an executive inn the Golden Hippo business that he co-founded, Craig has the luxury of deciding where he will work from. His choice is to work from home. This quite obviously has not been a detriment because he and his brothers are enjoying tremendous success in the venture.

He's a reality show star

Among other things that Craig Clemens is busy with, he also co-stars in the reality television show "Lucky Bastards." It's a series about he and five other New York City entrepreneurs who have achieved amazing success. The show follows the lives of the men to show the rest of the world how they work their magic.

He knows how to make a million dollars in 2 days

Clemens has proven his mettle and that he knows what he's talking about when he tells people that they too can become rich in a short period of time. He did it in a sales promo that grossed the large sum in just two days without the use of affiliates, just using banner traffic.

He believes in helping others achieve success

Craig Clemens is a big supporter of new tech start-ups and he understands that there is a tremendous potential for investing in those that show promise. He is an angel investor and he also offers his advisement to new companies that are just getting off the ground.

It took him a while to find his niche

Clemens didn't get rich overnight. Although he could do it right now, when he first started out, he was broke and didn't have the available funds to make a big investment in a new business. It took him about four years, learning from others before he found his niche. Once he discovered how to apply his skills and knowledge, there was no stopping him and he's still going strong.

Craig Clemens has been criticized for his methods

There are currently reviews posted that insinuate that Clemens programs are total scams to rip off the public. There are suggestions that the positive reviews are all phony. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there are people out there who are willing to vouch for the value of the programs that have taught them the value of great copy writing and how to improve their skills.

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