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20 Things You Didn't Know About Terry Booth

Terry Booth

Terry Booth is the CEO of Aurora Cannabis. The company is located in Edmonton, Canada and is a licensed Canadian cannabis producer. The company has grown in size to become the second-largest company of its type in the entire world, ranked by market capitalization. Booth is at the helm of the company and he has led the firm to a solid position in the market. Booth is an interesting character and there is a lot that we can learn from him about entrepreneurship and how to develop a highly successful business. Here are 20 things that you didn't know about Terry Booth that you might find interesting and inspiring.

1. Terry Booth is a co-founder of Aurora Cannabis, Inc.

Booth is not only the CEO of the company, but he is also one of the founders of the business. He and his partners Steve Dobler, Chris Mayerson, and Dale Lesack got together and established their company in 2006, with its headquarters located in Edmonton, Canada. The Cannabis industry is one of the newer commodities on the market today with a somewhat controversial history. The products extracted from Cannabis plants have been valued for their medicinal value, although strictly regulated, they are becoming legal in more places throughout the world for recreational as well as for medicinal purposes.

2. He is at the helm of a large operation

Mr. Booth has a great deal of responsibility as the leader of a firm that is estimated to have a valuation of $5.5 billion in assets as of 2019. The total equity of the company is $4.4 billion and it employs roughly 1,600 workers. It is a large and growing enterprise that serves Canada, Europe and Australia with the goods that are produced.

3. Booth's company owns multiple subsidiaries

Aurora Cannabis Inc is the parent company that owns a myriad of subsidiary companies. The huge operation encompasses various smaller businesses that were acquired throughout the period of time that it has been in operation and these companies serve as product and service feeders to enhance the functionality and profitability of the parent company. They include Pedanios GmbH, Urban Cultivator, Canvas Rx Inc, Australis Capital Inc, Peloton Pharmaceuticals Inc., H2 Biopharma Inc., Aurora Larssen Projects Ltd., BC Northern Lights Enterprises Ltd., and Aurora Cannabis Enterprises, Inc.

4. He runs a publicly-traded company

In October of 2018, Aurora Cannabis Inc. went public. It is a publicly-traded stock that is offered on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange as ACB. It comes in second place only to Canopy Growth Corporation when assessed by market capitalization. Production is increasing and Aurora has a growing presence within international markets with the greatest growth most recently occurring in Latin American and Denmark.

5. Booth is a successful entrepreneur

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is just one of many companies that Terry Booth has founded. In addition to this firm, the Alberta business leader and entrepreneur has established a total of six other businesses. Superior Safety Codes is just one of them. The company is the recipient of an award that distinguishes it as one of the top 50 fastest-growing companies in Canada.

6. He was wealthy before establishing Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Prior to going in on a partnership to establish Aurora as a new company, Mr. Booth had already made his fortune. This is how he had the funds to make the investment in the cannabis operation. It has been reported that he made an investment of $2.5 million of his own money into Aurora when it was little more than a new startup company. He also procured the 160-acre parcel of real estate that it sits on that is located in the Rocky Mountain foothills.

7. Terry Booth is a team builder

When it comes to setting up a new company, Terry Booth is highly skilled at choosing the right people to get the enterprise up and running. He knows what it takes to create a successful environment and he has assembled teams of highly skilled experts for the creation of his operations. He is good at choosing the most qualified experts from a range of disciplines, who have the capacity to develop a business strategy and establish a vision for moving the business forward. Creating large companies is not something that any one person can do. He realizes that it takes teamwork but the success of any new company is dependent on having the right people in the right positions, particularly in the infancy stages of development. He knows people and he is brilliant at assembling powerful and effective professional teams.

8. Terry Booth is a family man

Mr. Booth has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to his business endeavors but he also took time out to have a family. He is a dedicated family man who has four children. He is also grandfather to two. He is married and Mr. Booth makes his home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he lives with his wife and their youngest son.

9. He is active and athletic

As many successful business people have discovered, keeping fit is an important part of keeping the mind keen and sharp for making the best possible business decisions. Terry Booth has remained physically active instead of allowing himself to become sedentary from sitting behind a desk all day. This isn't something that he's given into. There are a lot of activities he enjoys that get him out of the house and doing something in the fresh air. One of them is running. He also enjoys golfing in his spare time.

10. He is community-minded

As an upstanding member of his local community, Terry Booth remains involved in civic and volunteer activities. He is a youth soccer coach, which keeps him busy during certain parts of the year. He also goes into the classroom and participates in reading programs for first-grade students.

11. He is an advocate and philanthropist

Terry Booth also contributes to charitable organizations both financially and with his time. He is particularly strong in advocating for the end of family violence, particularly violence that is perpetrated against women. He has been actively involved with the support of a campaign that is called the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

12. Mr. Booth is an executive at multiple companies currently

Terry Booth is a dynamic leader and he stands at the helm of multiple companies at the same time. He not only serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Cannabis Inc., but he is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Superior Safety Codes, Inc. This is another of the companies that he has founded. He also currently serves as the President of Transtrue Vehicle Safety, Inc. On top of this, he also serves on the board of the company Quinsam Capital Corp, which is a banking and investment corporation. Prior to this, he was CEO at MasterJewelers, Inc.

13. His holdings portfolio is also impressive

We looked into the current holdings of Mr. Booth and discovered that he has ownership in at least portions of three major companies. These include Aurora Cannabis Inc, a pharmaceutical company with equities of 11,462,690 and a valuation of 41,151,057 in USD, he holds 1.12% interest. He has a 2.66% interest in Quinsam Capital Corporation, an investment banking & brokerage services firm with 3,000,000 in equities and valuation of 435,000 USD, and in Radiant Technologies Inc., a pharmaceuticals company.

14. He set a record in Alberta

When we were browsing through Mr. Booth's LinkedIn profile we made another interesting discovery about him. He set the record for becoming the youngest master electrician in Alberta, Canada on record. He was just 22 years old at the time. When Terry Booth sets out to do something he gives it all that he's got and it's obvious that he got an early start on his career. This is an impressive accomplishment for a man of such a young age. It takes many electricians years to accomplish this goal and he did it in record time.

15. He established his own electrical consultant company

After becoming a master electrician, Terry Booth founded his own electrical consultation company in 1987. This was just the beginning of his successful career as what is the equivalent of a serial entrepreneur. He started when he was just in his 20s and continued forward establishing 6 of his own companies.

16. He does have a recipe for success

Terry Booth operates from a simple recipe to achieve his successes. It includes hard work and integrity as the first two ingredients. These are combined with being fiercely competitive, and the next one is something that not everyone seems to come by naturally. He has the ability to find opportunities as they emerge within regulatory environments. He has established a pattern of honing in on new opportunities that arise because of changes in regulations.

17. He is a mover and a shaker

Terry Booth is the kind of person who sees a job that needs to be done and he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. Whether it's hiring the right people to put a strategic plan in place and implement it, or being the one to go out and buy a parcel of land and obtain the necessary licenses and permits, he wades into all tasks with fervor.

18. He obtained his education in Alberta

Terry Booth didn't need to go far from home to complete his education. He attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. There, he successfully completed his course requirements and hen moved forward to apply for and receive his master electrician certification issued by the Province of Alberta. Mr. Booth does not have a long list of academic credentials behind his name, nor has he attended any Ivy League institutions, but the education that he received helped prepare him for a very successful career as an entrepreneur and businessma.

19. He used vulgarity and profane language at a recent panel session

Terry Booth recently spoke at a Marijuana Business Conference that is best known as MJ Biz Con. The meeting was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. We learned that he was involved in a session that was called "Canada: Assessing the First Month of Recreational Sales." He discussed power players in the cannabis industry, how Aurora Cannabis plains to address the current shortage in Canada, and other topics. We learned that his conversation included quite a bit of profanity, and half of the audience was shocked while others laughed about it. He also showed a bit of mild irritation with some of his fellow panelists at the conference, particularly with those who attempted to dominate the conversation.

20. He is also concerned about the impact on the community

There is one thing that Terry Booth and Aurora Cannabis Inc share in common with the government. That is their mutual concern about the impact that legalized marijuana sales may have upon the community. The major source of competition in the marketplace for Aurora as well as all other cannabis producers and that is the illegal market. Every aspect of growing, production, and sales for Aurora Cannabis are totally legal and within the parameters of the regulations set forth by the law. They'd also like to see illegal sales curtailed. They are also concerned about protecting the youth of Canada and other countries while keeping communities and roads safe from those who drive under the influence. Maintaining safety in the local communities is one of the company's overarching goals, and protecting the children and young people is something that is also high on Terry Booth's priority list. He is very much an advocate for women and youth and he remains active to this day with charitable work and donations.

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Written by Allen Lee

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