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10 Things You Didn't Know About Sammy Rubin

Sammy Rubin

The pandemic has changed many socioeconomic landscapes, and this has transformed society’s perspective on life insurance in recent times. The basic tenet of life insurance might seem outdated to some, especially in today’s modern age. YuLife CEO Sammy Rubin believes that life insurance has needed a total makeover for years now, and YuLife became the product of Rubin’s research, collaboration with partners, and his desire to provide the population with better financial services. It’s a promising innovation from a promising CEO worth mentioning. Here are 10 things you should know about YuLife’s CEO, Sammy Rubin.

1. He started on business early

Rubin was still attending university when he started his first business. According to this interview, Rubin stepped foot into the business world alongside his father when he was only 21 years old. Like many businesses conceptualized and established before his time, Rubin’s main office was his home. Soon enough after launching, however, his young company would need an employee, then an office, and then a bigger office. That first business Rubin launched was in a niche market in the insurance industry—what now seems like a precedent to his future endeavors.

2. He has great experience in insurance

While Rubin had to sell his first business, it clearly wasn’t the end of his journey in the insurance field. However, Rubin wanted to combine the idea of insurance with his passion for wellbeing. In 2007, Rubin ended up starting another company called PruProtect, which he also ran as CEO at the time. PruProtect was a joint venture between two other giant financical service companies, Prudential PLC of London and Discovery Limited of South Africa. PruProtect has evolved over the years and is now called VitalityLife. Today, VitalityLife is one of the UK’s largest life insurance companies.

3. He’s serious about wellbeing

If his business track record isn’t evidence enough, Rubin is quite vocal about his personal stance on wellbeing. He believes with utmost certainty that an overall positive wellbeing is the key to success in life. Rubin makes sure his personal wellbeing is on track by balancing a heavy work life with breaks and sabbaticals. Rubin also makes sure that he has time for physical fitness, which is a big component of how YuLife works.

4. He’s made a mark on the London Stock Exchange

Remember Rubin’s first company? That company was known as Policy Portfolio. As a quick reminder, Rubin started Policy Portfolio out of his home. Within 5 years, the financial company was successful enough to land itself on the London Stock Exchange. Because of this, Sammy Rubin became the UK’s youngest director ever to have a publicly listed company under the financial services category.

5. He’s married to a wellness professional

It seems that the passion for wellness is in the family. Rubin’s wife used to run a wellness center in Arizona. Rubin spent some time there during a sabbatical to find himself. After that trip, the CEO also spent some time traveling to Israel before returning to the UK to get back to work. Rubin lives today in the UK with his wife and their three children.

6. He went to college for something else

It’s curious to think about how Rubin developed his passion for life insurance. After all, the successful CEO did not go to college in pursuit of a financial or business degree. In fact, Rubin received a degree in computer science from the Imperial College London. Though it may seem irrelevant in some way, Rubin’s computer science degree actually come in handy with his latest venture in YuLife. Part of YuLife’s algorithm is an important digital tech component that keeps track of a user’s wellbeing.

7. He did not create YuLife on his own

This in no way diminishes Rubin’s role in the creation and development of YuLife. Actually the fact that Rubin partnered with other individuals to create YuLife is a testament to his process and stalwart belief in collaboration. While Rubin is currently holding the CEO role for YuLife, he is not the sole founder. Rubin is a co-founder of the company along with Jonathan Roomer and four other co-founders.

8. The right path is the easy path

This statement is one of Rubin’s favorites, and it also explains much of his philosophy in life and the workplace. When Rubin began work on YuLife along with his co-founders, he inspired everyone to take on the easy path and follow the natural flow of things. While common belief would have us all think that the hard way will be more fruitful in the end, Rubin believes that notion to be outdated and counterintuitive.

9. He fosters gratitude in the workplace

According to Rubin, it’s important for him to walk the walk when it comes to owning and running a wellbeing company. This means that he is driven to promote positivity and gratitude in the workplace. He even wrote an article about how he’s been grateful in his own personal journey with YuLife. Rubin believes that YuLife is his opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many people.

10. He’s a David Blaine fan

Most people we know are too. Rubin has taken business and life inspiration from the famous illusionist and extreme performer. Rubin is all about inspiring hope and optimism in whatever he does, and he was most certainly moved by Blaine’s career. Although the artist may have begun his career to promote his talents, there’s been a palpable shift in Blaine’s performances ever since he became a husband and father. To someone like Rubin, this serves as a reminder that we are all part of a community that should inspire each other and motivate each other to be better.

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Written by Allen Lee

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