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10 Things You Didn't Know about Christine Crane

Christine Crane was already a successful real estate agent when she and her son created BoldLeads. She had sold millions in terms of real estate, but she also knew that generating leads was a huge problem for realtors. She attempted to use conventional lead generation systems to generate leads, and she spent thousands in the process, but to no avail. She decided that in a simple sentence; the lead generation systems had failed.

She made the decision with her son Danny to create something new that would work. He created a new, clever system to connect homeowners with real estate agents, and it was fully automated in the follow-up, which made for serious efficiency. The new strategic system worked so well that Christine and other agents who made trials of the new system were solidly successful, and closings were the norm rather than not. It was the beginnings of the brand new, family business called BoldLeads, and it’s the fastest growing real estate company of its kind.

Christine’s worst job was in a bakery.

The job was one of her first. She discovered that the owner wasn’t particularly open to creative ideas and wasn’t comfortable with experimenting with what the bakery would offer for sale. Crane viewed the experience as negative because she believed that the people who came to the bakery were missing the opportunity to try something enjoyable and unique.

Christine believes that the best $100 she spent was for Amazon Prime membership.

In an Idea Mensch interview, she noted that the program is perfect for her because the things she needs arrive at her door. She doesn’t have the time to shop. She said that pretty much everything can be delivered. She’s had vitamins, dog bowls, printers, books, cables, and more delivered.

Christine recommends two influential books for entrepreneurs and business people to read.

She’s been following Chris Guillebeau’s blog called The Art of Non-Conformity, and she said his book about entrepreneurship “influenced profoundly” the way she approaches it. She also felt that Martha Beck’s Finding Your Way in a Wild New World helped to give her greater strengths to pursue her ideas. The book instilled greater awareness of empowerment and confidence in terms of putting into place Crane’s personal entrepreneurship.

Christine enjoys painting in her studio when she’s not working.

She enjoys painting with acrylics, and for inspiration she paints from photos she takes with her phone. She’s already painted a series of street scenes of Paris, some landscapes of Italy, animals, fruit, and people. She completely enjoys painting enough to feel that she can call herself an amateur artist. She will paint most anything that interests her.

Christine’s hobby is baking, and she likes to make pastries from scratch.

She learned the basics at the first small bakery job she had, and then decided to use her creativity to come up with recipes that were different. She said that once she had the baking principles mastered, she took up making pastries and has been baking since that time. One of the things that delighted her was to discover how just a slight variation in a recipe can result in completely different end results. As she tried to come up with new recipes, she tried out new ingredients, and that was very enjoyable. She’s invested in a lot of equipment to use with her hobby, but she also inherited a significant number of items from her mother. The most recent large investment she made was in a set of new confectionery tools. She buys her supplies online when she can’t buy local. One of her favorite retailers online is Pastry Chef Central, and she uses Mastering the Art of French Cooking I and II by Julia Child as her go to reference books.

Her parents gave her the best advice ever.

They told her to always find the way to be a better person. They were firm about avoiding complacency. Christine is grateful for their advice and has always sought to make better personal and professional decisions based on their warning about becoming complacent.

One daily motivator in Christine’s life is the opportunity to help her real estate peers.

She believes that BoldLeads is allowing her to do so because the company helps real estate agents building larger databases of future clients and saves time doing it.

Christine describes BoldLeads as a Mom and Son business.

She posted a resume on LinkedIn noting that the working relationship she has with her son focuses offering personalized attention and beyond outstanding service to their clients. The staff they have hired together are trained to share their goals and ensure that experienced and beginning agents receive the best advice that comes along with their lead generation work.

Christine holds a B.A. in Education from Temple University and a M.A. in Psychology from Immaculata University.

She is both a licensed real estate broker and a licensed school psychologist. In addition to her educational background, Christine has three causes which are import to her. She believes in working toward animal welfare, and she has a interest in the arts and culture.

Christine was ranked Number 21 in Comparably’s ranking of top United States CEOs of smaller companies.

Just three women were included in the ranking for small and mid-sized companies. The list includes 50 slots in each ranking category. The Best of lists compiled by Comparably are the result of sentiment ratings which are provided when company employees anonymously rate their employers during an eligibility period. From January 1 to November 2017, the employees participated in non-compensation ranking of their employers. The CEOs are separated according to small, midsize, and large organizations.

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