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10 Things You Didn't Know About Horace Luke

Horace Luke

Horace Luke is a Taiwanese businessman and entrepreneur. He is the current chief executive officer of Gogoro, an electric scooter company. Mr. Luke has a long history of executive leadership. He's built a solid career that spans decades. We were interested in learning more about him so we looked into his personal and career history. We made some interesting discoveries to share with you. If you're not yet acquainted with him, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Horace Luke.

1. Horace Luke was educated in Washington State

According to LinkedIn, Mr. Luke enrolled in courses at the University of Washington n 1989. He studied industrial design and fine art during his time as a student there. He graduated with a bachelor of arts in industrial design and a bachelor of fine arts in 1993.

2. He worked for Nike

Horace was hired to work at the Nike corporation in 1994. This was the year after he graduated from college. He served as a senior image and brand designer for the famous footwear brand. He spent two years with the company, leaving in 1996 to pursue other career interests.

3. Horace worked for Microsoft

After leaving Nike, Horace Luke accepted a job working for Microsoft in 1997. He spent just nine months with the company, leaving in October of 2006. While employed as the creative director, he worked in multiple divisions of the company including Windows XP, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Xbox, and Windows Mobile Devices.

4. He worked for HTC

In November of 2006, Horace Luke was hired to work at HTC. His official title was chief innovation officer. He spent a total of 4 years and 7 months before leaving in May of 2011 to pursue other interests. His academic degrees helped prepare him for work in designs and innovations in technical devices and programs. We can see a pattern emerge in his resume that clearly shows Mr. Luke was making progress in moving up the career ladder. Each new job he accepted moved him closer to executive leadership status. His position at HTC helped to round out his work experience, adding to his skillset. He engaged in jobs that gave him progressive responsibility. He learned what he could from each post before moving on to the next job.

5. Horace Luke has been with Gogoro for over a decade

Horace left his job at HTC to strike out on his own and launch a new startup. He is a co-founder at Gogoro, a Taiwanese electric scooter manufacturer. He is an owner of the company who also works as an executive there. He is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the enterprise located in Taiwan. He founded Gogoro in August of 2011 and has been working there for the past 10 years and 2 months as of September of 2021. The business is located in Taipei City.

6. Horace Luke is a transformative leader

According to Crunchbase, Horace Luke was instrumental in leading HTC from a white label manufacturing company to one of the most innovative phone brands on the planet. The company earned the Best Smartphone of the Year award from GSMA in 2010 under his direction. It also won the Device Manufacturer of the Year from GSMA in 2011. He is a transformative leader who understands product strategy and enhancing the quality and public perceptions of a brand.

7. Horace Luke is a powerful influencer

Horace is a progressive leader who influences overall brand quality in a positive way. He led the ideation of products as well as brand development when working with Microsoft. He was instrumental in promoting aspects of the brand that would stand out and stick in the minds of users, converting them from simple buyers to brand loyal. He has a true talent for influencing public opinion. While he was at Nike his served in a key position to develop the progressive brands associated with the Nike corporation. He is a genius when it comes to shaping the opinions of consumers with a few tricks of the trade, but he never sacrifices the quality of the products to accomplish that goal.

8. He is concerned about the environment

According to the Gogoro website, Mr. Luke has partnered with a variety of other companies to help produce a cleaner, smarter and safer means of transportation for the general public Through Gogoro, he is accomplishing this goal by building electric powered scooters that can safely transport commuters making short-distance trips from one place to another. The EV-powered vehicles leave no carbon footprint on the environment. They're cleaner running than petrol-powered vehicles, plus they're much quieter. This means that they don' contribute to the overall problem of noise pollution in larger metropolitan areas.

9. He is an innovator

Luke is currently working on a new type of technology that will further enhance the distances that his electric scooters can travel. Through Gogoro, he has created a technology that allows for ultra-fast battery swapping. He and his partners are working on the establishment of a network of battery swapping stations that will be placed throughout major cities in India and China by 2022. This is their way of creating a more sustainable mode of transportation for those who live in urban areas.

10. Horace Luke is quoted on Good Reads

Mr. Luke is widely respected and his opinion on the world situation and the factors that affect the direction that economies take are in the hands of consumers rather than governments or industries. One of his more popular philosophies on the subject is quoted on Good Reads. It states that “Consumers are what’s going to change the world, not necessarily industries or governments. They’re voting with their own money, their own habits—that is what’s going to change how people use energy in the world.” His insights are powerful and accurate.

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Written by Allen Lee

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