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10 Things You Didn't Know about Gabe Sibley

They say that the beauty of success is the absolute lack of details. Moguls, CEOs, and business owners all around the world have so much more to them than what the public knows. Gabe Sibley is one of them. Currently, Gabe is the founder and CEO of Verdant Robotics. His journey to the top didn't start recently. His background speaks of a successful professional and entrepreneur with a tunnel vision. His love for robotics sure did spark this growth, but there is no doubt that his hard work and research experience got him this far. Let's take a look below at ten things you didn't know about Gabe Sibley.

1. Founder and CEO at Verdant Robotics

Gabe Sibley founded Verdant Robotics in 2018, a trailblazer company in the digitization of farms. Verdant Robotics deals with the manufacture of robotics systems, particularly in the transformative agricultural sector. Under the special and professional care of Gabe Sibley, the company has managed to produce one of the most advanced multi-action robotic farming implements.

His educational background in software engineering and robotics came in handy in developing and running the company. In collaboration with a number of farming partners, Gabe Sibley has managed to meet the demands of a sustainable and profitable growing system, particularly for specialty crop farmers. The company has raised around $ 21.5 million to date to fund the development of autonomous farm robots.

These robots are capable of AI-based digital crop modeling, laser weeding, and millimeter-accurate spraying. In the years to come, Verdant Robotics plans to deliver complete robotics solutions to the world to increase profitability, quality, and the stewardship of essential crops.

2. Adjunct professor at University Of Colorado Boulder

Aside from running a successful agro-tech company, Gabe Sibley is an adjunct professor in Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. His primary interest in research is in probabilistic perception algorithms and estimation theory.

These two enable a long-term independent operation of mobile robotic systems, specifically in foreign settings. His experience in robotics and computer science equip him with the extensive knowledge needed to lead and guide his research class. His research experience at the University of Colorado focuses on robust perception, planning, and control.

His area of expertise includes mapping systems and real-time localization. He is also interested in researching how he can understand and utilize statistics that can represent the state of the world. His teachings and scholarly works are recognized globally in several countries, including North Korea, Indonesia, Morocco, and Switzerland. Before he joined the University of Colorado Boulder, Gabe Sibley was an assistant professor at George Washington University.

3. Co-founder and CEO at

Before focusing on Verdant Robotics, Gabe Sibley's previous role was as a CEO at Zippy Inc. is an autonomous delivery company that General Motors acquired. The company's goal is to help clients deliver parcels and orders using GPS technology and artificial intelligence. Robots in these tasks enable clients to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Gabe was also the chief science officer at Zoox, an autonomous taxi company. At Zoox, he was responsible for the expansion of the team to over 200 employees. Gabe Sibley managed to steer the company in the right technical direction and successfully raise their unique Series A to greater heights.

4. Has a Ph.D. in Computer Science

Gabe Sibley signed up to be a Ph.D. student at the Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory at the University of Southern California. He was under the supervision of Larry. H. Matthies and Professor Gaurav Sukhatme, an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science professor. His final dissertation was on Long-Range Stereo Data-fusion From Moving Platforms.

5. He got his Bachelor's at Emory University.

Gabe Sibley completed Emory University in May 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, he studied for his Bachelor in Math And Computer Science before joining the University of Southern Carolina as a graduate research assistant.

6. Board member at Sense Photonics

According to Prnewswire, On October 16, 2019, Gabe Sibley was brought to the board of directors at Sense Photonics. Sense Photonics deals with building the next generation of LiDAR and providing 3D sensor solutions for industrial applications and autonomous vehicles. Gabe Sibley has so much ambition for Sense Photonics, especially when it comes to delivering high-resolution depth maps, eliminating motion blur when acquiring frames and seamlessly combining that with vision cameras.

7. Gabe Sibley, the skiing enthusiast

They say all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, Gabe Sibley was not a dull Jack in his youthful days. In addition to his tech praises, Gabe Sibley won the United States Junior Olympic Alpine Medals for a few years. He was also an international Skiing competitor for four years.

8. Gabe Sibley was a post-doctoral research assistant

Gabe Sibley was proud to be part of the Oxford team as a postdoctoral research assistant. He is also part of the Mobile Robotics Group of the Oxford University Engineering Department, working side by side with Professor Paul Newman. His research was mainly on long-term autonomy, particularly focusing on improving robot autonomy for the long term.

9. Gabe Sibley at NASA-JPL

From May 2002-Aug 2007, Gabe Sibley joined as a robotics engineer in the Computer Vision Group at NASA-JPL under Dr. Larry Matthies. At NASA-JPL, Gabe developed a novel algorithm concept and worked on designing and implementing novel robotic research platforms. His main area of focus was on long-range data-fusion algorithms for planetary landing vehicles, unmanned sea vehicles, and unmanned ground vehicles. Here, he also took up the role of a technical lead on the initial Spiderbot project.

10. Gabe Sibley, the Leader and mentor

To be an innovator and trailblazer calls for one to give back to the community, especially after numerous successes and achievements. Gabe Sibley seems to recognize this concept perfectly as he has taken it upon himself to share his knowledge and support with various people in the field. Gabe Sibley is not shy from acknowledging that he has successfully mentored students coming from every kind of level, whether it is discussion and clarification of ideas or even collaborative projects. Gabe Sibley's leadership skills didn't begin when he founded his own company. Way before then, Gabe Sibley took up leadership roles in Bluesky Robotics, DARPA, and Scalable Coordination of Wireless Robots (SCOWR).


The Agtech industry has seen business moguls come and go; however, Gabe Sibley has managed to make his mark with gusto. With his upward trajectory, we cannot wait to see how much more he's got in store for us.

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